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A whole bunch of New Year memes from all over the place, lumped together. I kept all the questions I had a good answer for and ditched the ones I didn't.

I'm bored of being so negative about myself so this is REALLY INTERESTING STUFF GUYS )

I've also been enjoying the reflective end of year posts I've been seeing on my flist. I've gotten to the point of feeling pretty stupid about commenting on them further with nothing much to say except "I read this, Happy New Year!" but - I'm reading them and finding you all pretty inspirational. Happy New Year. <3
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For those who are interested I just did a spam at knittingpix with some of the things I'm working on lately. A lot of what I'm doing at the moment is knitting (when I'm not tweeting, fishbowling the Hockey RPF tag on the AO3 and wringing my hands over the NHL lockout) - taking advantage of the cold knitting-friendly weather while I can, I guess, and it's been fun. Overall this year I've knit a lot - finished one jumper, knit a whole cardi, made a solid start on a dress ... of course I still owe Liz her cardigan (I'm about a third of the way through) and Claire her socks (I picked the pattern last week? but um, she probably won't need them in summer?) but ssssssh. I'm doing a lot of successful stashbusting and on the weekend I moved all of my yarn from a couple of bookshelves to some storage under my bed.

I desperately needed the bookshelf space after turning up about 30-40 books during my epic room-clean, which turned into a house-clean. A lot of navel-gazing about cleaning under here )

That's enough navel-gazing about my housekeeping. I was going to post about how my boss told me my necklines were offensive last week but I should probably leave that for a locked post. Instead, a qualified rec: my favourite thing about this Teen Wolf AU where Derek is a single dad and Stiles is a kindergarten teacher is that Scott is probably the most in-character character in the whole piece. Scott is 5 in this fic. (I enjoyed it, but more as an original romance with like a mild wolfy flavour than as Teen Wolf fic. I personally don't have a problem with that since a lot of canonical Teen Wolf fic is absolutely freakadelic in terms of its weirdo social power dynamics which I hate in 9/10 fics. It's an okay stopgap fandom though.) Here's a less qualified rec: I absolutely loved Buoyancy (also at LJ) by [ profile] ethrosdemon, which is a really really great fic about Danny. If you've been crying out for fic that is actually about Danny and not Jackson's issues or Derek's arms, this could be the fic for you!

In other news if some good long hockey RPF doesn't get posted at the AO3 during the lockout I might, like, cry or something, god.
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cut to spare you )

On the plus side, I love you guys, and I have a houseguest (Caitlin!) for a few days which is fun, and I'm going to Aus in July, and I'm still embarrassingly in love with hockey fandom, and I have a flat I like in an amazing location with a terrific flatmate, and you know, I do have a job and that's not to be sneezed at at all. Plus, a lot of the drama with the new boss that I was going through a few months ago *seems* to have settled down? So there's a lot of upsides, I just nearly flipped out this afternoon is all.
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Well, that'll learn me. Went to a seminar at work today (very interesting by the way, about the effects of insulating and heating houses on energy consumption and health). I was there early to set up so I pulled out my ipod and started reading some fic, a) because I don't have the emotional wherewithal to read fiction without 1) romantic resolutions and pornography or 2) characters I am attached to already right now and b) because that's what I was going to take notes on anyway.

Before the seminar starts my coworker plops down next to me and is like, "What are you reading?"

I don't think I've blushed so hard in my life. Or closed Stanza so quickly.

(I told him it was none of his beeswax. I quite like him so I felt bad that I wasn't able to make up a plausible lie, but then he might have tried to look and what I was reading was definitely on the romantic-resolutions-and-pornography scale.)
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Had a day at work that was pretty good right up until the last fifteen minutes, wherein I asked a coworker to please put his dishes in the dishwasher and turn it on before he left and he said "I can put them in the dishwasher now and you can turn it on, I don't know where the stuff is."

He has worked there longer than me, and doing his dishes is not in my job description. I remarked, with my eyebrows up, that it was under the sink [sidebar: duh, where the hell else would it be? I hate learned incompetence], and that I was kind of shocked. He asked me what the big deal was, I said the big deal was that he had never turned the dishwasher on in the entire time he'd worked there, and he said he didn't see that as a problem.

Reader, I murdered him.

(Not really.)

(In fact, reader, I ended up turning the dishwasher on because I was the last to leave. Which is, by the way, what I always do when I am the last one to leave, because that is what humans do.)

