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I'm too lazy to take a photo of this and put it on my faux-proper rarely-updated blog so you get it, you lucky things, you. I finally perfected the cheesecake brownie, which I have been making, on and off, for years. Here is the recipe. It draws heavily on the Smitten Kitchen Best Cocoa Brownie, which I must recommend as a really, really good straight-up brownie recipe.
disgustingly great cheesecake brownie )

Some non-food related cool things:

- Today I read the first 6 chapters of the new Lois McMaster Bujold book, Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, which are available for free! from Baen Ebooks. Also you can buy the eARC, which I am trying to resist until November when it's priced more reasonably. But I probably will cave next week so I have something to read on the plane to Australia.

- I was having an awesome solo dance party to Girl Talk today (I've got some moves, y'all, you have no idea) and I'm pretty sure I've linked to All Day before, which is the whole album, downloadable for free - this thing is like the fucking essence of pop music - and I ran into two cool things on the internet:
---> this ... I don't even know what to call it, but it shows you which songs are being sampled at which points in the album. It's really cool.
---> Girl Walk/All Day, a feature-length music video set to the entire album. Honestly this just has some fantastic dancing in it.
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Something for the last week of poetry month: "The Most Beautiful Love Poem of All Time" by Hera Lindsay Bird is really something. She also has a name of which I am truly envious. (Hera Bird. Come on.) I must disclaim at this juncture that Hera is a v good friend of my flattie and I've met her a few times and like her a lot but this poem is really fucking great anyway. You might also like "The Memory of Light".

Also, I got a meme from [personal profile] aworldinside which went something like:

1. Comment here to get a letter from me.
2. Post at least 5 songs beginning with that letter.
3. Give other people letters! It's the circle of music memes.

She gave me S and, uh, I picked 21 songs:

sort of themed )

Zip of the lot here.

Now I'm going to go back to my horrendous google spiral trying to figure out how good Jonathan Toews' French is. Since my French is a) actually French, lolQuebec and b) no longer good enough to do anything except occasionally read a news article, I have to rely on youtube comments and horrifying message boards. (Why do I want to know this? I don't know. I don't understand enough French to get anything interesting out of his French interviews, frankly Quebecois just sounds weird ... whatever. Amusingly enough reports range from "He speaks very good if not perfect Quebecois" to "he's okay but he has a weird accent" to "actually I think he has a French accent when he speaks English" [I think he's just super Canadian FWIW]. Why does this entertain me to know? IDEK.)
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I used to do this meme ALL THE TIME. Epic.

Step 1: Set your primary playlist to random and shuffle it.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play (or more, if you like!), no matter how embarrassing the song. If you want to, skip instrumentals, songs that have the title in the first line and songs that aren't in the first language of the majority of your flist (it makes it easier for most).
Step 3: Tag people if you want, but anyone is allowed to guess the answers.
Step 4: Strike through and add the artist and title below the lyric when someone gets one right.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is cheating. Please don't.
Step 6: If after 30 days, there are still gaps, put people out of their misery.

my ipod playlist )

Skipped: a lot of Beatles tunes with the title in the first line, READY STEADY GO by L'Arc en Ciel. Aaaaand I didn't love the balance there so imma do one with what I listen to at home (shuffle all in WMP)

double-dose! )
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So guys, u guys, [personal profile] china_shop recently mentioned that she felt that instantaneous silly LJ stuff has mostly gone to Twitter and she missed it and that's probably true and stuff and that's the only reason I'm giving this an actual post BUT. BUT.

You know that building Castiel jumps out of in Supernatural 6x03, you know, this stunt?

Or, alternatively, you know the shrink's building Tegan-or-is-it-Sara is trapped in in the music video for The Con?

LOL TOTALLY THE SAME BUILDING (I think anyway), check out the curlicues on those iron balconies, y'all! (Better picture of the building here or at 0:02 in the video.)

probably people noticed this already but IT MAKES ME LOL OKAY. tegan & sara and supernatural are not exactly natural allies.
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Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Practising violin with the windows open. Rude or not rude?

