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I keep thinking of things I want to request for Yuletide and then forgetting them. Grr, the tyranny of the human brain. NO MORE.

1. Nita/Kit to this quote from [personal profile] aria: "I keep getting hung up on the notion of them having the most awkward fumbling joyful first time sex, and then giving it another try and another and another because they love hearing each other's bodies as well as minds, and because it makes them both laugh a lot, and afterwards Kit just crashes and then Nita stays up reading and pets Kit's hair absently."

2. George/Shaun FOREVER COMPLETE OTP. I'll pretty much take anything but in my heart of hearts want filthy not-technically-incest porn. OR: Shaun and George Prime (eeeeek). Before Feed or after Deadline, either is good - even during Feed or Deadline. You could answer the were-they-or-weren't-they question! (I am agnostic. I feel like canon will probably be they-weren't, but I equally feel that it's ridiculous for it to be outright stated that Shaun and George were never interested (romantically/sexually) in anyone other than each other, and to then imply that George is a virgin and for Shaun to be emphatically not.)
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