Anyway, the long and the short of it is that I'm still pissed and I could really use some epic slash or fslash recs, maybe with some pining? You know my fandoms. Whatever your go-to fic is when you're pissed and hungry and kinda cold.

ETA: I should probably stick here what I read tonight:

A Partial Dictionary of the 21st Century by [personal profile] sam_storyteller, Avengers, Steve/Tony
-- honestly I felt like the Steve/Tony was almost pasted on; this is a really fantastic Steve character study, highly recommended.

Darling It Is No Joke by [ profile] thehoyden, Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek
I honestly have no idea who these people are but this is great and involves food and making out and werewolves, like, it's just delightful.
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Awesome weekend full of fangirls and hockey and movies (and also relatives due to a couple of ill-timed birthdays. Why were you born 60 years ago this week, uncle? Poor decision-making, very poor).

- I had a [personal profile] shihadchick! A rare privilege and delight. :D

- Got to admire [personal profile] hazel and [personal profile] tamarillow's adorable new house! And the storied Pile of Hedge!

- Ate [personal profile] mermaid's amazing brownie!

- Had FEELINGS ABOUT HOCKEY with the abovenamed and [personal profile] aworldinside! Oh, so many feelings about hockey, like boo, Yotes, and yay, Rangers, and YAY, KINGS! I also made C play me an old Blackhawks/Preds game from 2010 which was, uh, it was SUPER FUN to see the Hawks be awesome. *bandwagon fan* [personal profile] aworldinside seemed pretty intensely amused by my fledgling sportsfannishness.

- Somewhere in there I watched half a rugby match (Hurricanes/Chiefs) and it was really interesting in a navel-gazing kind of way )

- Caring about sports was affecting my self-image strangely, so luckily there was also fangirl dessert in there with the abovenamed and [personal profile] china_shop and [personal profile] arysteia and also, I am pretty sure, some other people whose LJs I haven't necessarily connected with their faces? But who are really super delightful humans. A pretty enjoyable conversation about hurt/comfort and celebrity heights ensued. (SUPER SAD I missed the Avengers squee though.)

- I'm gonna go read porn and do the dishes now. Blissfully great weekend. &FANGIRLS;
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1. In the new fandom taking over my brain at a speed approaching c stakes, I'm doing that thing where every time I hit shuffle I get another song that makes me think about hockey RPF and laugh hysterically. e.g. two for Kaner:
- "Shuffle off to Buffalo" (42nd St OST) which you really just have to youtube because lolololololol.
- "Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!" by the Mint Chicks. for obvious reasons IMO.

I have a compulsion to mentally vid fandoms in completely inappropriate music, so e.g. all my Supernatural music perfectly meets the definition of chick flick music. It makes life more amusing as I walk down the street, anyway.

2. Avengers tomorrow! YAY. (Technically the day after tomorrow, but [personal profile] genusshrike and her mum and sister and [personal profile] aworldinside and I are going to the midnight screening, whoop whoop!)

3. I think I may have to drop out of my te reo class. This really sucks because I wanted badly to keep it up, but it's 6-9 Tuesday and Wednesday nights and it's really putting a crimp in my brainpower. Plus, I am resenting it because I would rather be at social dancing night on Tuesdays. On the other hand, if I can just get through this year I know I'll learn a lot and I'll be done with the three-year certificate, and I think it's really good to have on your CV when applying for jobs in Wellington (which I am doing, I don't know if I've mentioned that here). On the other other hand (mutant!), I'm really tired a lot at the moment, and I'm sick of weekends like the last one where I can't even shift myself to do any washing or go to the market or wash my hair or do anything other than sleep, eat, and watch television. On the other other other hand, I don't know that dropping Māori is really going to improve my ability to do that. Advices?

4. I am so close to finishing my jersey I can just about TASTE it. I am going to snuggle in with Fringe tonight and get it done so I can block it and maybe wear it this weekend!

