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hi friend! I'm excited to do this exchange and I hope you are too. I also hope my sign-up didn't seem intimidatingly crammed or overly sparse - I had some trouble figuring out how much information would be needed in hand-matching and just kind of guessed. I want you to have a great exchange experience, so if you feel you need to go in a different direction to my suggestions I am happy for you to do so. Especially if there's anything you think is obnoxious or inimical to your preferred characterisation, just chuck it. I will be happy for anything in my pairings!

letter below )
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Wow, I forgot to do a reveals post for Yuletide! Gosh. I received a wonderful Mansfield Park story that was a Northanger Abbey fusion - WHICH I KNOW SOUNDS CRAZY BUT OMG, it's terrific. Brilliant pastiche. I adored it.

Virtue & Virtuosity (22143 words) by Firerose
Chapters: 6/6
Fandom: Mansfield Park - Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Mary Crawford, Fanny Price, Henry Crawford, Isabella Thorpe, James Rushworth, Mrs. Rushworth (Sr)
Additional Tags: Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Pastiche, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, No Northanger Abbey knowledge assumed, Female-Centric

'Fanny was the mute earth to Mary's leaping fire, the gnarled oak to her fluttering songbird, the mirror-bright millpond to her restless waves. If one could somehow, with propriety, squeeze both ladies into a single body, the resultant heroine would be beyond anything shewn by Mrs. Radcliffe! She might paddle down the Amazon, contest a knotty theological point with the Pope, battle venomous water snakes with a hat pin and a bottle of hartshorn, and sink into a dead faint at the villain’s merest glance, as if he were some species of basilisk!' Or, Mansfield Park meets Northanger Abbey

I also got a terrific story in Hockey Holidays! It's Saad/Leddy bodyswap/soulmates and I loved the worldbuilding.

Who Knows What We Are In The Morning? (All I Know Is I Want You) (21156 words) by Firalla11
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Nick Leddy/Brandon Saad
Characters: Nick Leddy, Brandon Saad, Andrew Shaw, Johnny Boychuk, Nick Foligno, Scott Hartnell, Columbus Blue Jackets Ensemble, New York Islanders Ensemble
Additional Tags: Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Islanders, Bodyswap, Soulmates, Telepathic Bond, Slow Burn, Friends to Lovers

Nick wakes up to an aching mouth and sunlight shining bright behind his eyelids. One is expected. The other is not.

Or, some people have switch-partners - someone they switch bodies with when they're far apart. Nick's is Brandon. They work it out.

I also wrote stuff for these exchanges! For Yuletide, I wrote a Northanger Abbey post-canon story:

The Newlyweds, Or, Catherine Tilney Thinks Again (6270 words) by labellementeuse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Catherine Morland/Henry Tilney, OFC/OMC
Characters: Catherine Morland, Henry Tilney, Original Characters
Additional Tags: Cosy crime, Humour, curtainfic, there are literal curtains

Catherine really must stop reading horrid novels.

and for Hockey Holidays I wrote a Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn story, a close-canon Greek gods/Hercules' labours AU.

as journey'd Heracles, and onward (13159 words) by labellementeuse
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF, Dallas Stars RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin
Characters: Tyler Seguin, Jamie Benn, Αθήνα | Athena (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
Additional Tags: Dallas Stars, mythology in a modern context, Alternate Universe - Greek Mythology, redemption arc

Tyler doesn't want to fuck up his new team, but freaking Athena keeps messing with him.

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For those who are interested I just did a spam at knittingpix with some of the things I'm working on lately. A lot of what I'm doing at the moment is knitting (when I'm not tweeting, fishbowling the Hockey RPF tag on the AO3 and wringing my hands over the NHL lockout) - taking advantage of the cold knitting-friendly weather while I can, I guess, and it's been fun. Overall this year I've knit a lot - finished one jumper, knit a whole cardi, made a solid start on a dress ... of course I still owe Liz her cardigan (I'm about a third of the way through) and Claire her socks (I picked the pattern last week? but um, she probably won't need them in summer?) but ssssssh. I'm doing a lot of successful stashbusting and on the weekend I moved all of my yarn from a couple of bookshelves to some storage under my bed.

