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1. Vid rec: In the Bullpen, by [personal profile] genusshrike. The Avengers, Black Widow-centric. -- this is a really FABULOUS Natasha vid. &NATASHA;;;;; ilher so much and SO DOES THIS VID - brilliant song choice - and there is also the elegant beauty of it being a vid finished and posted before the movie even came out in the US. Don't you find that satisfying? I find that satisfying.

2. I made a bunch of icons. Mostly hockey icons and a few Fringe icons. The hockey ones are all Blackhawks core or Corey, basically because those are the people of whom the Blackhawks media people take pretty photos.

1. 2. 3.

about 45 icons )

Uh, I don't know if there are communities or whatever where these should go? Probably not. Usual rules of engagement apply: want, take, have, credit is nice but not necessary, comments wildly adored.
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Teasers: 1. 2. 3.

ETA: updated with a few sharper versions of some of them

not a tame lion )

Rules of Engagement
1. These are mostly bases, or could function as bases. Please feel free to mess around with them, use them for other things, etc. You don't need to credit me, but I would be awfully amused if you dropped me a line to show me what you did with them.

2. Same rules basically apply to using them: crediting is nice but not essential, a comment is very friendly, hotlinking is verboten.

x-posted to [ profile] book_icons here, please comment there if you wish to comment on LJ.
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Icon meme, via [personal profile] china_shop.

1. Five oldest icons you have
2. Five newest icons you have
3. Five icons made by you that you like the best
4. Five icons made by someone else that you like the best
5. Five of your most random icons.

etc )
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I think this is the fastest I've ever gotten into a fandom: there was a clips pimp of Sherlock (BBC) on Saturday, I went home and started watching it right away, and now I'm reading John/Sherlock like it's going out of style. This is quite incredible when you consider that the RDJ movie didn't strike me as slashy at all. (What?)

some thoughts! on yaoi! and sherlock! with many spoilers through the Great Game! and gratuitous Doyle quoting! )

Pursuant to g/t I've decided to try being a Better Fan, which is happening in three ways:
- I'm going to leave a comment on every fic I read on the AO3 this month. Perhaps I should rephrase: every fic I like/finish. It might be pretty short - as I said to [personal profile] china_shop at g/t, I am pretty critical, and often after I've gotten the six-word squee out of the way I only have negative things left to say, but I HATE giving outside of approved spaces - but yeah, we talked about how archives get fewer comments because people expect archive commenting to be crap, but the AO3 commenting services is actually about as powerful as LJ/DW's, so there's really no excuse.
- I'm going to start deliciousing fic again. I don't think I've delicioused a fic since yuletide last year. tsk tsk.
- I miiiiight start uploading my own fic to the AO3. This is a vexed decision because I kind of heartily dislike a lot of my old fic, but I also heartily dislike people who are all, my old stuff sucks, don't read it! Because you never know who might really want that Dairine/Kit Evanescence songfic, right? (I wish I was making that up. But no.) Anyway, decisions! They are difficult! Sigh.

Somewhat relatedly: I have both AO3 and DW invitations, and anyone who wants one should let me know!

The other fannish thing I've been doing lately: more icons. These ones are Nikita icons (WATCH IT. WRITE ME FSLASH. TY.) But first! under the cut: a screencap of Alex totally checking Jaden out! )


1. 2. 3.

etc )

- caps for 1-13 from [ profile] forensicduck's screencap recap of 1x04.
- caps for 14-22 from [ profile] docrock06 in rawr_caps.

Rules of Engagement
- I like it when people comment, crediting is nice but not essential
- nobody likes a hotlinker
- textless icons can be used as bases. also if you want me to put text on something I can. but I'm not very good at typesetting, so you might want to do it yourself.
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[personal profile] china_shop keeps spamming her flist with White Collar screencaps, which is pretty fabulous, and I ended up making some icons out of her caps. Thank you China!

1. 2. 3. a few more under the cut )

A couple of episodes of all the new shows I'm watching have aired, I thought I'd talk about them a little bit. What I say will be, IMO, basically non-spoilery, but I know I have some really spoilerphobic people on my flist so I'll be cutting anyway. Which reminds me: I am basically chill about spoilers unless they're, like, Sirius dies at the end of OotP, so it's really hard for me to tell what's going to ruin someone's enjoyment. However, my aim is to NOT do that, so if I spoil you, please let me know and I'll do my best to modify my behaviour.

Hellcats )

I'm going to talk about Nikita outside a cut because I really want people to watch this show. I nearly didn't start watching this show, and I know why: all the promos I saw made it look like this kind of grim show that was about one woman going it alone and being grim and sad and having an ambiguous morality, and she would be surrounded by men with even more ambiguous moralities, and it would be harsh and cruel and sad. And I thought to myself: ugh.

