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I think this is the fastest I've ever gotten into a fandom: there was a clips pimp of Sherlock (BBC) on Saturday, I went home and started watching it right away, and now I'm reading John/Sherlock like it's going out of style. This is quite incredible when you consider that the RDJ movie didn't strike me as slashy at all. (What?)

some thoughts! on yaoi! and sherlock! with many spoilers through the Great Game! and gratuitous Doyle quoting! )

Pursuant to g/t I've decided to try being a Better Fan, which is happening in three ways:
- I'm going to leave a comment on every fic I read on the AO3 this month. Perhaps I should rephrase: every fic I like/finish. It might be pretty short - as I said to [personal profile] china_shop at g/t, I am pretty critical, and often after I've gotten the six-word squee out of the way I only have negative things left to say, but I HATE giving outside of approved spaces - but yeah, we talked about how archives get fewer comments because people expect archive commenting to be crap, but the AO3 commenting services is actually about as powerful as LJ/DW's, so there's really no excuse.
- I'm going to start deliciousing fic again. I don't think I've delicioused a fic since yuletide last year. tsk tsk.
- I miiiiight start uploading my own fic to the AO3. This is a vexed decision because I kind of heartily dislike a lot of my old fic, but I also heartily dislike people who are all, my old stuff sucks, don't read it! Because you never know who might really want that Dairine/Kit Evanescence songfic, right? (I wish I was making that up. But no.) Anyway, decisions! They are difficult! Sigh.

Somewhat relatedly: I have both AO3 and DW invitations, and anyone who wants one should let me know!

The other fannish thing I've been doing lately: more icons. These ones are Nikita icons (WATCH IT. WRITE ME FSLASH. TY.) But first! under the cut: a screencap of Alex totally checking Jaden out! )


1. 2. 3.

etc )

- caps for 1-13 from [ profile] forensicduck's screencap recap of 1x04.
- caps for 14-22 from [ profile] docrock06 in rawr_caps.

Rules of Engagement
- I like it when people comment, crediting is nice but not essential
- nobody likes a hotlinker
- textless icons can be used as bases. also if you want me to put text on something I can. but I'm not very good at typesetting, so you might want to do it yourself.
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I read [ profile] throughadoor's comments on Sam in AHBL part 1 and basically his character arc over the last two seasons. (Obviously, major SPOILERS.) For some reason she articulated a lot of stuff that, as soon as I read it, I thought, "oh duh!" and wondered why I hadn't been able to articulate that myself. About the differences between Sam last season and this season. Anyway, that may interest you all as well.

and a bit about Supernatural S2, related to said comments )

Aaaand a final comment: my one real prediction for this season was that we'd see some kind of prophecy, and we so haven't? So I'm surprised. OTOH, a destiny is a pretty good replacement.
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The 2006 in summary meme. NB: contains SPN spoilers through Croatoan )

And speaking of TV, a week or two ago I met up with the very cool [ profile] cocombat and like the evil, evil enabler she is, she showed me the first half of the Battlestar Galactica miniseries and gave me the second half, the first disc of the first season, the last half of the second season and what's aired of the third season to take home with me and play with. After going briefly crazy scrambling around to fill the gaps (I recommend United Video on Courtenay Place, gang; how much do I miss video stores that have a good selection of genre TV when I'm in CHCH? A LOT.)

Okay, first of all, if you're on my friends list and you like SF&F, especially but not limited to Firefly, things Anne McCaffrey and things Asimov and Bradbury, Star Wars, apocalypses, smart and exciting women, smart and exciting men and intelligent writing - go watch the miniseries. Just do it. You won't be sorry, I swear. ([ profile] sennical, I think you in particular would dig this one. [ profile] shoeless_sarah and [ profile] lordofchaos. L and T, y'all don't have choice, I'm afraid, you're setting down and watching it basically the moment you have a chance, especially since I know for a face L has quite a lot of it sitting unwatched.

and hey, some thoughts, spoilery through Eye of Jupiter )

Anyway, guys: gimme some recs! fic, vids, and meta. :D
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I know that when I say this,
I may be stepping on pins and needles;
But I don't like all these people
slagging her for breaking up the Beatles.
(Don't blame it on Yokey!)