View Answers

1 (10.0%)

Impolitic but not rude
5 (50.0%)

Not rude
0 (0.0%)

Only not rude if you're a concert violinist
4 (40.0%)

Only rude if you live in an apartment building
5 (50.0%)

Only not rude if you live rurally
1 (10.0%)

Only rude if you're five years old
3 (30.0%)

I have a further rude/not rude corollary I want to tell you about
1 (10.0%)

A corollary:

Brought to you by: wow, it's pretty warm out and I get direct sunlight.
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In a viciously successful attempt to procrastinate on my marketing assignment, over the past couple of days I have:
cleaning-related )

craft-related )

music-related )

Also, I've been watching television. Including Supernatural. spoilers for eps 6x01-03 )
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I made a mixtape!

Last week [ profile] bad_mushroom suggested we swap mixtapes for new music recs. Now, I personally find that you need at least two songs to tell if you're going to be into someone, so there are at least two songs by each artist in this mix. I tried to get them to demonstrate the range of the artist as well. I also tried to give it some kind of logical order but I totally failed, so uh, go me?

Anyway, I thought some of the flist might also be interested, so here we go. If anyone wants specific songs, let me know. Also, Alida darling, there's probably a lot you already know on here and I'm sorry about that!

tracklisting! )

get the .rar here!
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Leave a comment saying "Harmony" (or "Drusilla" or your favourite vampire name, or "Sassy" or your favourite ship name. Sassy, by the way, is the pairing smoosh for Sam/Castiel, and I think it is HILARIOUS. It goes so well with their matching bitchfaces.)
- I'll respond by asking you five questions.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions.
- Include this explanation and offer to ask other people questions.

I got questions from [ profile] sixth_light and [ profile] lady_larla.

questions from Lucy: The Real World, NZ blogosphere drama, best book I read lately, and food. )

Questions from Tas: slebs, books again, time travel, Sarah Palin, and a seriously overworked answer to a music question. with uploads! )

That was so much fun imma do that other meme that I've never done: ask me anything. (Anon commenting is on at LJ and DW.) I don't promise to answer everything, but I'll at least think about it!
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1. I've just hit 51 new books read this year (re-reads were not counted, but included a re-read of the Tiggie Tompson series, several of the YW books, and Monstrous Regiment, by Terry PRatchett.) I'd like to thank Octavia Butler (three books), the Mitford sisters (four books between them, and another one in progress), and particularly Lois McMaster Bujold with a strong ten-book showing. These are fine writers that I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone (although I would tailor them. Perhaps I should say that, from these three authors, I could find a book to recommend to anyone.)

2. I went to see Regina Spektor last night SO GOOD SO GOOD SO GOOD. *bounces around thrilledly* Oh, she was just FANTASTIC. And she played "Folding Chair" and "That Time". asdfghj yes.

3. Tuesday is poem day!

unpoetical bathroom material

they always say things like that the snow is a white blanket after a winter storm
Oh it is, is it, alright then, you sleep under a six-inch blanket of snow and I’ll sleep under a half-inch blanket of unpoetical blanket material and we’ll see which one keeps warm

-- Ogden Nash, “Almost Like a Whale”

Friends ask
what I’m reading.
By the bed is Go, dog. Go.

-- Jenny Bornholdt, “Being a Poet”

At 9pm on a Monday night
I am thinking about the poem I want to write tomorrow
And cleaning the bathroom. Which, after all,
has to be done. Had to be done
two weeks ago, in fact, and now absolutely MUST be done
while my flatmates watch housewives, or footballers’ wives, or surgeons, or whoever, behaving desperately downstairs,
and hopefully don’t notice
soapscum sediment
sludging down the drain.

Alright, very silly! Have something rather good instead.