I desperately needed the bookshelf space after turning up about 30-40 books during my epic room-clean, which turned into a house-clean. A lot of navel-gazing about cleaning under here )

That's enough navel-gazing about my housekeeping. I was going to post about how my boss told me my necklines were offensive last week but I should probably leave that for a locked post. Instead, a qualified rec: my favourite thing about this Teen Wolf AU where Derek is a single dad and Stiles is a kindergarten teacher is that Scott is probably the most in-character character in the whole piece. Scott is 5 in this fic. (I enjoyed it, but more as an original romance with like a mild wolfy flavour than as Teen Wolf fic. I personally don't have a problem with that since a lot of canonical Teen Wolf fic is absolutely freakadelic in terms of its weirdo social power dynamics which I hate in 9/10 fics. It's an okay stopgap fandom though.) Here's a less qualified rec: I absolutely loved Buoyancy (also at LJ) by [ profile] ethrosdemon, which is a really really great fic about Danny. If you've been crying out for fic that is actually about Danny and not Jackson's issues or Derek's arms, this could be the fic for you!

In other news if some good long hockey RPF doesn't get posted at the AO3 during the lockout I might, like, cry or something, god.
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1. [personal profile] aworldinside and anyone else who might be on the way to having Kaner feelings might enjoy tied if we stay, which includes a PRETEND RELATIONSHIP aka one of my favourite tropes of ALL TIME. I also really enjoyed Your Moves and Your Grooves, which is about people who, honestly, I don't know who they are, so if you ever wanted to read a kind of delightful romance novel about guys who are stripping to fund their way through college, this one's for you! And me. (I never *knew* I wanted to read that romance novel, but it was great.)

2. Thank you so much for all the supportive comments and advice on my last post. <3 I am applying for other work and trying to do a good job without letting myself get involved in the bullshit.

3. Today I bought the irresistibly-titled "Penguin Book of Homosexual Verse". Who could walk past that in a bookshop? Not me. I am also going to try to finish a book sometime soon - any book will do, but I'd like it to be Blackout by Mira Grant because I'm part-way through it or Middlemarch by George Eliot because I have a lovely copy of it that I paid an exorbitant sum for from Arty Bees or The Stranger's Child by Alan Hollinghurst because I borrowed it from a friend. It will be like the third non-re-read of the year which is probably a product both of a new fandom, lots of knitting, and my general malaise this year.

4. I hit a horrible set-back in my knitting the other day when it turned out my gauge was off and the jumper I was knitting for my friend Liz was going to turn out raaaaaather too large. It really killed my momentum and I think I'm going to have to knit myself a Honey Cowl in the lovely wool my mum spun for me to get over it. At one point I thought I might make it double-sided like this one, with the other side in black - the wool Mum spun for me is like a silvery purple - but then, IDK, maybe I should just value the precious homespun. The long and the short of it is I'm paralysed by my knitting and it sucks. However, I did finish up the lace blanket I started in some kind of obsessive I-need-a-square-lace-blanket-stat mood last month (pictures">) so I really need to get a move on. I'm also planning future projects like, hopefully, another jumper for me. (Probably for next winter, if I'm honest with myself.)
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The triumph of hope over experience: clicking on an AO3 notification thinking it'll finally be the WIP update instead of another adorable but ultimately unsatisfying 1000-word piece of fluff.

Here are some other thoughts I had browsing the AO3 today that I couldn't share with twitter:
- Eating out and chewing out are not the same thing. It is highly recommended that you do not confuse the two in your writing.
- Why will I read anything tagged kidfic? Why would I make that terrible life choice?
- I don't care what you say, babies do not recognisably look like adult humans. That's just you projecting.
- It's not okay to bring your kid to work and ask a coworker to take care of them all day. Also, your other coworker's wife is not a babysitting service. Why would anyone ever think that's okay? I'm so confused.
- God, I hate it when people in an RPS fandom criticise other people's characterisation. THEY'RE NOT ACTUALLY GAY EITHER, EVERYONE IS JUST MAKING THIS BULLSHIT UP, SO SHUT UP AND STOP RUINING EVERYONE ELSE'S FUN.

Is that last bullet point totally hypocritical and inconsistent with the first bunch? YEP. But hey, I just got real drunk with some coworkers so I don't care anymore. also omg burritos are delicious.
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1. Today in horrifyingly on the nose song choices for hockey RPF vids-in-my-head: The Hold Steady, Boys & Girls in America.

That's just depressing to be honest. Moving on.

2. I watched a couple of trailers yesterday. They were both for dystopias, which apparently is a thing now. Dystopias are not my favourite, but if you're going to have one I want it to have a rural countrified focus, so.

This is Beasts of the Southern Wild, a movie trailer which just looks really really good.