-- Barenaked Ladies, Be My Yoko Ono


oh no, apparently I do have more to complain about )
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Okay, some actual thoughts, but not meta-organised or anything, about Heroes 1x04: Collision (I just clicked to that. Very, um, unclever.) Some pretty direct and IMO solid meta on Claire in there, though, which I might x-post somewhere. Um, Newsletter peoples, no need to link to this cause I'd hate for people to read this twice.

spoilery. )

In short, someone who knows comics and feminism real well needs to watch Heroes and do some meta-ing. (Actually! I bet someone on the forums is doing that already. and I'm right. Eeeexcellent.)
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'Fess up: who slipped Helen alcohol today? has an article, and well, some of the highlights:

On Don Brash:

"Labour regards Dr Brash as a corrosive and cancerous person within the New Zealand political system."

"What began this appalling slide in political standards was having a polarising leader of the Opposition – a man who I do not believe should be leading anything in New Zealand."

On Labour MP Trevor Mallard, who said some nasty things about dotty old Don:

"He was responding very, very strongly to quite ridiculous and outrageous attacks on me and on the New Zealand Labour Party and we are not going to stand by and have the sort of behaviour go on that has gone on."
"Personal attacks form no part of Labour's strategy. That's where Trevor was out of line," and yet,

"He did not start it."

Or, to put it another way: the Opposition made him do it!

Apart from alcohol, I think the whole Davis thing was the absolute last straw. Helen's marriage has always been the target of criticism - much less than Don's ever was - and frankly I think someone just went a little too far.

As for the rest of the article: Labour is not trying to divert attention from the pledge card debacle, because you know what? The Exclusive Brethren thing was exposed before the pledge card thing, in fact before last election. 1.2 million dollars is a really significant sum, literally hundreds of thousands of dollars more than were involved in the pledge card thing. Russell Brown writes about Exclusive Brethren spending here and overseas.

On a more amusing note, satire is always good. (So, by the way, is their news coverage. Very thorough, especially of parliament but also national and international news. Plus, they have a category for "strange and bizarre." That's nifty.) Highlight today: Investigate magazine to claim Clark/Brash affair, by Lyndon Hood, which is fairly hysterical.
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Okay, let's review, shall we? New Zealand has a robust, bitchy Parliamentary system in which members will backstab, connive, pointscore, mudsling, in short, do anything to keep life interesting in the Beehive. The media usually stays far away from commentary on private life but everything else is open season.

May 2005, National opens up with accusing Labour MP David Benson-Pope of abusing his authority during his time as a teacher. B-P denies allegations (and mostly has the support of Labour); they remain fairly unsubstantiated (after he hit the news, there were plenty of students willing to come forward and say they'd suffered under his iron rule. But only after.) There was unbelievable rhetoric directed against him, including stuff that even if he did absolutely everything he was accused of doing it would have been inappropriate.

post-election, 2005, it is revealed that the Exclusive Brethren have been campaigning for National, spending up to 1.2 MILLION dollars advertising to support them; money that was not reported to the electoral officer. (This is way illegal because NZ parties have a certain amount they're allowed to spend, and no more.) It is slightly dodgy territory because they advertised using National's slogans - "Change the Government" - and EB leaders were transparent in support of National but they didn't actually put "vote Nats!" on the pamphlets BUT... anyway, you get the picture. More crucially, Don Brash actually lied about his knowledge of the pamphlet's existence. (there's a whole bunch of other dodgy stuff about them but anyways.)

There is a period of mostly quiet, which is nice for a change (anyone following parliament a bit more closely know much about what was going on here?) Jane Clifton describes it as a policy of "nuclear dirt-terrent."

