Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:42 pm
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1. I haven't said anything of substance for months and months, although the word document in which I hang my "list of things to write about" has had the following topics entered and erased as they became irrelevant:
- Spirit Day/Purple Day
- The last episode I watched of any show other than So You Think You Can Dance, which is all my brain can handle at the moment, I don't want to talk about it
- [personal profile] bossymarmalade's post about Yoko Ono, which made me cry but I didn't delicious it and if I go and look for it right now THIS POST WILL NEVER GET POSTED JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS I STARTED BUT DIDN'T FINISH
- the folk festival (cliff notes: awesome)
- The Hobbit
- Feminism Today
- Stephen Fry

It's also had the following things erased because thinking about them enough to write about them makes me want to scream:
- My last few assignments (cliff notes: this year has been amazing/horrible, I pulled my third all-nighter of the year [only my fourth or fifth in my lifetime] on Sunday, I have been passing but not doing so great)
- How hard it's been to get out of bed lately
- trying to find a job
- trying to find a job
- trying to find a job
- the fact that today I re-wrote my CV to be appropriate for retail and customer service work again
- the fact that I'm considering re-writing it to be appropriate for admin work; what's the difference between admin and reception and can anyone explain to me what quals I need for admin work?
- a whole lot of inappropriate personal detail which I put down, got disgusted with myself, and deleted. But if anyone spontaneously thinks up something they like about me anytime, I could really use the support right now. I just tried to type :D at a friend and I typo'd it as D: three times before I got it right: that's the state of the me right now. Freudian fricking emoticon typos.

2. I'm doing [ profile] wrisomifu this month. My plan was to try to finish one of my multiple YW WiPs (I have one Dairine/Carmela Epic of Poor Characterisation and Not Great Plot, one Kit/Ronan Epic of Road Trips and Slashiness, and about a squillion bits and bobs that I've started & not finished) but I really really am not feeling either of them. Does anyone want to prompt me? I basically just want to get in shape before Yuletide sign-ups since I haven't written a word all year. Go crazy and prompt me for any fandom you know I'm in, but fair warning, I really suck at writing about men (I'm trying but it's not going well), so if you give me a non-YW slash prompt it'll be either unfilled or just really *crap*. (Also I only really write in YW so you know. No promises I just want some motivation, I guess.) (I am skimming the Bechdel unfilled prompts too.)

3. Speaking of Yuletide though, who's doing it? Who wants to set up a small gang of whiners-about-Yuletide, maybe just through getting all our emails together and sending out massive whines or emails or squees or whatevs? I know [ profile] sixth_light's doing it this year (YAY) and I assume [personal profile] sushiflop, right? I feel like there are more people. Roll up in the comments and let's talk! *chinhands*

3. Does anyone know if DW does the LJ thing where if you let a paid account expire but pick it back up again soonish, your icons come back?

4. I'm really really hungry. I think I'm going to try and find some food, come back and do some writing. How are you today?
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