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Name:worryingly jolly batman
Birthdate:Jul 22
Location:Wellington, New Zealand
Stuff you're likely to get at my journal used to include recipes, other people's poetry, my own poetry, recs, ranting about social justice issues, ranting about politics (NZ), ranting about fandom, ranting about books. Now you mostly find me on twitter or tumblr.

I love poetry. Here, have one.


I got home from work and looked at
my watch and it said
Ten to five, so I did the washing and
picked some greens and tidied up the
kitchen and sat down and had a cup of coffee,
and looked at my watch and still it said
Ten to five, so I did some ironing and
made the beds and thought Hell I might
get all the housework done in one day
for a change, then looked at my watch
but nope, no change, and I turned on the
radio and it said ten to five, so
I cleaned the bathroom like mad and
picked some flowers and wrote some
letters and some cheques and scrubbed
the kitchen floor and got started on the
windows -- by this time I was getting a bit
desperate I can tell you, I was thinking
alternately Yay! soon there'll be no more to
do and I'll be free, and Jeez what if I
RUN OUT? I did in face run out, and out,
and out, past the church clock saying
Ten to five and the cat on the corner with
big green eyes ticking away, and up into the
sky past telephone wires, and
up into the blue, watchless, matchless, timeless
cloud-curtains, where I hide, and
it is silent, silent.

-- Cilla McQueen

That's pretty much it. Comments, questions, complaints, trivia to labellementeuse(at)gmail(dot)com.

A note about icon crediting: If an icon or graphic in my journal is uncredited, I probably made it. (On the other hand, if you see me using something you made without credit, please pull me up.) In my icon comments I have used hotlinking codes for credit only if the artist is on Dreamwidth. Livejournal usernames and communities are not hotlinked because, after all, you can just go there.

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