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Via [personal profile] china_shop. Just cos I finally have more than, like, 5 stories on the AO3 ...

Account Created: 18/11/2009
Link to AO3: [ profile] labellementeuse

Total Works: 16
Total Wordcount: 70,552
Average Wordcount: 4409.5
Longest Story: Camaraderie and sense of belonging
Shortest Story: Momentum? I hardly know him

Total Kudos: 1786
Average Kudos: 111
Story With the Most Kudos: Camaraderie and sense of belonging with 348

Total Comment Threads: 165
Average Comment Threads: 10
Story With the Most Comment Threads: Second Time Lucky (22)

Total Author Subscriptions: 21???
Total Story Subscriptions: 8 (I have never posted a work on the AO3 that was unfinished so ??? why???
Story With the Most Subscriptions: and remember who I am

Total Bookmarks: 363
Story With the Most Bookmarks: Camaraderie and sense of belonging
Stories With No Comments or Kudos: All of my earliest stories on the AO3 are Yuletide stories (in fact, 10 of the stories on there are Yuletide stories and 2 of the others are for other exchanges) so everything has at least one comment ported over from the old archive.

What I find really noticeable about this is what a difference it makes writing in a juggernaut pairing. My Benn/Seguin story has more hits than anything I've ever written and it's only been up since May (it's also very long, and I think it's quite good). The Yuletide comment culture is also notable. My Howl's Moving Castle story from last year is the only story giving Camaraderie and a sense of belonging a run for its hit-count money, and it's leading in comments. Similarly, my 392-hit Swallows and Amazons story, Dispatches, is beating, comments-wise, seven different stories with at least twice the number of hits and kudos.
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So after reading this tumblr post by Diane Duane, which really, I mean, it really just gives me a headache, but the gist is: someone on tumblr posted about Nita/Kit/Ronan during A Wizard of Mars and DD was like "lol, ask them in ten years."

ADFGEHJKL:SD I CANNOT COPE ARGH. on the one hand filled with joy and hilarity on the other hand god, stop crossing the streams, I beg of you! also stop liking my posts on tumblr because I legitimately cannot deal with it at all.

ANYWAY IN CELEBRATION AND VAGUE RAGE AND IF YOU'RE GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS DD THEN I'M GONNA WRITE IT, I went through my WIP folder and found no less than three N/K/R WsIP because I really have been into that threesome since before it was famous. I would really like to finish at least one of them but I am absolutely paralysed by indecision and so I thought I might post the beginnings here and you guys could, like, talk to me about them and maybe I can see which one is everyone's favourite and finish that. Yeah.

It might help to have my Nita/Kit headcanon first for context, but I don't know that it really matters: because they get together so young they go through a period of angst at around 18/19 where they're like "we're too vanilla! and I'm keeping you from having exciting and awful early sexual experiences!" and to resolve it instead of breaking up like dummies they decide to start having sex (together) with other people. Not like, ALL the time, but ... really pretty often. Basically they're kinda slutty Sometimes people who don't know them very well tease them about being so cute and together since high school and they're just like "... uh-huh :P".

Okay first up. This one is from a document titled "tentacles.odt". Thanks, past self.
three times Nita and Kit had casual sex with somebody else, and one time they didn't )

AND THEN THEY DRINK A BOTTLE OF WINE AND HAVE SEX. Uh, it's not a very detailed outline. There were going to be a couple more parts to this and one of them was, per the document title, going to involve tentacles, so I think this was probably started during one of my ragey periods where I just want to write something to traumatise Diane Duane and the people who think Tom and Carl are just good friends. I think Nita/Kit and Ronan might have set up, like, a stable semi-permanent thing at the end where Ronan is still a free agent but they all have bonus emotions or something?

OKAY ONTO WIP TWO. This one doesn't even have a title and was possibly an even more gratuitous excuse for porn than the one called "three times Nita/Kit have casual sex with someone else."

yup. )

And then they have sex. That's really all there was to that.

