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Hi, dear author! First let me apologise for my appalling sign-up. I raced through it in a hasty work lunchtime just before sign-ups close, not because I'm not excited about the challenge but because I'm incredibly disorganised and just forgot. Many apologies for that. To make up for it I'll include the kinds of brief prompt descriptions I would have included in my sign-up as well as more extended thoughts here.

My usual challenge preamble: It's really important to me that you have fun with the exchange, so please treat my requests with exactly the degree of attentiveness that you need for a good experience, and no more. If what I say below bugs you or is going to, like, mess with your creative impulses, feel free to ignore it: if I requested it, I will pretty much read absolutely anything. With this in mind, if my, uh, fabulously detailed prompts of "fandom and a couple of characters" have already inspired you: go for your life.

But if you're like me, you probably need more information. I like a nice thorough letter, so I write my letter with people like me in mind (i.e. it's ridiculously detailed). It's in two parts: general stuff about my likes and dislikes, and specific stuff about my fandoms. Feel free to read any of it, part of it, or none.

me me me )

Protector of the Small )

The Changeover )

Young Wizards )

I hope this isn't too detailed and doesn't drive you crazy. Please feel free to contact me in the appropriate anonymised ways if you need more or less information. <3 And HAVE FUN!
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I bought the New Millenium version of SYWTBAW last week and thought I'd have a stab at updating PM's timeline with the new dates. I'll only go as far as the end of SYWTBAW with the updated dates, presuming that DD will continue with the NMEs - I think DW and HW are both pretty sticky timeline-wise so it's not too easy to extrapolate from SYWTBAW alone. Please do read the notes on PM's timeline which I have more or less replicated wholesale as they include credits for people who contributed to its original construction.

I haven't updated any of the historical dates. For some birthdays that are derived from ages given in later books I have guessed that the entire series will have taken place over no more than 3 years (leaving the Holiday-War-Mars to take place in spring-summer 2011 - slightly ahead of Mars's 2010 publication date: gosh, I can't believe that's two years old!) Where I felt it necessary to leave notes I have italicised; all text is otherwise PM's.

SYWTBAW takes place over a calendar week in May 2008. I believe PM determined the dates for this week based on a date given in one of the modern editions of DW, which I can't do because the DW NME isn't out yet; I located the date of the May 2008 full moon (Tuesday 20th, meaning the moon is actually waning when Liused gives Nita a rowan branch ... but that's being rather picky), which happens to match the 2005 dates PM had. If you really need the moon to be waxing (for which I have some sympathy narratively speaking) you could pick the whole lot up and move it earlier by a week. Also there are a whole lot of busted links to the Errantry Concordance in there that I am way too lazy to go through and fix. Sorry about that.
Away we go! )

Well, that was fun.
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So after reading this tumblr post by Diane Duane, which really, I mean, it really just gives me a headache, but the gist is: someone on tumblr posted about Nita/Kit/Ronan during A Wizard of Mars and DD was like "lol, ask them in ten years."

ADFGEHJKL:SD I CANNOT COPE ARGH. on the one hand filled with joy and hilarity on the other hand god, stop crossing the streams, I beg of you! also stop liking my posts on tumblr because I legitimately cannot deal with it at all.

ANYWAY IN CELEBRATION AND VAGUE RAGE AND IF YOU'RE GONNA TALK ABOUT THIS DD THEN I'M GONNA WRITE IT, I went through my WIP folder and found no less than three N/K/R WsIP because I really have been into that threesome since before it was famous. I would really like to finish at least one of them but I am absolutely paralysed by indecision and so I thought I might post the beginnings here and you guys could, like, talk to me about them and maybe I can see which one is everyone's favourite and finish that. Yeah.

It might help to have my Nita/Kit headcanon first for context, but I don't know that it really matters: because they get together so young they go through a period of angst at around 18/19 where they're like "we're too vanilla! and I'm keeping you from having exciting and awful early sexual experiences!" and to resolve it instead of breaking up like dummies they decide to start having sex (together) with other people. Not like, ALL the time, but ... really pretty often. Basically they're kinda slutty Sometimes people who don't know them very well tease them about being so cute and together since high school and they're just like "... uh-huh :P".

Okay first up. This one is from a document titled "tentacles.odt". Thanks, past self.
three times Nita and Kit had casual sex with somebody else, and one time they didn't )

AND THEN THEY DRINK A BOTTLE OF WINE AND HAVE SEX. Uh, it's not a very detailed outline. There were going to be a couple more parts to this and one of them was, per the document title, going to involve tentacles, so I think this was probably started during one of my ragey periods where I just want to write something to traumatise Diane Duane and the people who think Tom and Carl are just good friends. I think Nita/Kit and Ronan might have set up, like, a stable semi-permanent thing at the end where Ronan is still a free agent but they all have bonus emotions or something?