Then this week, it is revealed that National leader Don Brash has been having an affair with a woman on the Business Roundtable. This is politically dodgy - not for the affair, for whom it was with - but it had been kept quiet by the media for about a year until, and this is important, National MPs brought it up in caucus and then leaked it to the papers. This really broke major NZ media taboos on commenting on the private lives of politicians; I was watching the news tonight and they came up with two examples of this happening before in NZ media (David Lange's affair, about twenty years ago, and Rob "I am an asshole and everyone hates me!" Muldoon's accusing a Labour MP of being gay thirty years ago.) I don't like this at all and the ONLY reason I could be even a little bit okay with this is that apparently the woman he was sleeping with has a lot of control over, for example, National party funding by the Roundtable.


Today? Someone (*cough* NATS *cough*) has started spreading rumours about Helen Clark's husband, Peter Davis being gay. Specifically, there is a photo of him hugging Ian Scott, a gay Labour supporter.

The problem for the smear campaign is that this photo was taken on election night. Labour had just won. Probably, if Don Brash had been in the room, Davis and Scott would have hugged him and it sure wouldn't be because of powerful sexual attraction, kids.

I just can't express how furious this makes me. It's bad enough that because Helen is PM, she's constantly being accused of being a lesbian. (The favourite conspiracy of right-wing jerkoffs in this country is the lesbian cabal running the country. Think the gay agenda, but with special political oomph.) But now, because it's been publicly revealed that Don Brash is having an affair, someone has to make these things up out of whole cloth? NOT FUCKING ON, NZ media. We're sinking to an international low, here.

The worst of it is, it detracts from commentary about exactly why Don Brash's affair might be politically (rather than morally or personally) dodgy. Apart from corruption, he's repeatedly campaigned on a platform of conservative marriage values, for example. But this thing frankly makes it all about the sex lives of our not-so-rich and powerful. Because the thing is, if Helen were a lesbian and Davis were a gay man, they'd a) still have a more functional marriage than Brash and both is ex-wives and b) they'd at least be being honest with each other and c) it still wouldn't affect Helen's fitness for office or Davis' fitness for, um, being professor of Sociology at Auckland University. Just like, in my opinion, Brash's affairs are not what's relevant to his unfitness for office.

Okay, I'm done.
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Attention! Instead of reading the following boring bitching about New Zealand politicians' sex scandals, you should really just read Tze Ming Mok's hysterical latest.

Sometimes when I'm bored on my Thursday evening shift, I write little lists of what I would prefer to be writing an LJ entry about. Sometimes I write the entry, sometimes I don't, but anyway. Tonight's list had just one item: I can't believe I'm writing about Don Brash again.

That's right, boys and girls of the foreign persuasion. Don "My wife is Chinese* so I can't be racist or anti-immigration", "If National loses the 2005 election I will resign," "I lose my debates with Helen Clark on purpose because it's not nice to be rude to women", "Helen knows my party's policy better than I do" Brash, unbeloved, fuddy-duddy, conservative, frankly bad politician Leader of the Opposition, is back in the news. (National did in fact lose the election, and he... did not step down. Hm.)

Unfortunately, I find myself in the position of supporting him. Excuse me while I go bleach my brain.

This is the thing: New Zealand has something of a tradition of keeping its nose out of the private lives of its politicians, and I generally think this is a really good thing. There are exceptions, times when a politician's private life is relevant (and, obviously, things like corruption and all over everywhere) but as a rule, the validity of what a politician is saying should be judged by what they're saying, not by the politician. This is, I believe, part of the reason the NZ parliament includes a rastafarian and an transsexual.

Now, Don Brash is well-known to have cheated on his first wife with the woman who would become his second - and current, Singaporean - wife. The irony of his conservative positions on marriage is not lost on anyone, but it's not usually considered kosher to bring this up in debates. A few days ago it was leaked that Brash is having marital problems (he's taking a sabbatical, I believe, from which I suspect he will not be returning) and someone in Brash's own party basically said in Parliament that he's been cheating again.

