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My dear Yuletide writer,

Thank you so much for matching with me on whatever fandom we matched on. I am so thrilled to be playing, just as I am every year, and I can't wait to see what you produce! It's really important to me that you have fun with Yuletide, so please treat my requests with exactly the degree of attentiveness that you need for a good Yuletide experience, and no more.

With this in mind, I deliberately kept my sign-up as low-key as possible and if that works for you, please run with that and don't read any further. OK? You can go now, honest.

But if you're like me, you want some more information. I like to get more information, rather than less, from the person I'm writing for, so I'm making my letter a little more thorough and I hope it helps! (For posterity: this is my fourth Yuletide, and you can read my previous letters here, here and here.)

Me generally

Things I like: I really prefer happy endings. Women. Het, slash, and gen. Porn. G-rated friendship or romance. Kidfic. Breakup-makeup! Characters of colour. The appearance of cooking or handcrafts in fic. Women being professional and competent, children, careers, futurefic, porn, not-porn, makeouts, camping, conspicuous consumption of caffeine, adventure stories, gratuitous use of magic, period costume, feminism, women, unusual relationships, siblings being siblingy, emotional misunderstandings and/or RESOLVED emotional neglect, third person narrative, music and people playing musical instruments. I really enjoy slash of all kinds, but because of its relative paucity I do tend to request a lot of fslash for Yuletide; but don't take that for a dislike of m/m.

Things I'm not so big on: Major character or requested character deathfic; racism; ableism; sexism; stories featuring rape as a major plot point.

Did that give you an idea? Maybe you don't need to read my more specific notes! You can go away again now if you like!

Still here? OK, Fandom Specifics

1. The Young Wizards series by Diane Duane, Any Characters

I said:
This is the fandom of my heart and I will totally be happy with anything you want to write - slash, het, femslash, gen, I'm totally easy. If there's something you've always wanted to write about but haven't had the motivation, I totally request that fic! (If we matched on this and this request freaks you out: don't worry, I'll tell you more in my letter.)

Just in case, here's a general prompt: AUs and fusions (please no Regency or band!AUs)! And here are some pairings (gen or shippy) and characters I like: Dairine/Carmela, Tom/Carl, Nita/Kit, Nita/Joanne, Darryl, Angelina, Irina, Sker'ret, Ed, Tuyet and Nguyet, Nita/Kit/Ronan, Kit/Ronan.

What I want you to know: I'll like anything so if we matched on this, just have fun! (The only reason I don't want Regency or band!AUs are because I already wrote those. And I'm not married to the AU idea anyway!) The only pairing I'm really OTPish about here is Tom/Carl, and I'd prefer not to see them in a relationship with anyone other than each other (but it's totally cool if you just write them in the background per canon or, of course, not at all.) Anyone else feel free to get together and break up at will! And if I've spoiled you for choice: Dairine/Carmela are my hot new pairing lately, and anything focusing on them (AU or otherwise, gen or slashy) would thrill me. But I requested any, and I meant any. Want to write an in-depth biography of Angelina Pellegrino? Be my guest! (Would actually be amazing. Did she ever meet Ed?) Or how about Kit/Ronan, roadtrip fic? Nita/Joanne, college fic? Nita/Kit, "the grown-ups who are wizards"? Anyone/Lone Power? Tom/Carl, the first time they got promoted?

This is a traditional request for me, so if nothing grabs you go ahead and look back through previous years.

2. Swallows & Amazons (Ransome), Nancy Blackett

I said:
Shipwise: I'd like some John/Nancy SO MUCH I can't stand it. If you can't write them romantically, I'm fine with just friendship fic, but I'd prefer John not to be paired with anyone else in canon (for example, John/OFC or John/OMC would be fine, but please no John/Peggy! OTOH, if you can make Nancy/Roger work, I'll probably spontaneously sprout a new OTP.) I love Nancy a whole heap.

Prefer gen or slash? No worries! I'm really fond of wartime!S&A&Ds. Imagine a Foyle's War/Swallows & Amazons fusion, or cast Peggy or Dot as Rosie the Riveter. Which of the women's auxiliaries did they go into? I love Nancy a lot, but I'd really like to hear more about Titty, Dot, Bridgie, even Daisy. How about drawing on Roger Altounyan's real life for something about Roger? - or the D's at Bletchley Park! If you like this idea go as nuts with it as you care to. Kill anyone but Nancy if the muse strikes you.

I don't think I can add much to that. Except to say that if you feel like writing soldier/sailor/airman!porn (or scientist!porn. Perhaps Alan Turing can guest-star?) well then, who am I to stop you? If you find Nancy difficult to write, feel free to include her only in a minor capacity.

3. Batwoman (comics), Kate Kane & Renee Montoya

I said:
Even though it's so predictable to pair the two lesbians together, I absolutely love Renee/Kate. I flip for it. Something exploring their dissimilar backgrounds yet strikingly similar professional lives (both joined institutional forces typically dominated by men & charged with enforcing the law & both eventually left & then became superheroes) would be cool! On the other hand, I would have nooo problems with a PWP.

Gen is fine, and I have no objections to het or m/m as background pairings, but please, don't de-gay these women.

Gosh, that comes across quite serious! Sheesh, Bat-people. You can be serious if you want to, but if you want to romp your way across Gotham in a madcap adventure? Feel absolutely free. (I know the cast is quite limited; I'd enjoy cameos from any of the other Batwoman characters or the Batfamily cast of thousands. For extra bonus points, I'd love to see either Renee or Kate interact with any of the Birds of Prey, especially Babs or Dinah.)

4. Nikita (2010), Jaden, Alex, Nikita, f/f, explicit
I said:
It doesn't need to be a threesome; either Alex/Jaden or Alex/Nikita would thrill me. I am just downright desperate for some hot Nikita fslash!

Although of course I should have said that a threesome would have been welcome too! This fandom is a chronic disappointment to me wrt: quantities of fslash - or even passing-the-Bechdel-test gen. I'd love anything in which these women interact with each other, since I think they're incredible. Particularly, something examining Jaden's character in some depth would be cool, since I think the narrative hasn't really bothered to address her much!

All right darling writer, I'm sure by now you're absolutely replete with detail! If we've never met, I can't wait to meet you; if we have met, I still kind of can't wait to meet you on 25 Dec. You can find me as labellementeuse on LJ, DW, Twitter, Ravelry and, of course, the AO3. Take care and happy Yuletide!

Tui (labellementeuse)
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