OKAY ONTO WIP TWO. This one doesn't even have a title and was possibly an even more gratuitous excuse for porn than the one called "three times Nita/Kit have casual sex with someone else."

yup. )

And then they have sex. That's really all there was to that.

OKAY THIS LAST ONE. This last one. I really want to make this one work but it may just be too ambitious for me. Basically the premise is that in the summer between high school and varsity Nita is really busy with some project and Kit's kind of at a loose end, and Ronan is out of Ireland for some reason possibly involving his family which I always thought seemed like they might be kind of sketch or neglectful or something (now, that is something I actually wouldn't mind having DD confirm). So Tom and Carl suggest that Kit and Ronan do, like, a roadtrip around the rural east coast in the Edsel which Kit finally got going. It's like a traditional trip to get a wizard out to some towns which might not have one, or might only have a few who need a bit of young power every now and then - basically a journeyman thing for the younger wizards, get some experience, learn some variety. (Probably not that useful for Kit, to be fair.)

first snippet of that )

Then ... SOME STUFF HAPPENS (including, according to my notes, a lot of flirting and a driving stick joke). They go to Canada to drink beer, and also they flirt a LOT and then end up having sex also a LOT, and THEN

third snippet )


So okay, my question to you people is: Would you read any of these if I finished it, which one, maybe I can write it at you in the comments or something? Yes? I really would like to but I think it might be one of those things where I need public humiliation to get shit done.
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1. This is why heavy author participation in the fandom stifles creativity. It's not like I was even planning on writing a YW/Sherlock crossover or anything, but jfc, DD, ILU but BUTT OUT. Fandom is not for authors. Are you comfortable with NC-17 Dairine/Carmela porn? No? TOO BAD.

This has been bugging me for days and getting in the way of me being able to write my fest fic for [community profile] dai_stiho. Grr. Now I kind of want to have an "I don't actually want you to be comfortable with my fic, DD" fest. All porn, all the time. I'll finally write that Nita/Kit/Ronan fic. Or Nita/Dairine. OK no I won't write that. But still.

2. This is a really good post about Glee, being gay, and being gay on TV. TW: suicide.

3. Still horrendously behind on flists.
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I keep thinking of things I want to request for Yuletide and then forgetting them. Grr, the tyranny of the human brain. NO MORE.
Yuletide requests, VERY spoilery for the Newsflesh trilogy )
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DD has just released the name of the next YW book: Games Wizards Play. I'm pretty excited, NGL (even though it probably won't be out for another ... year at minimum, probably more like two). She's also going to release a blurb tomorrow so I'll save up any commentary until then, but there's also a thing where if you retweet this tweet you may win one of five cameos in the book - which I find interesting because she said there'll be a bunch of bonus wizard cameos, not as many as W@W but still a few. Which is pretty neat because I love those scenes, like the one at Gili Motang in WoM, too. (Sudden re-read craving!)

I've gone through three Connie Willis novels in the last month - Blackout, All Clear and The Doomsday Book. I read a couple of books by her last year and am really digging her work - should have listened to whoever it is on the YW forums who recs them all the time years ago, apparently. (I think it's Kathy Li, who has impeccable taste in everything.)

The landlord is redoing our bathroom. This is great because it was a mess, but crap because we don't have a shower and have to flush the loo with buckets and also the place is a mess because the builder is apparently not into dropcloths or anything. He also ruined a towel we laid down to catch the massive leak that runs along an internal doorframe by standing on it in his boots (like, it was filthy). grrrr. OTOH, hopefully the leak will also be fixed. And the bathroom. And the kitchen. And then I'll be able to actually have people around without blushing.

Finally caught up on Doctor Who after realising that tumblr was not going to let me stay unspoiled until September (;.;). SCREAM. I cannot cannot CANNOT wait until September.


May. 7th, 2011 01:03 pm
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So I don't know what to do with this comment ), which came from this post. On the one hand, it looks and sounds like spam. Right? And also the canon is not totally correct.

On the other hand, are spambots really this advanced? Already?