However, that is not what the show is about at all. Nikita isn't going it alone; she does interact with other women all the time, and one in particular; and also, Nikita is funny and chill and does not mangst all over the place (although if any character was entitled, it would be her). Maggie Q has this amazing, warm, expressive face and this show is just a lot more obviously influenced by shows like Dark Angel than I thought it would be. So y'all: I really really recommend that you watch this show. 1x03 would be a perfect pimping episode, and dammit, I just realised that if I'd started watching this show when the pilot aired I'd have been able to pimp it at [ profile] get__together. Blast.

My point here: watch this show. Watch it watch it watch it.

Hawai'i Five-0 )

I have nothing to say about Undercovers because only the pilot has aired, except to say that it was as cute and funny as I was expecting and I really enjoyed it.


Jul. 19th, 2010 09:38 pm
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Got bored, made some icons. (Actually I made a lot of these around the time when the Doctor Who finale aired, but anyway.)

- 15 Doctor Who season finale icons - may be considered SPOILERY for things like who was in the episode, etc.
- 28 Cold Comfort Farm icons - novel-based, not film-based

Teasers: 1. 2. 3.

I saw something nasty in the woodshed! )

- Quotes on 29-43 were requested by [ profile] treacle_tartlet
- Fonts are from's scrapbook fonts, mostly My Own Topher. The cute OT3 font is Chewy Stewy which I want to use on everything.
- The art for 19-25 comes from the Penguin Deluxe edition of Cold Comfort Farm, which is worth buying for its cover alone - I fear I don't do it justice at all.
- Textures and bases for 1, 39-42 are by [ profile] proverbsun, and texture on 43 is by [ profile] endelyn

Rules of Engagement
- Comments are A++! Credit is nice but not essential.
- Hotlinking makes everyone cry.
- Textless icons can be used as bases.

icon dump

Jun. 17th, 2010 12:47 am
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I made a largeish bunch of icons today.

1-4: Young Wizards
4-15: Community
16-88: Persons Unknown, which is a new summer show (will be thirteen episodes only so you should all watch it while it's hot! A bit like Lost in construction except really and truly only one season, pre-planned. I'm enjoying it.)


Away we go )

Credits: Fonts come from Kevin & Amanda's Free Fonts. Bad typesetting on the text-only icons is by me. Icon table generated by ze icon table generator. I did the capping.

Rules of Engagement: Keyword crediting is nice, but commenting is much nicer. Icons may be freely adapted without credit, but if you do please let me know so I can see! Textless icons may be considered bases and used as such.
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] sixth_light! I love you a bunch and I really wish I could be down there to celebrate your 21st birthday. ♥

Here are some small little things for you. Not actually 21, because I'm lame. 11 wee small things. )


whoa, icons

Apr. 3rd, 2007 04:05 pm
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When I tell you I have a 3,000 word, 20% essay due this Tuesday, it won't surprise any of you to learn that I made a large number of Fishing for Orphans icons last night. Probably I will pick one of these and use it henceforth as my university icon.

Sorry about the funny borders on some of them, it's a function of the way my computer appears to display thumbnails.


40 in all. )

Feel free to use, hotlink and I'll cut you. Credit is nice but commenting is even better. X-posted to [ profile] ucanterbury and [ profile] christchurch, sorry if this hits you coming and going.
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I just mainlined all of Runaways through to Issue 13 volume Two. SO MUCH LOVE, and therefore, ICONS!

26 icons under the cut:
8x Chase Stein
5x Gert Yorkes
3x Molly Hayes
10x miscellaneous (Including: Old Lace from above! Chase/Gert! Irony! etc.)

But the last time we brought a boy back to the Hostel, he tried to *eat* us! )

Crediting is nice, commenting is even better! Hotlinking gets you eaten by Old Lace...

I also made three desktops:
One, two and three. PLEASE tell me if you use any of these, particularly #1 and 2, because they took me forever and if you don't tell me, I'll feel like it was all for nowt. :P

Man, I just love that book. I even own some of it (... don't look at me like that. Runaways trades are about $8 US, right? They're about NZ$21 and I just don't have all that much spare cash lying around for something that only takes me half an hour to read. And these are cheap trades, mind you. When I'm rich I swear I will buy them all.) Gert/Chase is totally my OTP. :P
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So, I was saying to [ profile] sixth_light the other day that I wanted a Serenity/Firefly icon... and actually making icons is one of the easiest things to do on the home computers now. So! 15 icons, all of River Tam; as usual, feel free to gank; if you do, I'd love it if you comment and credit although I won't kill you if you don't. PLEASE don't hotlink. All screencaps from Can't Take The Sky.