OKAY THIS LAST ONE. This last one. I really want to make this one work but it may just be too ambitious for me. Basically the premise is that in the summer between high school and varsity Nita is really busy with some project and Kit's kind of at a loose end, and Ronan is out of Ireland for some reason possibly involving his family which I always thought seemed like they might be kind of sketch or neglectful or something (now, that is something I actually wouldn't mind having DD confirm). So Tom and Carl suggest that Kit and Ronan do, like, a roadtrip around the rural east coast in the Edsel which Kit finally got going. It's like a traditional trip to get a wizard out to some towns which might not have one, or might only have a few who need a bit of young power every now and then - basically a journeyman thing for the younger wizards, get some experience, learn some variety. (Probably not that useful for Kit, to be fair.)

first snippet of that )

Then ... SOME STUFF HAPPENS (including, according to my notes, a lot of flirting and a driving stick joke). They go to Canada to drink beer, and also they flirt a LOT and then end up having sex also a LOT, and THEN

third snippet )


So okay, my question to you people is: Would you read any of these if I finished it, which one, maybe I can write it at you in the comments or something? Yes? I really would like to but I think it might be one of those things where I need public humiliation to get shit done.
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spoilers for this week's Merlin )

I am doing really super well with , I'm really proud. A couple of days ago I wrote a little snip, about 800 words, of Nikita fic; it's one-sided Jaden/Alex and I wondered if anyone out there would beta it? I'm really trying to improve my willingness to be beta'd, so someone in the mood to take a short piece and rip it apart would be nice. Canon familiarity would be cool but I don't mind if you don't.

Anecdote: So Nikita is a pretty small fandom and there aren't many comms. I tried to post a friendly beta-request let's-get-to-know-each-other-and-share-Nikita-writing-tips post in the fic comm, and I got rejected, which! I mean, OK! I get that some fic comms only want posts with actual fic in it. But when you're in a teeny tiny fandom, to my mind the best thing to do is to encourage people who like fic to talk to each other, make friends, beta. When there are only five pieces of fic in your community, so it's clearly not high volume or spammy, and crucially none of those fic posts thank a beta, wouldn't you think it would be in your fandom's INTEREST to at least set up a beta matching/meet & greet post?! Argh. So anyway then I posted to the like main/noticeboard community because it was the only other option and got absolutely no nibbles, which, argh, frustrating! I might try again next month if I've written any more and pitch it in an even more friendly way, but sheesh.

The other stuff I've been learning from being a MiFu: Apparently the best way to get me to write is to convince me I have an obligation to write something. I won't be able to write that thing ... but I'll find it perfectly easy to write something else. So on Tuesday when I wanted to work on one of my YW WiPs I ended up writing Nikita fic, and yesterday when I wanted to write White Collar fic from [personal profile] china_shop's prompt for me I ended up writing YW; not one of my WiPs, admittedly, but the Nita/Joanne college!fic I've kind of always wanted to write. (Turns out the trick was writing from Joanne's POV, not Nita's.) This is a tricky proposition because we really don't have a lot of characterisation of Joanne other than that she's a bully, and I'm kind of hoping she's gotten over that by college; so it's basically writing a Nita/OFC story. So probably no-one will read it, but that's OK! I'm enjoying writing it. I managed 450 words yesterday which is actually really good for me, and then 1300 today, which is EPIC for me. (I used to struggle to make the 1000-word Yuletide minimum.) Who knows how long it will be? I'm hoping not too long so I keep my momentum.

Also today: I baked bread, learned a couple folk tunes, and applied for an overdraft. Very Lady Artist. By the way, I really appreciate everyone's words of support the other day; they came at just the right time.


Nov. 2nd, 2010 08:42 pm
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1. I haven't said anything of substance for months and months, although the word document in which I hang my "list of things to write about" has had the following topics entered and erased as they became irrelevant:
- Spirit Day/Purple Day
- The last episode I watched of any show other than So You Think You Can Dance, which is all my brain can handle at the moment, I don't want to talk about it
- [personal profile] bossymarmalade's post about Yoko Ono, which made me cry but I didn't delicious it and if I go and look for it right now THIS POST WILL NEVER GET POSTED JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHERS I STARTED BUT DIDN'T FINISH
- the folk festival (cliff notes: awesome)
- The Hobbit
- Feminism Today
- Stephen Fry

