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Yuletide reveal!

But first, a reminder! My story was Cave Canem, by [ profile] icefalcon, and I want to give a special shout-out because I have never, as far as I know, even bumped into her in fandom and she wrote something so carefully catered to my likes and dislikes that it's almost embarassing. It's a truly heroic effort and, you know, props and thanks to her. :)

I wrote two stories this year: my main story, and a treat for [ profile] senri because I think she's aces and liked the prompt in question.

My main fic was To Each His Thunder, Rain or Wind, a 9,500-word Young Wizards Regency AU.
Which is really all that I can say about that. This fic is eight times longer than any other piece of fanfiction I have written. It is shorter than anything else I have written, including papers, except for my research essay from this year. I know that it's not much to many people, but it is absolutely EPIC for me, I am SO proud of it, and I absolutely had a BLAST writing it. I do wish I'd had time to flesh out the ending, but I'm still pretty thrilled with it, and ecstatic I get to show it to everyone now. :D

Also, I have to give a shout-out to the village who helped me raise this in my blinding uncertainty: Ilyena, Lucy, and Sarah for awesome first-pass beta-ing and audiencing; #yulechat's Nextian, Spoke, and Sleepfighter who generously agreed to read a stranger's 10k fic and reassure them that it made sense; and Meg and Senri, who wrote all the best lines and without whom I would never have finished.

My treat was Synnecrosis, an Animorphs story featuring Cassie in one of the various dystopic AUs that the Animorphs visited. This is a pretty weird story about the relationship between Cassie and the Yeerk in her head, who we see working together in this dystopic future. I found it disturbing but kind of fun to write!

I also had a terrific beta for this, Captain Oblivious, whose LJ name I'm not sure of but someone point them out to me!

The stuff I beta'd! I don't like to rec stuff I beta'd before the reveal, but I very much enjoyed all of these, so there you go. In the order in which I beta'd them, approximately:

In Most Directions, Water by [ profile] senri. Young Wizards, N/K flavoured gen.
This is a terrific story about dreams and sexual tension. Erm, it's hard to summarise? But I loved reading it. :)

The Tale of Prince Gawald of Valdemar and Princess Avasolarwe of Rethwellan, by [personal profile] hazel/[ profile] maudlinrose, Valdemar.
This is a really awesome fic in a fandom I have never read in my life. I found it utterly charming and it makes me want to go and read the Valdemar book/s, which no-one has ever achieve for me and Lackey before, so there you go!

Just the Way it Works by Ryuutchi. Gentlemen Bastards, Locke/Jean, sorta, NC-17.
This is young!Jean and Locke hilarity and sexual experimentation, IMO with a really classic slash vibe. I liked it a lot!

Can't Offer You a Wedding by Kastaka. Dragonriders of Pern, OFC/OMC, G.
This is a look into the way Weyrs influence the lives of ordinary people, as well as the movers and shakers of Pern. Really interesting exploration of Pern society.

The Social Contract (Boys and Tigers remix) by [ profile] senri again! Calvin & Hobbes, gen.
This is a super, super sweet treat, one of the few C&H fics set during canon (as opposed to being a Calvin-Grows-Up story) and it has a really terrific snarky Hobbes, as well as some terrific images.

Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow walls, by Ambyr. Tortall, an Alanna/George what if Alanna never became a knight AU.
This is great and tremendously intriguing, and I'm really hoping Ambyr will write more of Alanna and George's future adventures Saving Tortall.
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So guise, I had a really super time doing [community profile] yuletide this year, and I really can't wait to show y'all what I wrote. But I had such a good time I'm also thinking about maybe doing some NYR challenges, but I know I won't do them unless I have a reason to. What do y'all thinking about someone running a structured-ish NYR challenge, where you sign up and have to do 1 NYR fic a month, every month? (maybe with the option to opt out at the beginning of the month if you know it's not going to be a good one.) Is anyone already doing something similar? Should I spam [community profile] yuletide in the middle of all the rec posts and see what other people think? Would you play if I did do it? (There wouldn't even be a word limit... *tempts*)
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Christmas! It was rocking! Although I was hoping for a small christmas we actually had a way bigger one than usual, about 15, 16 people I guess, and it was actually pretty nice. Highlights included:

