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A couple of weeks ago there was a really bad article posted on Stuff about the amount of time women purportedly spend taking selfies. (Supposedly 48 minutes a day, but since they include the time it takes women to dress and do their makeup - stuff they would probably be doing whether or not they took a picture at the end - it's pretty transparently bullshit in my opinion.) In response to this and the seemingly never-ending criticism of selfies by everyone who doesn't take selfies, my pal S decided she'd take a selfie every day. (She does great selfies where she's, like, doing stuff! Mine normally end up being me up against the wall in the bathroom, which has the best light in my house.)

Me, day 1, no filter

Anyway, I decided I wanted to join her. Actually, I've been mostly taking two a day - one without a filter, and one with a random B612 filter, usually just the same photo twice. I've been doing it for just over two weeks now, and I thought I'd post a bit about why. Not that I think I need a reason. If people want to take a photo every day because they're gorgeous, that is A-OK with me. But there was other stuff going on for me, and it wasn't just the resentment of the endless nastiness.

Selfies and Me )


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