Being a Poet

Yesterday I bought
a blender — blue — from
Briscoes, just like
Marion’s. Today
we’re dealing with the big
issues, like: How the World
Can We Have Fruit Loops
For Breakfast?

Friends ask
what I’m reading.
By the bed is Go, dog. Go.
We looked at it this morning
just before our fight
over the nature of
Weetbix. But it’s soggy
every morning,
I hear myself say
that’s just what Weetbix does
that’s just its way.

- Jenny Bornholdt

Jenny Bornholdt is a New Zealand poet who, by the way, I cannot recommend often enough. Do give her a shot.
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[ profile] paintmarks sent me snowflakes! Thanks hon :)

So today I started my new job, reference checker & proofreader at the Waitangi Tribunal. Because they planned for me to start actually doing my job on Wednesday, and before that basically had a bunch of style guides and one or two articles for me to read, by 1pm today I was like "doo doo doo... nothing to do!" (I mean, really.) So my boss got me started on reading this book on the Waitangi Tribunal called, um, The Waitangi Tribunal: Te Roopu Whakamana i te Tiriti o Waitangi. (Ed. J Hayward and N Wheen for anyone who wants to go look this up, which I don't know why you would want to do, but whatever.) It's basically a bunch of chapters on a bunch of different aspects of the Tribunal - history, procedure, etc. A couple of chapters compare it to other nations' methods of dealing with indigenous peoples' land rights, and one chapter was on Canada. Want to hear something really, really horrifying?

So British Columbia has been pretty slack on acknowledging that First Peoples have any land rights at all. They finally got around to it a while ago, like maybe 15 years or so, and established the BCTC - BC Treaty Commission, which is a tiny bit like the Waitangi Tribunal in, like, a few ways. Not very many. But you want to hear the best difference, and by best, I mean worst? So the BCTC is funded 8% by the federal gvt of Canada, 12% by BC itself, and 80% by... a loan to the First Peoples of BC. In fact these various tribes etc now owe CDN$177 MILLION, over about 50 claims, and NONE of the claims have been resolved - only one of them is CLOSE to being finished. The BCTC is only authorised to give out CDN$7 million per claim. Do you see what's happening here? Hi, guys... we took your land and left you impoverished and for a couple of hundred years we refused to acknowledge that you might deserve or need any kind of compensation at all, and now, hey, you can have it! But any money that we give you you're going to have to give right back to pay off the costs of us admitting that we did something wrong! Neat, huh?

-- this is all current to when my book was written, about 2003-4, I think. But even if they've fixed it since then - and I note via Wiki that it's now the British Columbia Treaty Process, but other than that nothing particularly encouraging - how does that kind of thing even happen?

Also, because I feel like it, a meme via [profile] deutscheami (of whose hints I didn't get a single answer, but never mind.)
1. Put your iPod on shuffle
2. DO NOT write down the lyrics of the first 15-20 songs to come up.
3. Describe what the song is about. Be creative.
4. Cross out the songs when your friends guess them in the comments.
away we go )

I have my interview for the publishing course at Whitireia tomorrow morning. Advice and well-wishes gratefully appreciated!
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Today was a really good day. I got up this morning and put on my new dress, which I got at the new op shop. It's a blue dress with a white hawaiian-ish print, in a stretchy cotton; it's basically just a little top with spaghetti straps joined to a big skirt, ankle-ish length. It turns out to look fabulous on me - the perfect waist, I think, plus the blue which is almost tealy and lovely. It was a gorgeous morning so I sunbathed and lolled around in the garden.