5. This is a reminder to myself to at some stage post my Non-Anonymous Thoughts About Anonymous Memes. It will be a post without numbers and bullet points! Which I was going to say I hadn't done for awhile but actually I did a couple back in March, you lucky things, you.
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Blissful long weekend in which I actually, for once, managed to adequately balance the amount of sleep I wanted with the amount of social time I wanted to have and the amount of responsible stuff I needed to do:

- Changed sheets on my bed (to deliciously warm flannel sheet set, bliss; it's like a big warm cuddle)
- Watched some Blackhawks hockey and 24/7 (the Flyers/Rangers edition) with [personal profile] aworldinside (I ended up rooting for the Flyers, she ended up rooting for the Rangers). K mocked my feelings a lot, also we ate hot cross buns and really excellent biscuits
- Washed some clothes!
- Cleaned bits of the house, [personal profile] genusshrike cleaned some other bits, between us the house is pretty much all good. Hygiene!
- Fed some people lunch on Saturday, with a leek and potato pie and a really excellent feta/walnut/orzo/beetroot salad of [personal profile] genusshrike's that I'm going to make again really soon because it was freaking delicious
- Watched some very late Farscape; it turns out I've pretty much erased most of S4 from my memory, because we watched all of We're So Screwed and I had barely any idea what was going on at any point. Gotta do a rewatch at some point.
- While Farscaping, FINISHED THE FIRST SLEEVE ON THIS JUMPER!!!!!!!!!!! I have been stuck on this project FOREVER because I stupidly made a million modifications and lost the notebook I did all my calculations in. But on Saturday night I decided, fuck it, I'm just going to make a sleeve up so I did and other than a sticky bit at the bottom which I think I'm going to rip back and reknit, it worked out okay! I picked up and knitted about an inch on sleeve #2 and it's going okay, so I've set myself a challenge to wear this sweater this winter and to be honest, I can't wait!
- Went out to the Wellington Young Feminists' Collective first birthday party which was awesome - some excellent, excellent dancing, first to Sophie & the Realistic Expectations (AWESOME cover band, brilliant vocals, awesome sax/horn, veeery cute bassist) and then Lisa Tomlins (also amazing covers, incredible vocals & guitar) - they both had an incredible energy. They were followed by Disasterradio who plays like original electronica - it was fun to dance to for awhile but, tbh, just way too loud for me and I wasn't convinced that I was getting anything extra out of it being live. Still an awesome gig though.
- Brunch for [profile] aimeesworld's birthday at Plum today - deeeelightful, and although I probably ordered too much food and the service was a) slow b) not what I would describe as competent, it was nevertheless super delicious (I got the Plumster with avocado, hold the mushrooms - poached eggs on sourdough, hollandaise, bacon, sausages, hash browns, grilled tomato - it was totally, unbelievably delicious).
- Aaaand wrote my application for a six-month contract job that's come up. I don't know if I want to get it or not - not really sure about six-month job security, to be honest, although it would be a good way to leave my current job and still be able to go back to study next year - but work continues to be frightful )

I also managed dinner with my family (and poor old [personal profile] genusshrike) and, for a change, plenty of sleep. (Too much on Sunday, when I slept right through the alarm that was supposed to get me up for the last Blackhawks game of the regular season :( but still, never look gift sleep in the mouth.)

Dance class tonight, and then an early night for me, I think. Oh, and this week's Fringe.
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GUYS GUYS. got purged and I squat on There's no-one on the AO3 called birdhead. I REALLY REALLY want to rename because that's my dream username BUT:
- I have delicious and rav and probably like a million other accounts as labellementeuse and I don't know if I can just leave that identity behind
- WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY: in a million years I'll never get


ETA: also, should I eventually switch, what do you think about: and uh, any other suggestions?

I don't know what to dooooooooo.


Feb. 2nd, 2012 02:37 pm
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and I will take some photos NEXT WEEK because that is when we get to move in. :D

*twirls off back to work*
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Argh. )

Sorry for the really self-indulgent bit in the middle, there, guys. I spent a couple of years not talking about my feelings and it didn't really improve them, but I know it's dreadfully dull to read.
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Ew. I just did twenty minutes of pilates and I smell absolutely *rank*. It's not that I haven't been showering, but I feel like this is a judgement on my holiday diet of junk food and the occasional salad. Ick. Now I need to shower before I go buy tomatoes, poo.
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Thing I just typed in an email and deleted:

Feel free to tell the Cult of Nice to suck it if you want. (Hm, is "suck it" a misogynist colloquialism, a homophobic one, both, or neither? Should I just have said "fuck off"?) <-- that parenthesis = my thought process constantly atm EXCEPT the moment in a meeting today where I said something incredibly ill-advised to both my bosses. And by ill-advised I don't mean coarse I mean will-really-cause drama. Sigh.

