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I saw Edge of Tomorrow tonight and I quite enjoyed it actually, but god what a terrible ending. It really seemed to betray the entire story that preceded it. It didn't offend me the way, say, Cage surviving and everyone else dying would have, but I liked the way the movie seemed to be about to subvert the everyone-else-sacrifices-themselves-so-the-manly-or-rarely-womanly-action-figure-can-survive trope. The ending seemed awfully easy. I would have cut off with him floating dead in the water and cut to documentary footage or something of the aftermath, like everyone on the battlefield when the mimics suddenly die, and news reports and so on. Found-footage collage-style ending. It's still a difficult ending but at least it's not the non-ending that actually happened. (You could also cut to him just waking up on the helicopter but a) that doesn't really make sense, like why then? and b) that introduces a stupid Inception-style ambiguity and ugh.)

Anyway I'm going to try to hunt down the original and see if the ending's different!

I thought Cruise was reasonably good and Blunt was fantastic. It was great that she had such an important role. But, also, on the weekend I saw The Long Kiss Goodnight (which I loved) with some friends and we were talking about female action heroes and how they don't goddamn look like action heroes, like Geena Davis and say Katee Sackhoff and Sigourney Weaver do - or the woman who plays Brienne in Game of Thrones. V said she blamed Joss Whedon and in a way she's not wrong - these girls who have superpowers so they don't have to physically look strong, they can just magically be strong. So from that perspective I found Emily Blunt's hairdo really distracting, even though they have the mecha suits that mean she doesn't have to be super-strong or whatever. Just. IDK. It's a thing I was thinking about while I was watching, just like I was thinking about the way male action heroes aren't necessarily inevitable. You can make the dude the sidekick some of the time. Hey, maybe someday we won't even need a dude sidekick ...

I was pretty impressed by the way they dealt with what could be a pretty draggy set of material with the looping. They had a pretty light hand with repeating things and I think did a great job of showing what was new and what was repeating and so on. I did think, though, that there wasn't a lot of tension. Which was great for me because I fricking hate tension, so I found it really relaxing to go through a movie for about 90% of which I wasn't worried at all about anyone dying. But I don't know if it works as well for real action fans. Maybe it does because action fans are really interested in the pain and difficult journey of the hero and that all happened? Maybe it's better because the hero is experiencing not just pain but actual death all the time? IDK. I don't really know what action hero wants.

In completely unrelated news, I'm going to be in the US in October (a few days in San Francisco, New York, at least a day in Boston and a few days in Chicago) so hit me up with recs or let me know if you would like to hang! :)
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