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I just made a whole bunch of new friends, so OBVIOUSLY what I'm doing is posting another meme post. SORRY GUISE. For those playing the LJ game, I just unfriended a bunch of people and communities: people I'm following on dreamwidth who don't flock their entries, and communities that got annoyingly spammy. I really doubt I got up anyone's nose and as you guys know I'm way, way too lazy to flock, but if I defriended you and you want back on, tell me tell me. I was really aiming at consolidating, not cutting. (Also: defriending amnesty. If you've been wanting to, do it, I promise not to cry.)

So this is particularly bad timing for three vids that are all basically Issue Vids. If you have Issues with Issue Vids, steer clear! For these vids I think it's particularly important that you watch them before reading my commentary, so uh. Please do?

Day 16 - A vid that told you something new about a show/movie you already loved
My Medea, by [personal profile] yunitsa
Joss Whedon shows; Girls in Boxes; premise spoilers for Dollhouse; spoilers for Firefly; Buffy included but (IMO) no significant spoilers; violence against women, general creepiness.

blah blah )

Day 17 - A vid you wish you had made
Let There Be Guns, by [personal profile] kuwdora
Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis; everybody has guns; tv violence, no spoilers worth mentioning.

I'm not a vidder, so this was tough for me, but this is sort of an attainable goal: I wish I was as witty as this vid. Of course it starts off with a bit of an advantage because it uses a hilarious song, but the spark of genius that first combined the two - well, I desire it! There's nothing much to this vid except wit, and I love it.

Best Bit: Definitely "naw, not me, I got me a rifle." &Vala; The timing on "we could go out and shoot things" is really good, and "we wouldn't need the police no more" is extra-good because it comes from an episode about, like, separationists so I think it's hilarious. The vid mostly depends on visuals rather than canon knowledge, so I like that that's a scene where canon knowledge makes this extra funny.

Day 18 - A vid that made you investigate that vidder's other work further
Bachelorette, by [ profile] obsessive24
BTVS, ensemble, spoilers for the whole series, rapid cuts

GUISE GUISE, I know I've recced like fifteen vids which are all RARR JOSS HAS PROBLEMS, but this vid? sort of pro Joss! You should watch it!

etc etc )

SO THAT WAS A LOT OF TL;DR. Watch some vids, guys!
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So everyone's seen those 20/30 days of vids/tv shows/fanfiction/whatever memes going around, and I really like them because I like to rec and I like to read other people's recs but I rarely do it without some kind of structure/being forced. So I like that. On the other hand, the chances of me being able to post 20 times in a month are slim to none. Plus, I figure I'd get boring. So I'm going to do my version three at a time, which is one week, and if it takes two weeks then so be it. Also, I'm doing the vidding one, because vids are cool. I figure three vids is about as many as I can expect my random flistie to watch in one day.

Preliminary Notes:
- I really like multifandom vids. Like, really. Half of the vids I plan on reccing are multifandom, so if you don't like those, steer clear.
- The recs are going to be, obviously, skewed towards fandoms I'm in at the moment. I tried for a bit of range, but you're going to see a lot of Jossverse vids, partly because I'm watching Buffy really heavily at the moment, and partly because I have probably read three or four BTVS fics that I enjoyed, but the good vids seem to come one after the other. There are a couple of fandoms that I think have fabulous vids that are notably missing: Battlestar Galactica, Stargate: Atlantis, and Doctor Who. Yeah, IDEK what's going on there, but I'm in a Jossverse place so I'm just going with it. Supernatural gets a little work-out, too.
- I really like political and meta vids, so there's going to be some of that.

Day 1: A vid that made you start watching a brand-new show

Channel Hopping, by [ profile] ash48, and Channel Surfing, by [ profile] ash48 and [ profile] maichan808.
Supernatural; humour; gen; spoilers throughout but not specially significant post-season 4; violence, gore, horror, 90s television.
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Day Two: A male character study vid you love

Jesus Walks, by [personal profile] mimesere, sadly presently only available on youtube.
Angel: The Series; Charles Gunn; spoilers throughout; violence, language.
and so on )

Day Three - A female character study vid you love
I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker, by [personal profile] kuwdora.
Stargate: SG-1; Doctor/Captain/Major/Lt. Colonel/Colonel Samantha Carter, in multiple universes; spoilers throughout; explosions.
Saaaaam )
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Couple of things of interest:

- Some absolutely awful, horrible, no good, terrible news on the casting call for the Dark is Rising movie. I already saw this, one of y'all linked it, so I've had a little time to get over the crushing horror.

- Am rewatching the last seven episodes of Buffy S3, for no other reason than I kind of feel like it and my brother, who is strangely into genre TV (my good influence) is progressively acquiring more and more of Buffy on VCR - yes, useless for just about everyone in the world now, but my family has a combined DVD/VCR player that we won't be gettingrid of anytime soon, so I can play them. I'm quite enjoying it, just about to start on Earshot and then Graduation Day 1/2 - but what I really get a kick out of is seeing Wentworth Millar in the credits. I have no idea why, I just think it's hilarious. (He was one of the swim team jocks.)

I gotta say, Choices was kind of a really good episode, especially with the hot Angel/Faith macking. I'm kind of an Angel/Buffy girl, so this is a good season for me too. But the ep really kind of loses its suspense the second time though - once you know Angel's faking it, there's no crushing tension or betrayal or horror or whatever. The Prom is still just as awesome the second time through. *heartclutch* it's just kind of sad that the supposed lowest mortality rate for a graduating class probably became the highest.

And somebody, help me out: the Geek triad of Evil (or whatever they called themselves) in the fourth (or is it fifth? I have a feeling it must be fifth) season. (or wait. Fifth season was Glory. But hey surely weren't as late as sixth.) Andrew, Jonathan, and who the hell was flayed-alive guy? I can't remember and it is making me nuts. (Okay, I gave up and wiki'd: Warren, and sixth season, duh.)

- the reason I'm talking about television is I'm doing precisely nothing else right now other than working. Someone should come see The Prestige with me. Anyone?
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So I was thinking about Bechdel's law earlier. In a comic strip by Alison Bechdel, a character explains that she only watches a movie if it
"one, it has to have at least two women in it, who
two, talk to each other about,
three, something besides a man."

And then I was thinking about Firefly, as you do, and I was thinking... does Firefly ever meet the standard? Even in Inara's lesbian sex scene they talk about men. Inara and Kaylee have conversations - about Mal, or occasionally Simon. Does Zoe ever converse alone with anyone other than Mal or Wash? And then I was thinking about Angel, and I'm pretty sure that fails in almost every episode (many of them right at the first step.) And then I was thinking about Buffy, and then I got depressed, because I have a sinking feeling that even Buffy the Vampire Slayer wouldn't meet the standard more than 50% of the time.

Dear f-list, please tell me I am wrong and give me evidence?

Also! Fandom questions!

fanfic100, for blueyeti )

crazy space incest for sixth_light )

doctor/rose for bad_mushroom )


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