Yeah, I keep thinking that the problems at work are resolved, and they keep being absolutely dire and awful and my favourite co-worker is definitely going to quit and then I'm going to be all alone. Which is terrifying because - well, here's an example of how I feel about my workplace at the moment: I used the phrase "is he on her side?" seriously about workplace dynamics. Motherfucking ugh. I hate that kind of mindset. It's juvenile. It makes you (me) feel defensive constantly which makes you (me) over-read into everything. I don't want to bottle up and I feel like I HAVE to say something, but on the other hand, I don't know how to say anything in a professional mature way because I am so upset. Also, my workplace is ~unbureaucratic and ~egalitarian which translates into: there are no procedures for talking to people when you're unhappy with how work's going, especially when the people who are making you unhappy are your two bosses. Except one of them isn't technically your boss, but she's delegating all this stuff to you that used to be done by the person who she's supposedly replacing, except she's doing none of the shit he did (and this is not handover problems, she's been here for three months now) and it's. ugh.

It's now gotten to the point where it's affecting my life outside work. I owe [ profile] sixth_light a beta and I'm way, WAY behind on Yuletide but I spent the weekend sitting on my sofa playing Build-a-Lot 6 and catching up on Leverage. Seriously, pretty much the entire weekend. My room needs cleaning and all my clothes are dirty. Plus, I feel useless all the time at work, and now I'm starting to feel useless outside work too. Small setbacks make me feel like bursting into tears - like the worst PMS, except it's all the damn time. I had such a moment on Wednesday night it was just, ugh. (Fortunately twitter was there for me. <3333)

I don't know. I don't know, I don't know. I want to return to my usual fandom-food-and-knitting blogging but, you guys, I'm warning you, I don't know if that's going to happen any time soon.

On the plus side, I'm getting better at making gifs.
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1. The election. Yeah, whatever, I'm not even going to go there. I went to [personal profile] hazel et al.'s and got trashed on vodka and revolting apple sours and that enabled me to just kind of not think about anything.

boring talk about feelings )

4. I'm thinking about maybe going back to study clinical psychology in 2013. This is something I have been thinking about on and off for a couple of years. So I have to investigate more and I am not really looking forward to the concept of being an undergraduate again (fuuuck) and I definitely don't want to halfass another degree but if I did. I think I would probably do a grad dip in clinical psych, then honours, and then try to find a DPsych or PhD programme somewhere overseas who might, like, pay me. Uh, yeah. We'll see about that. I guess I have to email ... careers/study people? Anyway, your thoughts, I want to hear them, especially your thoughts on clinical psychology.

5. And then I'm like, but am I just thinking about this because I don't like my job? Well, sort of, but at least what I'm thinking about switching to is actually a career path. And then I'm like: but shouldn't you get your shit together before trying to do something where grades will really matter? Well. Yeah. But if I knew how, I already would have, so.

6. I have four AO3 invites. I don't really believe that any of you guys need them but if you know anyone who might, hit me up. labellementeuse(at)gmail.
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1. New rule: if it takes me longer than a tweet to type out, I'm posting about it.
1a. except for politics because if I have to think about the election for longer than 30 seconds at a time I'm going to have a nervous breakdown. I look at my posts for the last two elections and just feel guilty at how much more I knew and how much more I cared and was involved but I just can't this year, I just can't.
1b. Sometimes that posting might take place at tumblr.
1c. This is mostly because if I don't get back in the habit of stringing words in sentences on a regular basis Yuletide is going to go very, very badly for me.

2. This might mean that my levels of boringly mundane posts SKYROCKET, so this is just advance defriend-at-will warning!
2a. But this post probably jinxed it, so never mind.

3. Tonight I:
- Washed dishes
- Cooked dinner
- Washed dishes
- Made cake
- Washed dishes
- Took DISGUSTING rubbish out, in the dark and rain down my steep hill (*polishes halo*)
- Knit a 310 st row of lace, fucked it up right at the beginning, began the slow awful process of tinking back
- Watched a lot of Sports Night. I'm at the beginning of season 2 and I expect to get the whole lot done by the end of the weekend.