Then la famille had a massive lunch at Ostoria Del Toro (my father's birthday was on Thursday and M's was yesterday), which is an Italian restaurant on Tory street - their Sunday family lunches are highly recommended: unlimited salad/bread bar (which included a SUPER hummus, chickpea salad, tomatoes, lovely lovely beetroot and carrots, beautiful olive oil and balsamic vinegar which is my kryptonite), then mains. Because there were a tonne of us we had some variety in the mains, which take the shape of "pizza, pasta, paella, and half a roast chicken." I didn't much like the paella, but my mother and sister who both like seafood and artichoke hearts spoke highly of it; the broccoli/pine nut/other stuff pasta was delicious, quite a bit better than the meatball pasta (look at me, picking the vege option!) Pizzas were delicious - a lovely margarita and a prosciutto/italian words for different salamis and saucisson pizza. Chicken was yummy but a little bland. But all that for $29pp? An excellent deal, IMO. I must go back some Wednesday to try their mojito with complimentary suckling pig (!).

Then I came home, lolled a little more, went for a run which went terrifically which is v. pleasing. Have decided to attempt to take up running, because my parents gave our trampoline away and I seriously miss it. I'm using this plan which I decided was exactly my speed (I walk to and from work four days a week, a brisk 20 minutes each way, so I figured I was in the right place - and judging from how tonight went I seem to be.) I had a very pleasant time setting up a playlist alternating ~2min and ~4min songs, which was terrific - I like moving to music, and it was ideal not having to look at a watch, or whatever. The one downside is that it's difficult not to run to the beat, which is a bit of a problem for "Kiss with a Fist" and "I've Just Seen A Face." Speaking of Florence & the Machine, I bought Lungs the other day and have been really enjoying it. I specially like "Girl With One Eye" and "Drumming Song".

To round off the day, I finished Audrey Niffenegar's new book, Her Fearful Symmetry. I very much enjoyed it, but I nearly gave up on it in the last few chapters. Don't do this! Push through it, it's definitely worth it. And that is all I'll say about that.
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Did you know there are people who actually prefer Artie's solo work to Paul's?

I'm just. I'm SPEECHLESS.

Wait, no I'm not. Really? "Garfunkel" is better than "Graceland"? Are you really going to commit to that? Do not get me wrong: Artie has an incredible voice, he's talented, Benedictus is one of my favourite songs and I think, for example, a lot of the songs on "The Paul Simon Songbook" really suffer in comparison to their later recordings with the duo instead of Paul solo.

On the other hand? "The Paul Simon Songbook" was recorded in an hour, and a lot of it is original content, and it's still an awesome album. Artie just can't say that about any of his solo work.

This post brought to you by Amazon reviews. On the plus side, I finally found out where one of the songs on my zillion burned, unlabelled, sans track names or any kind of identifying information, Simon & Garfunkel songs is from (It's Wonderful World - not the song you're thinking of - on one of Artie's solo albums *but* it does feature Paul, which was why I was so confused - it sounds like an S&G song) AND figured out that one of them is Gone At Last which I have been jonesing on lately - I'll call that a win.

For the record: I would probably pay money to get my hands on Cuba Si, Nixon No and non-DRM protected versions of any of the Tom & Jerry songs. Anyone want to bribe me? that would totally be how. Especially Cuba Si, Nixon No which AFAIK is not legally available ANYWHERE. The Tom & Jerry stuff I could possibly get with some effort.
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Some requests!

Has anyone got either Steve Perry's "Running Alone" (the song from that scene in High Wizardry? Yeah, um, I'm thinking of finally making that Nita/Kit fanmix, and I figure I kinda should put it in there, although, seriously, reading the lyrics? Not a happy song.) or the Malcolm in the Middle theme, it's by They Might Be Giants but I'm not sure what it's called, possibly "You're Not The Boss of Me."

Also, any tips for beating security? I have a copy of the original, full version of "Hey, Schoolgirl" by Tom & Jerry that I can't play in itunes and it has some crazy copy protection which means I can't convert it and it's majorly pissing me off.