(If anyone not a Kiwi is still reading along, there's been a whole heap of shit-slinging in Parliament lately. First Philip Field is being accused of corruption (Tze Ming Mok's analysis of what he's supposed to have done is here, if anyone has a better one gimme a shout), then the Labour party is being accused of breaking laws using the wrong money to pay for some pledge cards (no link because this is pretty cut-and-dried: it clearly wasn't an intentional mistake, I doubt it significantly affected election results, for fuck's sake, Helen, just pay back the money and everyone will call it quits.) THEN Labour basically threatened to loose the hounds dirt files. This is apparently the first taste of that although, as I said, the original volley came from within National.

Also, National has been trying to smear Labour for... some time, actually, and Labour has generally been fairly restrained about responding, so I guess it was time.)

Okay, that is a very longwinded lot of paragraphs for me to get around to saying: I don't like Don Brash. I think he's not a very good politician and on those occasions when he does manage to articulate opinion I invariably find myself in vehement disagreement (Orewa nearly gave me apoplexy); he certainly managed to revitalise failing National support but he did it in a way that really altered the shape of Parliament, to a shape I don't like (polarised, virtually two-party); and above all, I think that he should have done as he said he would and resigned after National lost the 2005 election. However! If you are going to question Brash's fitness to lead his party, there are a million and one good reasons to do so, like he's a crappy speechmaker, a hopeless debater, he has no control over his party and backbenchers (which, well, sort of proved that), he frequently doesn't know his own policy, even just that he's hopelessly out of touch and old fashioned.

But for god's sake, stay out of the man's bedroom.

Just as I believe the fact that Tim Barnett has sex with men should not be a factor in judging his fitness as a politician, I do not believe Brash's (condemnable, BTW) sexual misconducts should be brought into the limelight. It's not relevant and I want fairness to go both ways. (Although he does look pretty awful in light of the fact that his party is the one that bangs on (and on and on and on) about the sanctity of marriage.)

But if you do want to talk about it, Russell Brown discusses who he was doin' and why it was a problem.

Um, okay, that's more than enough time devoted to Don Brash's - eww - sex life. Let's talk about Bob Clarkson, shall we? Or, rather, let's let [ profile] amarynth talk about Bob "I had to be told to stop talking about my testicles in public" Clarkson's latest idiocies, because he is smrt and put it very well.

No more politics for another six months, promise.

*Singaporean, in fact
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[ profile] thefourthvine is asking people to make vid recs to support an under-rec'd corner of fandom. [ETA: Um, by which I mean, vidders and vidding, not Angel or Supernatural. Um, bad phrasing ahoy.] I never rec, fic or vids, but I read TFV's recs religiously so I figure I ought to front up. :P So! Some recs. I picked these for one reason: I've watched them more than once after downloading them. Since I am an extremely sporadic vidwatcher, and read vastly more fic than I will ever watch vids (it takes a lot to get me to even download one), actually rewatching them is a huge feat in my books. So! Some Vids What I Have Liked.

Jesus Walks, by [ profile] mimesere. Angel: the Series, Gunn-centric.
Okay. This has been rec'd absolutely everywhere, by everyone and his dog. But on the very very very off chance that you haven't seen this vid? Run, don't walk. You probably do need to have seen Angel, but if you have seen it? Yeah. Amazing. I can't be coherent about it, so I'm stopping.
Spoilers through S5, of course.

Living Dead Girl, by [ profile] monkeycrackmary. Supernatural, Meg-centric.
I like Meg a lot and felt that she was never fully explored in the show (like, hmm, pretty much everyone except Sam, Dean and John.) So I really enjoyed this vid because it gives her some depth. It also gives screen time to some of the other women in Supernatural (yes, there really is three minutes' worth of footage of girls! No, honestly!) And, um, yeah, I like it! By the way, I also highly recommend her other SPN vids, especially A Year On the Road. Slick, good cutting, great lighting. *thumbs up*
There may be spoilers for the last few episodes of the season. Some of them I think you'd have to be pretty sharp-eyed to pick up (a little pun there, ha-ha. Um.) BUT nevertheless!