3. Image hosted by 5. Image hosted by

no power in the 'verse can stop me )


Oct. 23rd, 2005 07:56 pm
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A bit of a collection of Bic Runga icons and bases, including several made from the totally BEAUTIFUL poster for the Birds concert.

1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by 3. Image hosted by

dance me round and round the kitchen )

Crediting is nice, commenting is better, hotlinking sucks beyond belief. :) Also, a lot of these are bases; feel free to customise yourself, or ask if you want me to put text on them and I'm happy to oblige.
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what it's like

I thought the other day I'd call you.
and then of course I didn't,

I don't know why my subconscious mind
doesn't know what's good for me,

like hearing your voice on the other end
of the line, after months

and time away. Well I guess it's
not all wrong, I'm not sure

if I'd have anything to say; we might
stay on the line and listen to each other

breathe. I can't help thinking that
silence maybe just what I need,

strained through filaments like
I think we are sometimes, when

we sleep at the same time but never
realise it, except if I might see you in my dream--

I thought this morning that I'd call you tonight
hope you'll still be awake when the phone rings.

In other news, more icons, only 7 this time, these ones made specially for [ profile] megaffe, sweetie I hope you like them, text by James K Baxter, bases again from the superlative [ profile] posticonic. Please credit [ profile] posticonic! Other credit is nice but not necessary. (Also, Meggie, if you have alternate ideas welcome to request something of COURSE).

Teaser: 1.Image hosted by
ride easy, stranger )
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Another... thirty or so icons. *falls over* These ones are mostly- almost all, in fact- New Zealand poetry. There may be some American ones in the future if I can find my Penguin collection, but for now, I think My Heart Goes Swimming, which is an anthology of New Zealand love poetry collected by Jeny Bornhaldt and Geoffrey O'Brien, will do nicely. I really recommend the book, as well.

Again: all of the icons below the cut are made by combining the beautiful bases/textless icons of [ profile] posticonic with miscellaneous bits and bobs of poetry. PLEASE CREDIT [ profile] posticonic IF YOU TAKE ANY OF THESE, which of course you are most welcome to do! Other credit is lovely but nonessential; commenting is much better.

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

James K Baxter, Fiona Farrell, Roma Potiki and more! )


Sep. 20th, 2005 05:08 pm
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As I was re-reading poetry and browsing [ profile] posticonic (BEAUTIFUL ICONS. *pimpage*), I came to the conclusion that the most perfect combination in the world is [ profile] deutscheami's bases and... well, a lot of different poems, it turns out. So I spent an hour this afternoon putting the two together with varying degrees of success, and here are some of the better ones.

ALL OF THE BASES UNDER THE CUT ARE FROM [ profile] posticonic. PLEASE CREDIT THERE. Other credit, as usual, is lovely but optional; commenting is even better.

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by

17 icons under the cut, cummings, duggan, edmond, others )
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10 political icons! All NZ politics, all pro-left. Some of them are quite funny though. ;)

1.Image hosted by

you say lesbian cabal like it's a bad thing )

As usual, free to gank, comment if you do, credit is nice but not essential. X-posted to [ profile] kiwi_ljs, [ profile] wellingtonnz, [ profile] christchurch, [ profile] kiwichicks
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In a random burst of creativity (or, actually, not, since they consist of quotes only) this afternoon, I made 12 icons from Archy's Life of Mehitabel by Don Marquis. This the sequel to Archy and Mehitabel, and they are books about the adventures of one Archy, a free verse poet whose soul was transmigrated into the body of a cockroach as punishment for, well, being a free verse poet. Mehitabel is the cat. She has Cleopatra's soul. These books are incredibly awesome and hardly anyone's heard of them: you should go look them up right now.

Teasers: 1. Image hosted by 2. Image hosted by yes i thought so exclamation point )

Rules as usual: credit is nice but not essential, commenting is even better. :)


Jul. 28th, 2005 04:11 pm
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Two sets of icons: 11x Moulin Rouge icons for [ profile] cabaiste84 to choose from (Sorry these are so late!) and 9 from William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, plus two from O'Shaughnessy's poem Ode.

Teasers: Image hosted by Image hosted by

les escaliers de la butte )

Lord, what fools these mortals be! )

As usual, please comment, credit is nice but not essential. X-posted to [ profile] bard_icons and [ profile] book_icons
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I forgot to mention this earlier, but I totally owe [ profile] thinkaholic my soul: he's set his computer up somehow so I can access his computer- which means a real version of MSN, and PHOTOSHOP YES, and media player, omg music, and PHOTOSHOP, and omg love. <33333333 So, if I have promised anyone icons/anyone suddenly wants an icon of my craptasticality, comment here to remind me/specify. Although Erin, I am totally working on Moulin Rouge for you. :D

*makes icons and sends filthy IM to Lucy & Mike*


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