Also: I totally caved and got a tumblr, tell me yur tumblrs so I can follow you!
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Oh man, I so badly wanted to get these up before reveals, but JUST TO PROVE that I did write all of this stuff before New Year, here are my prelim recs!
three YW, two TDiR, and some misc. )

I wrote two stories but they weren't very good (not being modest, I really am not pleased with either of them): Some Blessing in Disguise Nikita, Nikita/Daniel, for [personal profile] templemarker, which was not very good despite some stupendous beta efforts from just about everyone I know as well as two delightful Yulechat strangers, Hsifeng and someone whose Yuletide name I don't know (went straight to email and it was not obviously fannish name); and too young to know the time, Circle of Magic, Sandry/Daja, Lark/Rosethorn, for [personal profile] trialia, beta'd by Grevling. Darlingest Tria, I hope you had a good Christmas anyway.

On the other hand, I beta'd some awesome stories! I think this is vaguely in the order in which I read them.

What You See is What You Get (If You're Looking Hard Enough, [ profile] sixth_light, The Mentalist, Steampunk AU. So like, I know nothing about this TV show, but I know that this story is fabulous. If you know the Mentalist, you probably will think so as well.

I've Got Four Voices On The Line (the only one I hear is mine, by [personal profile] sushiflop, Animorphs, Tobias-centric. This is as awesome a Tobias fic as anyone could want to read.

The Indian Rope Trick by [personal profile] dustyasymptotes, The Children's Book, Julian Cain. OKAY SO I can't really say I beta'd this because I am the worst person in the world and *forgot it was sitting in my inbox* and then I'm pretty sure she went away. So I'M TERRIBLE. But this story? Not terrible! Julian Cain, at the end of his life.

I know there are a few last-minute yulechat betas I did that I'm forgetting about BUT. I'm also going to sneak in a TOTALLY NON-YULETIDE RELATED rec for...

The Anonymous Tip Job and Professional Contacts by [personal profile] china_shop, White Collar/Leverage, Neal, Hardison, and then the sequel is Neal/Hardison. LOOK AT THAT PAIRING. That is one hell of a pairing, people, is what I'm saying. These were a treat to beta, and they are just exactly right.

ALSO AND FINALLY. a) I did a blog post about the books I read last year; and b) I made the DW post where I've been reading/reviewing/listing these books public, so if you're interested in my (mostly seriously mundane) commentary on more of them, have a look.
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I WILL TALK ABOUT THEM IN THE ORDER THEY SHOW UP ON MY GIFTS PAGE. Which, it turns out, is posting order: cool.

Also, I got *four* yuletide fics this year, which is just plain embarrassing! I am going to have to work hard next year to increase my yuletide karma. I've only ever got one before and I kinda didn't know what to do with myself. I feel *so* spoiled.

In Absentia (Nikita: Nikita/Alex, Alex/Jaden)
PORN SNIPPETS: THE BEST THING EVER. This is hot and yet also illuminating of all their characters. Alex and Jaden have a wonderful competitive vibe in this which I love, and Nikita and Alex are so sweet to each other.

Wizards in Winter (Young WizardsxDCU)
GIANT SIZED CROSSOVER. Seriously, this story is SO INDULGENT. Nita and Kit get accidentally sucked into Gotham (back when Tim was still Robin the first time around). They have adventures with Renee Montoya, Tim Drake, Cass Cain and Babs Gordon. In other words, everything is amazing!

Roleplay (Nikita: Jaden character study, Alex/Jaden)
OH MAN, so this is basically five things that never happened to Jaden, and it is GENIUS. Each of the five things are like perfectly formed gems that instantly satisfy you while realllly making me want to know WAY MORE and get FIC SET IN THOSE UNIVERSES. Also: there is hot damn porn in a pairing I ADORE. Jaden has a wonderful couple of relationships with Alex that are really well-thought-out and, like the best AUs, each of these different Jadens are clearly rooted in canonical Jaden. I love it.

On the Burning Deck (Swallows & Amazons: Nancy in the Blitz, John/Nancy)
THIS IS SO GOOD. I don't want to spoil plot details for you, but it's really perfect, the writer has a WONDERFUL grip on Nancy and works her well. It's just a lovely fic.

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I don't think of myself as a person who has lots of WiPs, but in between betaing, cleaning, doing 5 loads of washing only one of which was actually clothes, walking to town and having a lengthy meeting with a lovely woman who knows nothing about the internet but is nevertheless extremely demanding and walking home again, I sorted out my My Documents folder (partly, I still have to go through and do the things I've downloaded - I began in exasperation because I couldn't find AAAANYTHING).

screencap of my WiP folder under the cut )

So I thought I'd do WiP meme. I'm going to do the one where people talk to each other! Because that's fun! Also most of these don't have titles yet, I hate titling things, there's a reason I called a fic "The One Where They're All In A Rock Band" and one, okay, subtitled, "Young Wizards: The Regency AU."

blah blah memecakes )

Pleasant dreams!


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