Okay so this is the new JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke show. Yeah, I just said JJ Abrams/Eric Kripke show, and millions of fangirls just screamed and went reflexively for knives. Also, it's almost a direct ripoff of the premise of S M Stirling's Emberverse, i.e. "one day technology stops working for mysterious faffy reasons and physics is broken". Only the storyline looks to have 100% fewer Wiccans and lesbians, which is a real shame. Possibly less mediaeval military tactics though, and uh, there's going to be archery and swordfighting, and also a female lead, and also it's going to be about family, and yes. Yes, I will definitely be watching it, although I am going to try the [personal profile] china_shop-patented don't-trust-JJ method of remaining emotionally uninvolved.

I was going to do some fic recs but everyone I know in hockey fandom I'm pretty sure stalks the tags like me, so no point really. The devil one that was sort of an SPN fusion was really pretty great even though I usually hate that kind of thing - depressing starcrossed-by-species shit. Angels, demons, whatever. I don't have a problem with vampires and werewolves; I don't know if that's because humans can always become vampires or werewolves, but I think the real issue is that angels and demons (particularly evil-by-nature or pure-by-nature) types are just so distant from humanity in needs, desires, motivations. Vampires might live for ages but their desires are pretty simple and not so different from humanity's. Demons? Yeah, not so much.
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1. Vid rec: In the Bullpen, by [personal profile] genusshrike. The Avengers, Black Widow-centric. -- this is a really FABULOUS Natasha vid. &NATASHA;;;;; ilher so much and SO DOES THIS VID - brilliant song choice - and there is also the elegant beauty of it being a vid finished and posted before the movie even came out in the US. Don't you find that satisfying? I find that satisfying.

2. I made a bunch of icons. Mostly hockey icons and a few Fringe icons. The hockey ones are all Blackhawks core or Corey, basically because those are the people of whom the Blackhawks media people take pretty photos.

1. 2. 3.

about 45 icons )

Uh, I don't know if there are communities or whatever where these should go? Probably not. Usual rules of engagement apply: want, take, have, credit is nice but not necessary, comments wildly adored.
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Awesome weekend full of fangirls and hockey and movies (and also relatives due to a couple of ill-timed birthdays. Why were you born 60 years ago this week, uncle? Poor decision-making, very poor).

- I had a [personal profile] shihadchick! A rare privilege and delight. :D

- Got to admire [personal profile] hazel and [personal profile] tamarillow's adorable new house! And the storied Pile of Hedge!

- Ate [personal profile] mermaid's amazing brownie!

- Had FEELINGS ABOUT HOCKEY with the abovenamed and [personal profile] aworldinside! Oh, so many feelings about hockey, like boo, Yotes, and yay, Rangers, and YAY, KINGS! I also made C play me an old Blackhawks/Preds game from 2010 which was, uh, it was SUPER FUN to see the Hawks be awesome. *bandwagon fan* [personal profile] aworldinside seemed pretty intensely amused by my fledgling sportsfannishness.

- Somewhere in there I watched half a rugby match (Hurricanes/Chiefs) and it was really interesting in a navel-gazing kind of way )

- Caring about sports was affecting my self-image strangely, so luckily there was also fangirl dessert in there with the abovenamed and [personal profile] china_shop and [personal profile] arysteia and also, I am pretty sure, some other people whose LJs I haven't necessarily connected with their faces? But who are really super delightful humans. A pretty enjoyable conversation about hurt/comfort and celebrity heights ensued. (SUPER SAD I missed the Avengers squee though.)

- I'm gonna go read porn and do the dishes now. Blissfully great weekend. &FANGIRLS;
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Something for the last week of poetry month: "The Most Beautiful Love Poem of All Time" by Hera Lindsay Bird is really something. She also has a name of which I am truly envious. (Hera Bird. Come on.) I must disclaim at this juncture that Hera is a v good friend of my flattie and I've met her a few times and like her a lot but this poem is really fucking great anyway. You might also like "The Memory of Light".

Also, I got a meme from [personal profile] aworldinside which went something like:

1. Comment here to get a letter from me.
2. Post at least 5 songs beginning with that letter.
3. Give other people letters! It's the circle of music memes.

She gave me S and, uh, I picked 21 songs:

sort of themed )

Zip of the lot here.