Um, thanks in advance, anyone. :D
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Hey, so, instant opinion required: I'm making a mix cd for my little sister who just turned fourteen. The title of the mix is "Everybody Has To Have A Fourteenth Birthday" and so far it features such highlights as Ani Difranco "Untouchable Face" (fuck you, for existing in the first place/and who am I, that I should be vying for your touch?), Garbage's "Bad Boyfriend" (self-explanatory!) Rilo Kiley "A Better Son/Daughter" (and sometimes when you're on you're really fucking on / and your friends sing along and they love you / but the lows are so extreme that the good seems fucking cheap) Rob Zombie "Living Dead Girl" and, well, you get the picture. (There are also a whole bunch of songs that don't say fuck! I swear. KT Tunstall and Corinne Bailey Ray! Seriously.) I did resist putting on Poe "Not a Virgin" because, um, I do have some standards as to what I'm going to give to my little sister, right.

So my question is: I'm looking at the Dresden Dolls and I'm torn between "Bad Habit" and "Sing." I would go with "Sing", which I prefer, except "Bad Habit" is so much a 14yo song. But tell me, is it wrong to give your little sister a mix cd with a song about cutting on it? :-/ I JUST DON'T KNOW.
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variation on a theme by lucid 3

hips and hibiscus,
lips dip in ship-kisses, in
denim jeans the girl,
the queen of the green screen scene
steps out in shit-kickers,
steals music and melody, sings. sits. sings.

drinks, thinks, winks, slinks down the
piano keys, silently,
ascending the beat,
the street, the sheet
music, sweet.

frequencies, she sees,
sleeps sweeps keeps returning,
ascending, descending,
leaving, suspending,
returning tension suspension

major and minority.
hot and cold running melody, ivory
fingering, lingering
. the girl and the morning.

I have never written anything like this! It was really fun, but I only love the first stanza (which does kick butt IMO. :P)

And here, have a totally awesome song for New Zealand Music Month: Lucid 3 - Rock'n'Roll Thieves>
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I've always wanted to make a fanmix, but they seemed so... overdone in most fandoms. So I have the distinguished pleasure of making what I think is the first fanmix ever in the fandom of my heart: "I'll Burn You Down," a Dairine Callahan fanmix. Warning for emo girlpop.

The first time I read High Wizardry, the book in which she's introduced, I really didn't like Dairine that much. But I came to realise the error of my ways - and in apology, present a fanmix for the much-loved Dairine Callahan.

covers, tracklisting and uploads right this way )
As ever, let me know if a link you want runs out. x-posted to [ profile] fanmix.
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- term finished thank ye gods and little fishes! One exam on the 31st and one essay due friday and I am DONE for the year.

- I played in [ profile] win_non_con and had an AWESOME time. Participated in the scavenger hunt, which was probably the most fun I have ever had on the internet (my team was [ profile] wenchpixie, [ profile] onlymefeelinsad, [ profile] usagiko, [ profile] la_folle_allure and me, and we didn't sleep much and chatted a LOT and it was just generally great fun for five classy ladies in five different countries and timezones); our entry is here. It is funny and you should check it out, along with the other entries which are also hilarious.

- Hell Pizza opened in Riccarton! FINALLY, jeeze.

- my picks for the NZ music awards )

- I found out that web-based tetris exists. Um, goodbye, my chances of studying...

- A propos a discussion I had last night, AC/DC "Shook Me All Night Long" is totally a Dean/Metallicar song, mm-hmm.

- Also, it got really cold. Holy crap, hail!

ETA: now with a couple song downloads. Also, if anyone has any of the ones mentioned, particularly Bathe in the River, swap me?
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Stuff which I am digging right now:

- Lucid 3 - Rock & Roll Thieves

- Fly My Pretties: Live At Bats (Bag of Money - Singing in my Soul - Fly My Pretties)

- Beautiful Collision (Get Some Sleep - The Be All and End All)

- Prehistoric Park, crazy British mockumentary about a zoologist who travels back in time to capture animals on the brink of extinction and return with them to a modern zoo. The best bit about it is the way it takes itself totally seriously, so they have trouble finding good grounds for the ornithomimus, the woolly mammoth won't eat, and so forth. Absolutely hilarious. Sundays at 7:30.