Fun With Slapstick, by [ profile] ringwench. Supernatural, humour.
Fairly indescribable; hilarious.
Spoiler free!

Also! I would like to recommend a Doctor Who vid, "The Bohemians", to the tune of "La Vie Boheme" from RENT. It's by someone called Cat. But... I can't find the announcement anywhere, so I can't; but it's very funny, and if anyone happens to know where I can find it, I'd love a pointer. (Should you ever vid? For the love of pete, put your username or site details on the clip, or at least the file title. I am so not organised enough to remember where I find everything.)

Finally, not a vid rec: [ profile] monkeycrackmary wrote an essay comparing Supernatural and Buffy, particularly with respect to tropes of masculinity and femininity. I really enjoyed it and there's fascinating discussion in her comments; particularly recommended to anyone who knows one or both shows and is interested in academic writing on fandom.
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Fanon I don't get: Sam & Dean speaking Latin.

Or, rather, I do get it because
a) that would be hot
b) fandom in general is made up of geeks. Geeks think obscure knowledge is hot and/or really freaking cool.
c) Latin! Latin is cool.
d) It's not *that* unreasonable. And it would be very useful, I mean, I think it would be a smart skill.

But I was rewatching Shadow last night and Meg speaks in Latin quite a lot in that episode, including a really kind of short phrase when she phones demon papa. And the phrase she uses is [something something] pater me audi. (I went and checked Super-Canon for a transcript; the Shadow transcript just has "Meg says stuff in an ancient language" which, well, ta for that; the Scarecrow transcript says "Tire quiero patem me a di.") My best guess is "te requiro pater me audi." Of course I could be totally wrong and it's not Latin at all; if, however, I'm right, this says... well, it appears to say "I demand that you hear me, father." Mind you, "pater me audi" says exactly the same thing a hell of a lot more quickly (literally, "hear me, father.") and I have a feeling the actual phrases used is kind of ungrammatical, but it's been a while since sixth form Latin, so I'm probably wrong.

Anyway, the point is? It's been nearly three years since I last studied Latin and the phrase "pater me audi" is distinctive and fairly easy to translate. But Sam goes on to say this:

     SAM: She was communicating with someone.
     DEAN: With who? With the Daeva?
     SAM: No, you said those things were savages. No, this was someone different. Someone who’s giving her orders.

So Sam's justification that Meg was speaking to demonpapa was Meg's later conversation in English - and nothing to do with the fact she addressed her mysterious boss-person as "father." Call me crazy, but that seems like way better evidence. I mean, he seems to be extrapolating, guessing, not having certainty - but if he could translate "pater me audi" he would have been certain.

... So now I really want a definitive translation of that Latin, and the rest of what she uses in the ep; or at least confirmation that, yup, it's Latin...

[note for my own purposes: my post in spn_possession on this subject.]
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Thing which is really not fun, at all, in any way: going to the library to return a huge stack of books with a library card borrowed off best friend/flatmate and strict instructions to restrict self to one item.

Of course, it was going to be okay, because I had a plan; I was going to get We3, by Grant Morrison, recommended to me by [ profile] shoeless_girl and [ profile] lordofchaos, they of great taste and huge enabling (I got the books! *does a little dance of squee* Because I am wretched I still have not sent yours out! But I will ASAP!) (Also, I finally read Fray this week, omfg so awesome.). It was available at my library on Monday... but clearly, no longer. But that was okay! I had a backup plan! I was going to get Firebirds Rising, a YA fantasy short story collection including stories by Tamora Pierce, Charles de Lint, Diana Wynne Jones. And it was DEFINITELY available.

You guessed it. Couldn't find it for love or money. Nng. I ended up getting the first volumes of Y: The Last Man and Ex Machina because I love Runaways to pieces so I figure, why not try some more BKV? (Yes, I know, not exactly one item but I was suffering severe book deprival here.)