It's also had the following things erased because thinking about them enough to write about them makes me want to scream:
- My last few assignments (cliff notes: this year has been amazing/horrible, I pulled my third all-nighter of the year [only my fourth or fifth in my lifetime] on Sunday, I have been passing but not doing so great)
- How hard it's been to get out of bed lately
- trying to find a job
- trying to find a job
- trying to find a job
- the fact that today I re-wrote my CV to be appropriate for retail and customer service work again
- the fact that I'm considering re-writing it to be appropriate for admin work; what's the difference between admin and reception and can anyone explain to me what quals I need for admin work?
- a whole lot of inappropriate personal detail which I put down, got disgusted with myself, and deleted. But if anyone spontaneously thinks up something they like about me anytime, I could really use the support right now. I just tried to type :D at a friend and I typo'd it as D: three times before I got it right: that's the state of the me right now. Freudian fricking emoticon typos.

2. I'm doing [ profile] wrisomifu this month. My plan was to try to finish one of my multiple YW WiPs (I have one Dairine/Carmela Epic of Poor Characterisation and Not Great Plot, one Kit/Ronan Epic of Road Trips and Slashiness, and about a squillion bits and bobs that I've started & not finished) but I really really am not feeling either of them. Does anyone want to prompt me? I basically just want to get in shape before Yuletide sign-ups since I haven't written a word all year. Go crazy and prompt me for any fandom you know I'm in, but fair warning, I really suck at writing about men (I'm trying but it's not going well), so if you give me a non-YW slash prompt it'll be either unfilled or just really *crap*. (Also I only really write in YW so you know. No promises I just want some motivation, I guess.) (I am skimming the Bechdel unfilled prompts too.)

3. Speaking of Yuletide though, who's doing it? Who wants to set up a small gang of whiners-about-Yuletide, maybe just through getting all our emails together and sending out massive whines or emails or squees or whatevs? I know [ profile] sixth_light's doing it this year (YAY) and I assume [personal profile] sushiflop, right? I feel like there are more people. Roll up in the comments and let's talk! *chinhands*

3. Does anyone know if DW does the LJ thing where if you let a paid account expire but pick it back up again soonish, your icons come back?

4. I'm really really hungry. I think I'm going to try and find some food, come back and do some writing. How are you today?

Fic post!

Jul. 8th, 2006 12:42 am
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Title: Hoard the Horizon
Author: [ profile] labellementeuse
Pairing: unrequited Joanne/Nita
Rating: PG
Summary: So I watched the way you take your fear and hoard the horizon,
You point, you have a word for every woman you can lay your eyes on,
Like you own them just because you bought the time,
And you turn to me, you say you hope I’m not threatened

--Dar Williams, “As Cool As I Am”
Author’s Note: [ profile] senri wondered whatever happened to Joanne. This... totally does not address that in any way. Five drabbles set during and before SYWTBAW.

Read more... )
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The other thing I've been doing is working on two poetry collections for a writing competition. I know I won't win, because a) they never give prizes to poetry (it's open format, but the winner will be a short story or essay or script, not poetry. Poetry is too subjective) and b)I haven't got a quantity of stuff I think is really good that also fits together, so I've jammed some good stuff with some less good stuff (I'll admit it: I really like, and am proud of, some of the poems here. Some of them I hate.) Anyway, these are the two collections as I'm probably going to submit them; I'd really appreciate any criticism, including placement of poems and collection titles. Some of this is older material; some of it's new.

brief lives )

mabel forgets how to sing )
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Proper edited-up version of the Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell piece I wrote for my bookcase meme. Posting for, you know, tags and so forth.

Title: Spinster’s Epilogue
Author: [ profile] labellementeuse
Fandom: Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Rating: G
Summary: After the bother with Mr. Strange, Aunt Greysteel quite despaired of her Niece.
Author’s Note: Written under the auspices of a drabble challenge. I ended up picking the Misses Greysteel, just two of the many women who I loved in this book. Betalove to [ profile] deutscheami and thanks to [ profile] disturbed_kiwi

Read more... )
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Mmm, so, I'm on holiday for three weeks. And when I left I thought "right, so, I'm going to do tonnes of writing! Really!"

... yeah, I know, kiss of death. fanfiction and me, 2006 )

I'm also still looking for a beta for that Jonathon Strange and Mr Norrell tidbit... *flutters eyelashes* I'm a really grateful beta-ee, honest!

Was also going to talk about the new Doctor, but I can summarise it quickly: much enjoyed, will be there next week. :P


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