- Thomas Hardy and Tess of the d'Urbervilles. The dude is so damn atheist and he can't shut up about it, it's adorable.

- Spring in Christchurch. The daffodils are blooming, cherry and peach trees are blossoming, there are actual ducklings on my actual campus and two days ago I was lying on a lawn reading the aforementioned Tess and being very still and Mama Duck and three little ducklings came up to me and actually walked on me. They tried to eat my fingers. I am so not kidding. I nearly died of the cute.

- Vogels wheat-free bread. I don't know if I mentioned, but I went onto a wheat-free diet a month or two ago (by choice, not allergies, and I have been generally feeling better since) and man do I miss bread. And pasta. And pizza (okay, I've cheated on that one.) And oreos. And cake that I don't have to make myself with fake flour that cost fifty bucks to the ounce (okay, *slight* exaggeration). But mostly? Bread. I don't even like vogels bread as a rule but I swear to god I have never enjoyed marmite on toast as much as this, including the times when I'm sick and it's the only thing I can keep down. It's the best thing since sliced bread, except it doesn't actually come sliced.

- the keywords for this icon. (Um, Runaways spoilers.)

- spoilers for Supernatural S2. I'm not actively looking for them, but I'm unfussed about stumbling across them (with the very specific exceptions of not wanting to know anything at all about 2x01.) The ones I have come across I've found generally pleasing, which puts me in the minority, but hey, y'all just don't know hot when you see it. *is shallow*

stuff I am not digging now; TMI )
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I have Tuesdays off, and today was this absolutely gorgeous clear still day and it was so warm, the kind of spring day that you never get in Wellington. I opened all my curtains and windows and lay on my bed getting hotter and hotter and reading The Hunting of the Snark, and it was great.

I also fixed up Frankenmix 5.0: Skylights and Sugarpanes. Fair warning: I've been listening to music from Supernatural a LOT lately, and this mix is pretty much a direct reaction to that, by which I mean "as far away from that as I could get." Um, I quite like it anyway! Also, quite a lot of NZ stuff on here, for a change.

tracklisting and uploads, clicky clicky )

Bonus tracks, to alleviate the sheer candy-cane sweetness of the above: Ry Cooder – Willie Brown Blues (Crossroads OST) (Um, not the Britney one, the one about blues guitarists.) & Us3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia), which are blues and jazz and totally, totally awesome.

Also! For your entertainment, the fucking funniest thing I ever read in academia. (Necessary context: Carroll said of this poem that it was "stuff and nonsense." He did add that "words mean more than we mean to express when we use them", creating an opening for people who want to explore this poem at all: but, seriously, I think that this is maybe taking it a tad too far, and I hope it's tongue-in-cheek. Also, all the characters in the Snark begin with B; the Bellman, the Butcher, the Boojum, the Bandersnatch, etc. Finally, these paragraphs are preceded by an unnecessarily complicated reading of the Snark as the embodiment of nothingness and existential uncertainties.)

           We are poised now on the brink of discovering
        the unsuspected meaning that Carroll's poem
        acquired in 1942 when Enrico Fermi and his
        associates (working, appropriately, in a former
        squash court) obtained the first sustained
        nuclear chain reaction.
           Consider for a moment that remarkable four-letter
        word bomb. It begins and ends with b.
        The second b is silent; the final silence. B
        for birth, non-b for Nothing. Between the two
        b's (to be or not to be) is Om, Hindu symbol
        for the nature of Brahman, the Absolute, the
        god behind the lesser gods whose tasks are to
        create, preserve, and destroy all that is.
-- Marten Gardner, The Annotated Snark: Introduction.