ANYWAY. Also this week I re-read Green Arrow: Quiver, which was I think the GA reboot. It's still the only GA I've read, but I do enjoy it, although it could have more Arsenal for my tastes. Speaking of whom I also read the Arsenal mini which was fun but didn't really move me; I'd just finished re-reading Pigs in Heaven by Barbara Kingsolver which features absolutely amazing stuff about the position of native americans in american society today. Now, I'll admit I don't know the first thing about Native Americans or their culture or, really, that much about American; but the Arsenal mini and Kingsolver's portrayal were violently different and, well, I know which one I liked better. A lot. So the whole ending of the mini grated on me, which was frustrating because I felt like I should have been moved or something when really... just no.

current events, sorta )

In more positive news, I turned nineteen on Saturday and had an excellent weekend, including seeing [ profile] megaffe who bussed up to see us and a totally delicious raspberry-drenched chocolate cake by [ profile] sixth_light. :D I also got texts from no less than three numbers not in my address book, only two of whom identified themselves, so if you texted me and didn't say who you were and think one of the strange numbers may be yours... do let me know!
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I have a cartoon on my door. Well, I have several, actually, but only one's relevant here. It's a Slane cartoon from the New Zealand Listener of October last year, just after the general election. It shows a carpark with a desk in a parking space; on the wall above the desk is the legend "RESERVED: MINISTER OUTSIDE CABINET." Sitting with his feet on the desk, dressed in a fabulous pinstriped suit and puffing away on a cigar is, of course, the Right Honourable Winston Peters, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

I'd take a moment to explain the true phenomenon that is Winston to those of you who are unfamiliar with his exploits here in New Zealand but, well, it would be very difficult. I will say briefly that he is a consummate politician, usually characterised as right-wing and somewhat populist; he leads the New Zealand First party, which runs mostly on a fairly racist anti-immigration policy. He is... well, he's a character in New Zealand politics. In the last election, Labour entered into extensive negotiations with Winston Peters that somehow culminated in him being given the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Racing- although he's not part of the government, and on issues that are not in his portfolio he is allowed to criticise the gvt. So he's in an interesting position, and I think most NZers viewed his appointment as a likely trainwreck - but probably an entertaining one.

Amazingly, he's proved to be rather good at it and relatively scandal-free - relative to a career in which he has consistently harassed the leaders of his party (when he was affiliated with National), protested, tantrumed, quoted unnamed sources and, let us never forget, had speeding tickets and free seafood meals. And today I was amazed to find this article on which quoted Peters' response to Bob Geldof's criticism of New Zealand's international aid contribution. I was amazed because I agree with Peters. A lot. While more aid can always be given, New Zealand has a pretty good track record; our aid as a percentage of GDP is reasonably significant, our aid is mostly untied, and we contribute to peacekeeping and free trade. We also do a lot of work in the Pacific. I am inclined to think that to Mr Geldof, "third-world countries" really means "Africa." Indeed I think that most people, when considering global poverty, think first of Africa. In New Zealand we are a lot more aware, by dint of proximity, of the plight of Pacific nations.

And now, having effectively written an ode to Winston Peters, I'll leave you with a few words from Kate Camp.

Winston Peters with apologies to Robert Frost

I have been one acquainted with the right.
I have walked out in rain, and back with Regaine
I have gutdragged the final Marlboro Light.

I have Brylcreemed the thinning old campaign
I have whizzed by the traffic cop on his beat
And wound down my window, unwilling to explain.

I have been one acquainted with the right.

-- Kate Camp
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I was thinking a few days ago, it's been awhile since there's been any really impassioned ranting hereabouts. I was wondering how to fix this; happily, although not really, today's Sunday Star Times front page gave me not one but TWO apoplexies this morning! I have been working up rants on them all day at work.

Illegal Immigrant gets $500k liver transplant: clearly, kiwis are being robbed of healthcare! )


And now, feeling much better, I'm going to do my reading for English tomorrow. Mmm, Wordsworth.

ETA: ALSO. So, all this year I've been telling people that I'm doing a BA/BSc, BA in phil, BSC in maths. However, I'm in the middle of confirming some of my course changes and I checked my majors and apparently my BA major is... English. Phil and maths are my joint BSc majors.

