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Yuletide! Nominations are open! I'm so (so!) happy! But guys, I need you to help me, can anyone remember a rare fandom I ship slash in? Because my noms (not sign-ups, but still) so far are:
- Young Wizards (will ask, Dairine/Carmela; will probably ask again, gen; I usually do at least one "any" request for this fandom and then give a het, slash, femslash and gen idea to suit everyone)
- Gilmore Girls (will maybe ask, Rory/Paris)
- Nikita (will maybe ask, Alex/Jaden or Nikita/Alex)
- Circle of Magic (will probs ask, Briar/Tris)
- Batwoman (DCU) (might maybe ask; Kate Kane, Renee Montoya, gen or fslash although I always feel guilty for liking Kate/Renee, like what, the only two lesbians in Gotham must be together? This looked esp. bad in that one scene where Maggie Sawyer and Kate Kane are both in tuxes at a party and nearly hook up. I'm sure Anissa Pierce will be in the upcoming series, ha ha.)

So you see. It's a problem. I have a whole lot of fslash up in there but only one het pairing and NO SLASH PAIRINGS, what has the world come to? I know it sounds ridiculous to stress about this, but I'm aware that some people will only write in one genre and I want to make it nice and easy for eeeeveryone because that's how I roll. Only I can't think of a slash pairing I'm into right now that's obscure (right now I'm reading: Wincest, Dean/Castiel, Sassy, Sherlock/John, and I had a brief kick for Harry/Draco on the weekend. See, I do read slash, honest! This is all very distressing for me atm because I have so long identified as a slasher. I don't want to be a femslasher or a het shipper, people, the writing is so different! Also, there's so little femslash written that it just makes me want to cry.) I have one nom left, someone tell me how to vote?!

Also of interest: pursuant to a discussion at [profile] get__together about threesomes and moresomes assuming the role slash played in fandom twenty years ago, as the ~edgy-but-not-really, lower-volume, and less-obvious-to-outsiders fandom flavour. I would sort of like it if fslash did this as well, but: is the whole maximum-two-characters thing going to harsh people's mellow, or will just get way bigger this year? (IT SHOULD GET WAY BIGGER THIS YEAR, PEOPLE. I would really like to see: Dean/Lisa/Castiel, Sam/Dean/Castiel, Parker/Hardison/Eliot, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth although there's a fair bit of that in fandom, it doesn't really need the boost, the usual DCU m/m/m suspects and also Tim/Cass/Steph, Harry/Ron/Hermione, etc. EVERYONE GO SIGN UP; I barely feel confident writing het, let along threesomes, but I read that shit like it's going out of fashion.) Remember is due *after* Christmas so it won't overlap with Yuletide! What else do you want to do on Boxing Day other than write threesome porn, huh, huh?
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