1. Batman earrings! (Technically, yellow earrings with bat shapes on them in black, but that's pretty close.)
2. Oh my god, the salmon my uncle bought. He told us what was in it, and I'm going to reproduce it here so I don't forget and someday when I'm really wealthy can eat it every now and then:

- two fillets of salmon, the kind that are half a fish, not the kind that are portion-sized. I guess it doesn't technically require two, but we had like four meat/fish courses and this was still scraped clean, so get plenty (or whatever you can afford: salmon is expensive, yo.)
- manuka honey (look, I know nothing about monofloral honeys, so I have no idea what substitute to suggest, but probably a darker honey)
- garlic, diced up small
- rosemary, possibly minced, you could also use dried
- makrud lime leaves (no idea where he got these, possibly Moore Wilsons, I guess you could use regular lime leaves or lemon leaves? who knows)
- lemons, thinly sliced
- he didn't actually say salt and pepper, but I think they were in it.

Score the salmon deeply in smallish portion sizes, right down to the skin. Insert the lime leaves and thin slices of lemon in the scores. Drizzle with manuka honey, rosemary, garlic, salt and pepper. Bake at 180 celsius for about 20 minutes, could be a lot less.

This. Tastes. AMAZING.
3. Then we also had a lobster, a HUGE christmas ham, and this super delicious thai beef salad that my mother does, which is basically rare-roasted or bbq'd beef fillet on a bed of lettuce and cukes drizzled with a sauce made out of mint leaves, coriander, soy sauce, and some other stuff. I'll do that one another time.
4. I got a bunch of books, notably Barbara Kingsolver's new book The Lacuna. I love Kingsolver so I'm super-excited to read this but I'm in the middle of Cold Comfort Farm and also Red Seas Under Red Skies, so! I also got Hilary Mantel's Wolf Hall and Marcus Zusak's The Messenger, both of which I've only vaguely heard of but they look great.
5. YULETIDE. That actually needs to be broken out.


First off, whoever wrote my Yuletide fic - well, I have a sneaking suspicion it was one of you guys, because it was a House of Many Ways fic (one of the DWJ books I wrote my essay on) about Charmain (who I love) being a professional & an expert (which I love) who doesn't want to change her name or marry Peter (which indicates to me that this person was deliberately pandering to my ridiculousness WHICH I ADORE ♥) AND THEN there were also references to Peter Pan, The Changeover, possibly Tamora Pierce - anyway, it absolutely ROCKS.

It is called Cave Canem and it rawks. Read it and give the author some love.

Then! I also have some preliminary Yuletide recs! These are only a few of the fics I have loved, and I still haven't ventured into the Glee, White Collar, or Leverage waters because I'm guessing they'll take up a lot of my time.

Vertical Desires, Take the Lead, various pairings.
I don't know this fandom at all, but this story is really really really terrific, and indescribable, except: it's about the politics and culture of dance, and also just about identity politics in the real world, and I think it's really terrific and deserves to be Famous.

Every Day is a Reminder, Calvin & Hobbes, Calvin/Susie
This story is really terrific and has a lot of plot points that I would never have believed someone could carry off in this fandom. Highly recommended; it's also happy, though it has its devastating moments.

The Lengthy, Dimly-Lit Coffee Break of the Psyche, Calvin & Hobbes which really worked it this year, Calvin/Susie
Another Calvin grows up story, but one with more time spent on Calvin qua Calvin. Really good, great Hobbes.

a patch of old snow, Animorphs, Cassie centric, during and post-54.
Just a really great Cassie at the end of canon fic.