Now I'm going to go back to my horrendous google spiral trying to figure out how good Jonathan Toews' French is. Since my French is a) actually French, lolQuebec and b) no longer good enough to do anything except occasionally read a news article, I have to rely on youtube comments and horrifying message boards. (Why do I want to know this? I don't know. I don't understand enough French to get anything interesting out of his French interviews, frankly Quebecois just sounds weird ... whatever. Amusingly enough reports range from "He speaks very good if not perfect Quebecois" to "he's okay but he has a weird accent" to "actually I think he has a French accent when he speaks English" [I think he's just super Canadian FWIW]. Why does this entertain me to know? IDEK.)
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1. In the new fandom taking over my brain at a speed approaching c stakes, I'm doing that thing where every time I hit shuffle I get another song that makes me think about hockey RPF and laugh hysterically. e.g. two for Kaner:
- "Shuffle off to Buffalo" (42nd St OST) which you really just have to youtube because lolololololol.
- "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" by the Mint Chicks. for obvious reasons IMO.

I have a compulsion to mentally vid fandoms in completely inappropriate music, so e.g. all my Supernatural music perfectly meets the definition of chick flick music. It makes life more amusing as I walk down the street, anyway.

2. Avengers tomorrow! YAY. (Technically the day after tomorrow, but [personal profile] genusshrike and her mum and sister and [personal profile] aworldinside and I are going to the midnight screening, whoop whoop!)

3. I think I may have to drop out of my te reo class. This really sucks because I wanted badly to keep it up, but it's 6-9 Tuesday and Wednesday nights and it's really putting a crimp in my brainpower. Plus, I am resenting it because I would rather be at social dancing night on Tuesdays. On the other hand, if I can just get through this year I know I'll learn a lot and I'll be done with the three-year certificate, and I think it's really good to have on your CV when applying for jobs in Wellington (which I am doing, I don't know if I've mentioned that here). On the other other hand (mutant!), I'm really tired a lot at the moment, and I'm sick of weekends like the last one where I can't even shift myself to do any washing or go to the market or wash my hair or do anything other than sleep, eat, and watch television. On the other other other hand, I don't know that dropping Māori is really going to improve my ability to do that. Advices?

4. I am so close to finishing my jersey I can just about TASTE it. I am going to snuggle in with Fringe tonight and get it done so I can block it and maybe wear it this weekend!

5. This is a reminder to myself to at some stage post my Non-Anonymous Thoughts About Anonymous Memes. It will be a post without numbers and bullet points! Which I was going to say I hadn't done for awhile but actually I did a couple back in March, you lucky things, you.
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1. Check out these amazing Star Wars shooting pics. Third to last, 106, 99, every single picture with Carrie Fisher in it ...

2. Brandon Bollig giving Andrew Shaw a piggyback ride. And this one's for [personal profile] aworldinside who sent me an email saying "Patrick Kane has a nice smile sometimes": Yeah, he does, although I think actually Corey Crawford's is better.

3. I think it's absolutely amazing the amount of technology and information infrastructure that exists around professional sports in the US. Yesterday I downloaded the NHL's official app and I could listen to radio of any of the playoff games while simultaneously getting updates on all the rest. It told me what times the games were on in local time without even asking me my timezone (I suppose this is more general "wow technology", but). This afternoon I streamed a game less-than-legally and within something like half an hour I could watch video highlights, flick through a gallery of photos from that match, see interviews with the coach and some of the players, read all of this stat information, read game recaps, etc etc etc. It's just so speedy. Terribly, punnily titled recaps are up within - I haven't timed it but it's like five minutes of the game finishing. It's all very impressive (to me). -- I mean compare it to a TV show; if I want to get a recap of Grey's Anatomy I can get a weecap at TWOP within, what, 24 hours? and a full-length recap a week later. Screencaps? No organised way to get screencaps, wait for someone to do it somewhere, scour the internet. What was that song? When does that shit go on hearditontv? Wikipedia update? pfft. IT'S JUST ALL VERY SOMETHING.

4. My toes are cold. That's not real interesting or fannish but I wanted to share.

5. It's Fandom Appreciation Week! I'm running late but here are my three-recs-by-strangers for the week (I took "haven't read to before" to mean "before the last 24–48 hours", natch).

How Much You Mean It, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, Dana/Calvin, by [personal profile] scripted_sra
This is just really fun! One of my favourite media sources last year was Sports Night which I got from ... uh, someone (Dewey, Provider of All that is Good?) ... at g/t. I read a whole lot of fic and noodled over the way older fandoms do really have a distinctive style, so it was interesting from that perspective to read fic written for an older fandom, but from a more modern angle. (This is an Everyone Knows They're Dating fic.)