This means two things.
1) At the beginning of the year, in some major spaz fit that I have since totally and completely and utterly forgotten, I changed my majors.
2)Um, I should probably be taking those two English papers, since apparently I don't need the science credits any more. Predictably, as soon as I realise this, I instantly decide Semantics looked much more interesting in the Wednesday lecture. *sigh*
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So I was thinking about Bechdel's law earlier. In a comic strip by Alison Bechdel, a character explains that she only watches a movie if it
"one, it has to have at least two women in it, who
two, talk to each other about,
three, something besides a man."

And then I was thinking about Firefly, as you do, and I was thinking... does Firefly ever meet the standard? Even in Inara's lesbian sex scene they talk about men. Inara and Kaylee have conversations - about Mal, or occasionally Simon. Does Zoe ever converse alone with anyone other than Mal or Wash? And then I was thinking about Angel, and I'm pretty sure that fails in almost every episode (many of them right at the first step.) And then I was thinking about Buffy, and then I got depressed, because I have a sinking feeling that even Buffy the Vampire Slayer wouldn't meet the standard more than 50% of the time.

Dear f-list, please tell me I am wrong and give me evidence?

Also! Fandom questions!

fanfic100, for blueyeti )

crazy space incest for sixth_light )

doctor/rose for bad_mushroom )
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Okay, so I got to replying to comments in that post I did yesterday about the use and abuse of Maori culture in non-NZ works. I was specifically thinking of issues 16 and 17 of the Gotham Knights comic, written by Devin Grayson and set in the DCU (that's Batman & Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but not Spiderman, the Hulk, or the X-Men.) I really liked GK a lot when I read it, and I like Grayson's writing a whole heap as a rule; but parts of these did kind of grate on me, so I went through and scanned a few bits to explain why.

So, Batman is angsting away in Gotham in normal Batman styles, pausing occasionally to fight a little crime, when he runs into this dude calling himself Matatoa. Matatoa claims not to be Maori but to have spent a lot of time with them, and wants to - surprise! - kill Batman and eat his soul. The Maori culture related stuff in these issues can be split into roughly three sections: the actually pretty good, the wtf, and the out of my country NOW.

some fairly large panels, and one full page, under the cut. )

So, in conclusion: the whole thing is a mishmash of imagery associated with a lot of different indigenous cultures, pretty much like someone wanted something vaguely ethnic and specifically First Peoples - hence blowpipes and totem poles. The sad thing is, some of it was absolutely right... it just didn't make up for the sheer awfulness of shaman. A little research would have fixed so much. It's also possible to fanwank this into something mostly vaguely believable, taking care of, say, the kookaburras and possibly the depiction of the Maori as a primitive culture. You have to make Matatoa an Australian whaler from the 1800s, but you can do it. But some of these sins are unforgiveable, like totem poles, and war dances, and medicine man. These are blatant borrowings from Native American culture (possibly even Native American pop culture misconceptions) and they're ridiculous and offensive and they would have been easy to avoid. Really.

AND! four pages that I really like a lot about these issues, because I really do.

Nightwing runs into Matatoa and starts to give him a beating, including some pretty good banter.

And Bruce has something he finds difficult to say. And this is almost what made me angriest: this whole kerfuffle happened for an absolute landmark moment.


May. 30th, 2006 09:19 am
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Dear wider world:

"maori spirits": not universally evil, also, not often called spirits. Also, Maori do not have shamans or medicine men or live in teepees, and they never have. Ever. Kaumatua is not a difficult word to find and it would be so much better than shaman, thanks.

Also, enough of the soul-eating Maori monsters!11!!1. If you want to incorporate that aspect of Maori culture, great, good for you, but get it right. Otherwise, don't use it in fic, don't use it in fanworks, and DON'T, DON'T, DON'T use it in actual published work - and published only a few years ago, I might add - that you want to get money for. (*cough* Gotham Knights 16-17. The thing that pissed me off the most about them is that it was half-right- some (some) of the art was pretty good (and then some was awful. There's a whole goddamned wiki page on ta moko and it even has pictures! But it is fairly recent, so.)