Thorn Amongst Lilies, Tamora P.'s Circle of Magic (which keeps getting cast as Emelan which I really think is a dumb name for the fandom because Emelan isn't important at all in the same way that Tortall is in the Tortall books... but whatever), Briar/Tris
This wasn't written for me, but it totally feel like a treat because this was also one of my requests and this is just exactly what I would have hoped for! Yay.

But Rather Darkness Visible, Young WizardsxDoctor Who, Dairine & Ten
This is fabulous! Now you will all know that I want to rec absolutely every single one of the Young Wizards fics in Yuletide this year, but I beta'd and stuff so I won't be doing that until after the reveal. However, I had nothing to do with this one, though I'd love to say I did! This is really and truly a brilliant crossover, one which of course canonically makes sense. I think it does a tremendous job of bringing the Doctor into the YW 'verse and analysing him in its paradigms - there's a beautiful discussion of the Lone One's presence in relation to the Doctor that I find utterly terrific. Go read it, I highly recommend (and Dairine would make a fucking awesome Companion.)

Five stories the Reader never began, Calvino - If on a Winter's Night a Traveller
Guise - it's If on a Winter's Night a Traveller fanfiction! For goodness' sake, go and read it (and the other stories in this category, too!

All That's Best of Dark and Bright, Stoppard - Arcadia, Thomasina/Septimus pre-het
This is a missing scene from the play and I think it's really terrific! My articulate squee is by this point failing me (I've read a lot more than the recs I've already made - and everything has been great, by the way, these are just the stand-outs - but I'm running out of ways to say "I really enjoyed this" because I've been trying to comment on them all.)

OK! Back to play in the Yuletide sandbox, or possibly go and read some more Gibbons. Who knows? I'm on holiday...
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I am SO tempted to offer to write "If on a winter's night a traveller" for Yuletide. Except, well, I haven't finished it yet (well: I have most of the final third to go but I've read the last two chapters: it's just that I keep getting bogged down in the Russian novels he keeps putting in the middle. Then, of course, in order that I over-identify with Reader, he keeps cutting them off just as I get into them, which is very clever and all but heeeeey also kind of mean.) But mostly what's putting me off is: what in the world would someone request? (I thought maybe someone wanted that hot threesome from the one in the middle with the rebellion, two male soldiers, and that woman. But no, the only characters given are You, Reader, and Other Reader, by whom I guess they mean Ludmilla?)

Per my Dreamwidth icon for this post, next year I'm so requesting archy & mehitabel. LJ denizens, my icon is the last five lines of CAPITALS AT LAST.
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dear lovely yuletider )

dear flist: yes, I requested SGU. You wanna make something of it, huh, huh? Also, because apparently this is an Issue this year, I am posting my letter now because that way I can include a link in my sign-up, and since I personally spent hours and hours and HOURS last year scrolling through the Yuletide Letter post last year, I want to encourage behaviour that makes me NOT have to do that. Because: UGH.
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So apparently someone has given me paid DW time, which is very surprising and sweet. I promise to use it well on uploading a trillion icons (omg so many I can't even cope with the idea of 100 icons) and posting pointless polls. Here, have one.

Poll #1620 yuuuuuletide!
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 9

Are you doing Yuletide this year?

View Answers

Like duh!
6 (66.7%)

0 (0.0%)

Not this year :(
1 (11.1%)

Not my thing
2 (22.2%)

Have you signed up/know what you're going to request?

View Answers

Nah, I'll wing it next week sometime
2 (25.0%)

I've had a plan for at least a month!
3 (37.5%)

I have some vague ideas
2 (25.0%)

1 (12.5%)

I just told you I wasn't doing Yuletide this year
2 (25.0%)

OMG what fandoms are you requesting?

My answers: Didn't sign up yet but am definitely going to, only have some vague ideas, and probably: Circle of Magic Briar/Tris and... um, two other fandoms? A YW request and one or two others? I don't really know yet but I'm sure I'll be excited when I figure it out.


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