4. Yuletide! Who wants to talk about Yuletide?

- Yuletide looks MASSIVELY complicated this year, holy crap. I have every confidence that it will actually be fine and straightforward but oh my.
- On the other hand perhaps this will take care of the massive overloading of the servers, ha ha ha.
- Noms! What are we nomming? I'm doing Cats of Grand Central for [personal profile] trialia and I'll probably end up adding some characters to the Young Wizards fandom (am I correct in my reading that adding characters requires a separate nomination?), but I'm thinking someone is probably going to beat me to nomming the Newsflesh trilogy, so ... I'm not sure what my third will be. Maybe it will be book-related? I don't know. I kind of want some slashy, slashy slash, like with classic 90s slash tropes where one of them is gay, and one of them ~always thought he was straight, IDK, I am just having this massive nostalgia that I'm pretty sure is related to how damn 90s Sports Night is. Bill Clinton is still the President, y'all, and Dana's hair! (Which I love. Unfortunately I think I've got to embrace the fact that 90s hair will always be awesome and a style icon for my hair. Oh well, haters know where to go.) (<-- that way.)
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So there's this vegetarian/vegan restaurant on Cuba St called Aunty Mena's and although I am not vegetarian I ate there awhile ago with my friend Clare who is a vegetarian and had this thing called curry noodle and it was totally. delicious.

It was very fresh, not at all limp or soggy cauliflower and broccoli and carrots on fried thick noodles covered in a curry sauce with vege balls and what I think was tofu but I'm not actually sure. It is completely delicious and I urge you to try it next time you're on Cuba St and don't know what you want for lunch or dinner. Really, really good stuff.

Anyway I also like the fresh udon sold by a lady at our Saturday market and wanted to do something different with them than just shove them in a laksa, so, I googled a bit and messed around with some tofu and I came up with this: a really very good knock-off. It's not quite the same as the original dish, which is a little sweeter and has potatoes and also their vege balls are AMAZING, but it's really pretty good.

read on for the recipe! )

In other news:

generic RL update )

- And speaking of milk what would you do if you had a cup of cream and half a cup of coconut milk and a litre of blue top that you needed to use in the next couple of days?

generic fannish/teevee update )
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The NPR specfic meme:
etc etc )

47/100, a solid score on any reading list, IMO.

I actually got into a mild Twitter allocation lol, whoops, altercation with @neilhimself (very mild, he wisely chose not to keep fighting my bored-at-work-on-a-friday stream of tweets) and [ profile] chattycheese about this list, which allowed me to sort out what really annoys me about it, which is primarily this: there are far fewer women than there are men on this list (and vanishingly few people of colour). This by itself is a problem, but what I think is characteristic of this problem is that the women who are on here are very much canonical. They're the women who write the books that always appear on these lists; The Mists of Avalon and Frankenstein and The Handmaid's Tale are as inevitable and, in their way, as uninteresting, demographically speaking, as Lord of the Rings, Foundation and, sigh, American Gods (It's not that I don't love Neil Gaiman, because I really do, it's just that can't we agree that maybe The War for the Oaks is as interesting and influential if not more so than Neverwhere, for pete's sake?) In all of these kinds of top 100s, these books will always be there. They are tremendously influential in the genre, and they're extremely widely read - although they're not necessarily good, I don't think genre fans would throw away Anne McCaffrey and Misty Lackey, or David Eddings and Piers Anthony.

But ... then there are the spots that are, hm, not so serious; not so solid; not so inevitable except of course they are, because they always get filled with the same stuff: Miscellaneous White Dude. It's always The Sword of Truth and never The Ruins of Ambrai. It's always Old Man's War and never China Mountain Zhang. Twelve zillion books by Robert Heinlein and none by Octavia Butler (a freaking crime). Michael Moorcock, not Elizabeth Moon. The Codex Alera, but not the Crown of Stars. Brandon Sanderson but not N K Jemisin.

I feel like I'm not articulating this very well, and at the end of the day I've long since decided that lists that don't adequately represent women and people of colour well are not worth my time in terms of trying to find books I actually want to read. But I'm pretty bored of having this represented to me as inevitable (because they're all canonical; well, so is lots of other stuff!) or an adequate representation of the demographics of either the good stuff or the industry generally (emphatically not true). Sigh, IDEK.
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Quick rec:

Twenty-Year Man, by ellen fremedon. Vorkosigan Saga, spoilers through Cryoburn (although not significant ones, I don't think), Byerly/Ivan aka the pairing I never knew I wanted but am now OBSESSED WITH PLEASE WRITE ME SOME PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.