And may I just add? I know next to nothing about Maori culture and history, I don't speak te reo and I don't even know my mihi. So if I can tell that it's appalling, so can everyone else. JUST SAY NO to using a culture you know nothing about.


This PSA was brought to you by Gotham Knights 16-17 (Devin Grayson, Roger Robinson), and then seeing it once to many times as a gimmick. And I really like GK, so it pissed me off more than normal. NO MORE EATING BRAINS, WORLD, OKAY?

ETA: THIS IS ME PUBLICALLY DEFENDING [ profile] keymash's HONOUR, BY THE WAY. I was busy sleeping when she was being given the inappropriate smackdown by my brother and his friend, who are clearly unable to distinguish IRONY from LJ comments. So, *ahem*, I have known [ profile] keymash for, like, at least over a year and she was so totally making a joke oh my god. A satire, even. *shakes head*

That said, I am sort of glad because that was very funny.
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This is what gave me the impetus to post today:

Save the Net

There are many people smarter and better informed than me saying lots of important things about this elsewhere, so I won't bother, other than to say that Net Neutrality is important for every single person on my flist, and that should be obvious. Sign petitions. Stuff.

Other things I had to say:

1) People outside NZ and Australia: do you folks eat mousetraps? Basically, a piece of toast spread with Marmite or Vegemite, covered in cheese and grilled? Please say you do.

2) Had Logic test today. Will have scored either above eighty-five or below fifty-five; it was that kind of test, although I've been told that this is quite typical for logic classes. Not much to say about it, other than a minor complaint: he told us we'd only be tested on natural deduction, and not intuitionistic natural deduction. However at the bottom of each proof he asked us to comment whether or not the proof was accurate in IND as well as ND. Um. It wasn't really a big problem, except that one of the proofs I used Disjunctive Syllogism and I'm pretty sure but not certain that DS is actually an axiom of IND. The problem is that the ND proof of DS is not good when working in IND, so if I'm wrong about it being an axiom that could cause a problem. Oh well.

3) The Superman Returns trailer looks pretty good, particularly Lex.

4) It's come to my attention that a lot of people I know are graduating high school in the States and Canada over the next few weeks (month and a half? Yeah, I dunno, really.) Every year I mean to post and congratulate people I know who are graduating and every year I forget. But I remembered this year, and the crop's unusually large and unusually dear to me. I consider all of them to be bright, academic, intelligent students; but also these people are brave, brilliant, funny, kind, caring, conscientious, witty, gifted, enthusiastic, active, generous, giving, wonderful. I consider myself blessed to be close to some of them, and lucky to know all of them. Some of them are among my oldest friends by anyone's standards. You guys rock. <3 Good luck finishing off and for the future!

5) I love my family and my flatmates. Stay safe, guys, you're the best.
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Indulging in a little navel-gazing of the ethnic type, as Pakeha New Zealanders are so wont to do, especially in the weeks leading up to our census. Cut for length, but I think it's sort of interesting, and if you're a Pakeha New Zealander I'd love to know what you think. Or even if you've never heard the word Pakeha before.

For those of you who have not been following the debate (Tze Ming Mok and Russell Brown of Public Address have both posted on the topic over the last few days: what do Caucasian New Zealanders, who are born here, put as their ethnicity on their census form? The option given on the census form is “New Zealand European”, but historically a reasonably significant percentage have ticked “other” and put either Pakeha- the Maori word for white person, derived from an older word for pale-skinned fairies in Maori mythology- or “New Zealander.” The recent debate has been sparked by an email forward urging white New Zealanders to put down simply “New Zealander” as their ethnicity.

More learned people than I have discussed why New Zealander is not an ethnicity )
Damn. Why is it so much easier to navel-gaze about my own ethnicity than it is to, you know, actually write real essays? 1500 words in forty minutes, man, If I could do all my assignments like this… I could completely turn this into an essay, people.


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