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some good health news and some other stuff under cut )
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Stuff which I am digging right now:

- Lucid 3 - Rock & Roll Thieves

- Fly My Pretties: Live At Bats (Bag of Money - Singing in my Soul - Fly My Pretties)

- Beautiful Collision (Get Some Sleep - The Be All and End All)

- Prehistoric Park, crazy British mockumentary about a zoologist who travels back in time to capture animals on the brink of extinction and return with them to a modern zoo. The best bit about it is the way it takes itself totally seriously, so they have trouble finding good grounds for the ornithomimus, the woolly mammoth won't eat, and so forth. Absolutely hilarious. Sundays at 7:30.

- Thomas Hardy and Tess of the d'Urbervilles. The dude is so damn atheist and he can't shut up about it, it's adorable.

- Spring in Christchurch. The daffodils are blooming, cherry and peach trees are blossoming, there are actual ducklings on my actual campus and two days ago I was lying on a lawn reading the aforementioned Tess and being very still and Mama Duck and three little ducklings came up to me and actually walked on me. They tried to eat my fingers. I am so not kidding. I nearly died of the cute.

- Vogels wheat-free bread. I don't know if I mentioned, but I went onto a wheat-free diet a month or two ago (by choice, not allergies, and I have been generally feeling better since) and man do I miss bread. And pasta. And pizza (okay, I've cheated on that one.) And oreos. And cake that I don't have to make myself with fake flour that cost fifty bucks to the ounce (okay, *slight* exaggeration). But mostly? Bread. I don't even like vogels bread as a rule but I swear to god I have never enjoyed marmite on toast as much as this, including the times when I'm sick and it's the only thing I can keep down. It's the best thing since sliced bread, except it doesn't actually come sliced.

- the keywords for this icon. (Um, Runaways spoilers.)

- spoilers for Supernatural S2. I'm not actively looking for them, but I'm unfussed about stumbling across them (with the very specific exceptions of not wanting to know anything at all about 2x01.) The ones I have come across I've found generally pleasing, which puts me in the minority, but hey, y'all just don't know hot when you see it. *is shallow*

stuff I am not digging now; TMI )
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Still not dead! And have successfully survived another exam period, which is why I've been a little quiet lately. However! I now have a whole... week and a half... with absolutely nothing whatsoever I have to do. Plans!

-Superman Returns this Friday with [ profile] ladylarla, [ profile] sixth_light and her honey
-Pick challenge and start writing for [ profile] myriadwords
-write letter for
-translate a recipe from the French cookbook Clara gave me and try it out
-clean room and set up desk (I have a desk! Revolution!)
-get house ready for a visit from [ profile] rewihendrix, about which I am ridiculously excited. XD
-burn DVDs for [ profile] keymash
-figure out who my academic advisor is and get an interview to see about my next semester's courses
-work for $$!

cut for health-related blether )

On the plus side, I had my last exam this afternoon, and can watch Lost and Prison Break in perfect contentment!
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I don't think this anecdote is going to translate very well from real life, but [ profile] sixth_light and [ profile] thinkaholic insisted that I post it to allow everyone to mock me as appropriate. So.

I was at the emergency room tonight (not an actual emergency; I decided to go about five hours earlier, which is about how urgent it was. There was this thing with a purpura.) After a blood test:

Nurse: So, blood test! We're probably going to put a line in your arm in case we want to put you on a drip!
Me: Uh, what?
Nurse: Well, we might need to!
Me (thinking, but hey, I already know what you're going to do, you're going to put me back on 40mg of prednisone per day): Um, sure.
Nurse: *prods* Hmm, I can see all your old puncture marks! How often do you have blood tests?
Me: More than someone without ITP, less than someone with an actually serious blood disease. Like, duh.
Nurse: Well, I can't find a vein, so we'll just take blood!
Me: Oh good.

and quite a lot of waiting, I get a low-ish platelet count (24) so they drag me off to an an oservation ward and sit me on a bed (with Lucy and Mike, who, for the record, are totally saintlike and picked me up and dropped me off and waited with me for hours and generally went above and beyond the call of friendship.) Blah, blah, interns see me, a doctor sees me, half a dozen nurses see me, there is general chat about my recent history with ITP; every time a new doctor comes in I have to go through the whole thing again. (It's totally down to a fine art, go on, ask me about it.) Finally a doctor comes in and asks me about the dosages I've been on and that kind of thing. I tell her, she leaves. About five minutes later she sticks her head back in.

Doc: Were they planning on taking out your spleen at all?
Me (hearing "planning on taking out your spleen") Uh, WHAT? :O
Lucy & Mike: *pee themselves laughing at me, seriously, there are sick people around and they're busting a gut, honestly*
Me: Um, are *you* planning on doing it?
Doc: No, were *they* planning on doing it?
Me: No! Oh my god! (Actually, I am pretty well aware that a spleenectomy is the possible nect step but, gah, you don;t just *surprise* a person like that.)
Doc: Okay then, we're going to put you on 40mg of prednisone and give you a month's prescription of same, plus an appointment with your doctor.
Me: What a surprise.

So, adventures in land of Christchurch Hospital Emergency Room successfully and predictably navigated. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with my stash of 2.5mg tablets, though... Save them until such time as they become useful, I guess, since I'd have to take sixteen of them to get my appropriate daily dosage. Speaking of, apparently there's a whole community devoted to ranting about prednisone, [ profile] deathtopred; all I can say is, wow, LJ, you sure have a lot of time on your hands. (Seriously, it's probably really useful for trying to manage some of pred's side effects.)

Aaaaaand speaking of side effects, now I know why I've been so goddamned bitchy lately; going back up to 40 will probably make me bright and cheery and ridiculously energetic again, hooray!


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