OK, with more dignity, I think I've read this fic five times since [personal profile] shihadchick linked to it a couple of weeks ago. It's long enough to wallow in a little, it's brilliantly written, perfectly Ivan, a fascinating character story and a seriously good plot and interesting look at Barrayar and oh my god guys they're perfect together PLEASE EVERYONE WRITE THIS PAIRING FOREVER. Oh look just go read it, OK? You'll like it, I promise. and while I'm at it if anyone has some good Ivan fic, I'd love to hear about it.

Nothing much else going on except that a) I got two FREE bookshelves yesterday, bliss oh bliss, b) I'm registered for swing classes starting next week, eek, and c) oh my god if you ever have to fill out a FoRST grant report just don't, just say no, quit your job, change your name, move away, start over. Horrendous.

Although I might be overstating the case because I haven't been sleeping well lately on account of not being able to breathe well because a couple weeks ago my allergy meds ran out and I didn't motivate myself to go and get some more. Idiot. I always think after one day oh it's not so bad, but two weeks later I can't breathe through my nose at all, my sleep is really interrupted and I wake up exhausted every morning, I have no brain at all when I am awake, tired all the time, etc. NEVER AGAIN.

etc etc

Jul. 23rd, 2011 05:45 pm
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1. For my birthday I got a finally-done-up flat bathroom and kitchen, which is super, super exciting, and we also got a heater last week and we've started to hang our paintings finally (my mother likes to give art - other people's, not hers - as gifts and also she owns a lot of art and we got to steal some), and basically it's all very exciting and the flat feels like home all of a sudden! It's pretty great. I took some photos. My photography is pretty rubbish, but hey.
a bunch of photos for the bored/nosy )

2. I have been watching the hell out of Fringe lately. That is a good show, y'all. Although sometimes kind of gross.

3. I learnt how to make .gifs!

This is my first one! It is kind of small because tumblr is a brat and LJ/DW aren't really great for gifs. Anyway it's a bit too energy/RAM intensive for me to do often, but it's always fun to have a new skill, you know?

4. I've also been rewatching Stargate - first because [personal profile] shihadchick and [personal profile] blademistress were doing it and tweeting about it and that kind of behaviour is contagious, and then because [ profile] dazyndara is staying with me and she's watching Stargate for the first time. That's been pretty fun. No exciting opinions yet.

5. I got an external hard drive for the first time in ~4 years. I sort of can't believe it. I remember my first external hd. It was 200G (massive at the time - my laptop held 40G), thirty centimetres long, twenty centimetres wide, and five centimetres deep. It weighed ... well, I never weighed it; it wasn't really heavy or anything. It had a fan and moving parts and you had to plug it in to the wall. It was brushed silver. And it cost like $250. This thing? $110; one terabyte; a nice matte black; completely USB powered; weighs hardly anything; slightly smaller than my hand (I have smallish hands). I don't know what the point of this ramble is except: technology, people!

Also, it's pretty amazing to be able to download stuff and not delete it straight away.

6. I saw Harry Potter! I have thoughts, but I want to see it again before I try to express them.
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DD has just released the name of the next YW book: Games Wizards Play. I'm pretty excited, NGL (even though it probably won't be out for another ... year at minimum, probably more like two). She's also going to release a blurb tomorrow so I'll save up any commentary until then, but there's also a thing where if you retweet this tweet you may win one of five cameos in the book - which I find interesting because she said there'll be a bunch of bonus wizard cameos, not as many as W@W but still a few. Which is pretty neat because I love those scenes, like the one at Gili Motang in WoM, too. (Sudden re-read craving!)

I've gone through three Connie Willis novels in the last month - Blackout, All Clear and The Doomsday Book. I read a couple of books by her last year and am really digging her work - should have listened to whoever it is on the YW forums who recs them all the time years ago, apparently. (I think it's Kathy Li, who has impeccable taste in everything.)

The landlord is redoing our bathroom. This is great because it was a mess, but crap because we don't have a shower and have to flush the loo with buckets and also the place is a mess because the builder is apparently not into dropcloths or anything. He also ruined a towel we laid down to catch the massive leak that runs along an internal doorframe by standing on it in his boots (like, it was filthy). grrrr. OTOH, hopefully the leak will also be fixed. And the bathroom. And the kitchen. And then I'll be able to actually have people around without blushing.

Finally caught up on Doctor Who after realising that tumblr was not going to let me stay unspoiled until September (;.;). SCREAM. I cannot cannot CANNOT wait until September.


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