Five Things Everyone Really Didn't Need To Know about Kaner and Tazer's Sex Live, Thanks, by [ profile] grim_lupine, Hockey RPF, Kaner/Tazer, background Duncs/Seabs (ofc)
What it says on the tin and surprisingly hot considering voyeurism is a turnoff for me. I love this stupid pairing, argh.

Steph/Jason art by [ profile] malla13
Uh ... my fannish pursuits are not very adventurous rn so I just cruised tumblr tags until I found some art I liked, but this is really neat. And pretty hot.

6. I love the new LJ spoiler cuts the way they work in comments, so you can click and have them expand inline. However, I dislike the way now, if you click into someone's entry, the cut doesn't autoexpand and you have to click it and reload the whole page. (If it was click-to-expand inline this would be great because you could expand and hide cuts according to what you'd seen/what you were interested in, but I lost a comment this evening because I clicked on a cut when I was already in a post and it reloaded the page. Boo.)

7. I need some hockey RPF icons. Are there icon posts somewhere or do I need to suck it up and DIY? Also is there a newsletter comm?

8. I was going to do a thoughts-on-anon-memes post but I'm tired so it's not going to happen, but if anyone's interested remind me at a future date.
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Blissful long weekend in which I actually, for once, managed to adequately balance the amount of sleep I wanted with the amount of social time I wanted to have and the amount of responsible stuff I needed to do:

- Changed sheets on my bed (to deliciously warm flannel sheet set, bliss; it's like a big warm cuddle)
- Watched some Blackhawks hockey and 24/7 (the Flyers/Rangers edition) with [personal profile] aworldinside (I ended up rooting for the Flyers, she ended up rooting for the Rangers). K mocked my feelings a lot, also we ate hot cross buns and really excellent biscuits
- Washed some clothes!
- Cleaned bits of the house, [personal profile] genusshrike cleaned some other bits, between us the house is pretty much all good. Hygiene!
- Fed some people lunch on Saturday, with a leek and potato pie and a really excellent feta/walnut/orzo/beetroot salad of [personal profile] genusshrike's that I'm going to make again really soon because it was freaking delicious
- Watched some very late Farscape; it turns out I've pretty much erased most of S4 from my memory, because we watched all of We're So Screwed and I had barely any idea what was going on at any point. Gotta do a rewatch at some point.
- While Farscaping, FINISHED THE FIRST SLEEVE ON THIS JUMPER!!!!!!!!!!! I have been stuck on this project FOREVER because I stupidly made a million modifications and lost the notebook I did all my calculations in. But on Saturday night I decided, fuck it, I'm just going to make a sleeve up so I did and other than a sticky bit at the bottom which I think I'm going to rip back and reknit, it worked out okay! I picked up and knitted about an inch on sleeve #2 and it's going okay, so I've set myself a challenge to wear this sweater this winter and to be honest, I can't wait!
- Went out to the Wellington Young Feminists' Collective first birthday party which was awesome - some excellent, excellent dancing, first to Sophie & the Realistic Expectations (AWESOME cover band, brilliant vocals, awesome sax/horn, veeery cute bassist) and then Lisa Tomlins (also amazing covers, incredible vocals & guitar) - they both had an incredible energy. They were followed by Disasterradio who plays like original electronica - it was fun to dance to for awhile but, tbh, just way too loud for me and I wasn't convinced that I was getting anything extra out of it being live. Still an awesome gig though.
- Brunch for [profile] aimeesworld's birthday at Plum today - deeeelightful, and although I probably ordered too much food and the service was a) slow b) not what I would describe as competent, it was nevertheless super delicious (I got the Plumster with avocado, hold the mushrooms - poached eggs on sourdough, hollandaise, bacon, sausages, hash browns, grilled tomato - it was totally, unbelievably delicious).
- Aaaand wrote my application for a six-month contract job that's come up. I don't know if I want to get it or not - not really sure about six-month job security, to be honest, although it would be a good way to leave my current job and still be able to go back to study next year - but work continues to be frightful )

I also managed dinner with my family (and poor old [personal profile] genusshrike) and, for a change, plenty of sleep. (Too much on Sunday, when I slept right through the alarm that was supposed to get me up for the last Blackhawks game of the regular season :( but still, never look gift sleep in the mouth.)

Dance class tonight, and then an early night for me, I think. Oh, and this week's Fringe.


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