The rest of the introduction (and the notes to text) are woefully dated but interesting. But I mean.
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Aaaaand it's been awhile since I did the lyric meme, and I'm booooored. So! You know the drill, 20 songs, random select, favourite lyrics, I post 'em, you guess artist & title.

1. I'm asking you please no!
It isn't right, it isn't fair,
there was no parking anywhere!
The Parking Ticket/No Parking - OMWF
[ profile] sennical promptly followed by a good half dozen others including the information that Marti Noxon sings this, which I never knew!

2. Now when the radical priest come to get me released
We was all on the cover of Newsweek.
Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard - Paul Simon
[ profile] manic_subbie

3. And if I seem awful distrusting I am
You said you wouldn't do it again,
You said we wouldn't do it again.
Time that you go,
Time for you to see,
You're not helping yourself by hurting me.
Better - Brooke Fraser
[ profile] shoeless_girl

4. Laughing on the bus
Playing games with the faces
She said the man in the gaberdine suit was a spy;
I said, be careful, his bowtie is really a camera.
America - Simon & Garfunkel
Simon & Garfunkel

5. No man could understand,
My power is in my own hands
Ooh- people talk about you,
People say you've had your day.
Princes of the Universe - Queen
[ profile] botrytis

6. Dreamin' awhile, schemin' awhile,
you're sure to find happiness,
and I guess, all of those things
you've always pined for.
I Can't Give You Anything by Love - The NZ Secondary Schools' Choir
-- Catherine D, who saw this and actually texted me in her glee; congrats, Cat. :P

7. Love ends in a fire,
Fire through the streets,
Set them alight.
Say After Me - Bic Runga
[ profile] chattycheese

8. Nothing worth having comes without some kind of fight,
Gotta kick at the darkness til it bleeds daylight.
Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies
[ profile] nenfea

9. Baby's good to me,
You know she's happy as can be,
You know she said so.
I Feel Fine - The Beatles
[ profile] nenfea

10. Snakes in the grass beneath our feet,
Rain in the clouds above,
Some moments last forever,
and some flare out in love.

11. And as for me, as for me
I made my mind up back in Chelsea,
When I go I'm going like Elsie!
Cabaret - Liza Minelli (Cabaret OST)
[ profile] keymash

12. So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is what I really mean
Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen.
Your Song - Ewan McGregor et al (Moulin Rouge OST)
[ profile] keymash

13. And sappy songs about sex and cheating
Bland accounts of two lovers meeting
Make me want to give mankind a beating.
And you might say it's self-destructive,
But you see I'd kick the bucket
Fifty times before I'd kick the habit.
Bad Habit - The Dresden Dolls
[ profile] manic_subbie

14. To be together in this air we breathe,
You say forever, but I know you've gotta go
What is it you are, are you a dream?

15. And though you say that it's OK with you
Although today has run away from you
I won't believe you tonight.

16. But now she might leave
Like she's threatened before
Grab hold of her fast
Before her feet leave the floor
And she's out the door
'cause you want
to keep her in your pocket
You've Got Her In Your Pocket - The White Stripes
[ profile] manic_subbie

17. Her whole world's come undone
From looking straight into the sun.
Janie's Got A Gun - Aerosmith
[ profile] keymash

18. Blood loss in a bathroom stall
Southern girl with a scarlet drawl
Wave good-bye to ma and pa
Scar Tissue - RHCP
[ profile] chattycheese

19. Things ain't cooking in my kitchen,
Strange affliction wash over me.
Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire
Couldn't conquer the blue sky.
Weather With You - Crowded House
[ profile] manic_subbie

20. With the lights on, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us.
Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana
[ profile] keymash

Every time I do this meme I remember just how much Simon & Garfunkel I have on here (about one and a half gigs, which is not insignificant on a 40G harddrive.) I, um, cheat with this meme, and only put on the first two S&G songs. :P Otherwise it would be about half them - I don't know why, as I do have another 15 or so gigs of, you know, different artists. Just one of those things, I guess.


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