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I went to see Iron Man 3 with my Marvel posse at the midnight premiere. I'll see it again, but when I did this with Batman my thoughts changed really dramatically from the first viewing to the second viewing, so I wanted to get some of it down on electrons. For other aspects, I recommend you to this post on Tony, Pepper, and keeping tension in established relationships, which I really liked.

'ware spoilers )
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1. There's a really interesting discussion in this thread on ffa about some Black Widow scenes in the Avengers (being circuitous so I don't have to cut this for spoilers). I'm linking to the whole thread but I found the top subthread most interesting, particularly this comment and this one. (I'm not in this thread at all so you don't need to strain yourself trying to figure out who is me, which I always do when I get linked to an anon meme thread).

2. That really annoying thing where I had something perfect to post about at work this morning, it was like, a witty observation even, and I didn't write it down and I've completely forgotten it. Rarr. It was either about hockey or Barack Obama. Or just possibly David Shearer.

3. Relatedly, there's something about straight people getting on Grant Robertson's case about marriage equality that really sets my teeth on edge. No one could agree more than I that it would have been nice to get marriage equality rather than civil unions during the recent Labour Government, but does anyone actually remember the climate around the civil union debate? (I seriously think a lot of the people I follow on Twitter don't.) It was fucking unpleasant and it wasn't exactly something the Labour Party expended 0 political capital on in an easy appeasing mood, which seems like a lot of the attitude. Oh, civil unions are the easy slimy separate but equal option - well, that's true, they are, but I don't think at the time there was room for the hard option.

4. Hey, can we not give, like, Bill English and John Key a hard time for their record on same-sex marriage? Hey, while Opposition parties are really important, why aren't we giving the fucking government a hard time about their lack of movement on reforming the Adoption Act and introducing same-sex marriage? This is supposed to be the new Tories, innit? Hip and socially liberal and down with the kids?

5. Also, eugenics. Don't let the beneficiaries breed, sez John.
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1. As I sort of expected post-get/together, I've had a massive slide into Steve/Tony. IDEK. I guess I did want a new comics fandom & dudeslash pairing after all? In the last 72 hours I think I've read about ... uh ... 200,000-300,000 words of fic? Recs will be accepted with grabby hands and fed into the voracious new-fandom maw. (I still haven't read through [personal profile] stickmarionette's Steve/Tony primer, gotta get on that; all these different comic 'verses are bothering me. Ultimates? 616? Gah. New company, new multiverse, I know, I know ...)

2. I definitely had a 2 but it's late and I forget what it was. Are we all enrolled to vote? (I ask this every time, IDEKY I bother. Of course you're all enrolled.) Work's really busy but I think we worked out some growing pains with my new manager so that's a big relief and I'm feeling a lot better about it. Finally developing a life around the edges of work too - I had a nice coffee with [personal profile] aworldinside and [personal profile] china_shop the other day and then on Saturday I finally finally managed to get out to see [personal profile] archiesfrog and twisted her arm into doing Yuletide with me, yeah! Also, I got sunburned all over my nose and it's still an attractive magenta. Not burned yet though.

3. Swing dancing is really coming along and it's awesome. I feel pretty grateful to have found something that I feel like, yeah! This is for me! Since I think I've been really flailing around for something for a couple years now and not hitting it. They had a tea dance last night and even though, I mean, Sunday night? I went along and it was legit great. I'm finally starting to be able to follow moves I haven't learned in class, which is a hugely satisfying feeling.

4. Now that it's finally Yuletide season I feel like I can feel the year/season winding down and it's great. Except work is totally mad, but I just booked in for maybe taking a couple days off *before* Christmas and winding down and working on Yuletide stuff and I think it's going to be pretty great. I do like this whole "being able to book in holidays ahead of time" thing, it's sort of brilliant.


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