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So [personal profile] aworldinside and I spent yesterday watching all of the episodes of the current season of Fringe except the three that will air later this month. This is Fringe's final season; they were warned that it would be, so this is a wrap-up season. I have a few thoughts under the cut, but without being spoilery (I hope?) I will say that I think it really, really benefited from being marathoned in the same way shows like Lost have benefited from that for me.

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1. Vid rec: In the Bullpen, by [personal profile] genusshrike. The Avengers, Black Widow-centric. -- this is a really FABULOUS Natasha vid. &NATASHA;;;;; ilher so much and SO DOES THIS VID - brilliant song choice - and there is also the elegant beauty of it being a vid finished and posted before the movie even came out in the US. Don't you find that satisfying? I find that satisfying.

2. I made a bunch of icons. Mostly hockey icons and a few Fringe icons. The hockey ones are all Blackhawks core or Corey, basically because those are the people of whom the Blackhawks media people take pretty photos.

1. 2. 3.

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Uh, I don't know if there are communities or whatever where these should go? Probably not. Usual rules of engagement apply: want, take, have, credit is nice but not necessary, comments wildly adored.
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This is a post on Fringe that I've been noodling over for awhile. Spoilers up til the most recent episode and, I'm just warning you, it is not a very happy post.
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1. I have raced through all of Parks & Recreation (thanks [personal profile] aworldinside and [personal profile] china_shop, purveyors of excellent things & good lunch companions to boot). If we share TV tastes, I highly recommend it, although I also recommend skipping the first season. It's stuffed with hilarity and team spirit and delightfully quirky characters who are flawed but not in ways that make them unlikeable, rather the opposite.

2. Uh, I started watching Merlin again. We aren't talking about this, but if anyone has any fic recs, I'd appreciate them. Semi-relatedly, I am annoyed that there aren't good screencaps of Morgana in her S1-S2 low-cut dresses. It's not that I'm awful and objectifying (yes I am), but her breasts have actually been relevant to conversations I've had recently and it bugs me that I can't link to them on any tissue-thin pretext. *glumface* Morgana is the prettiest, that is all.

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4. Food-wise, can anyone give me some really good vegetarian or beef-based slow cooker recipes? I have a Māori class Tuesday and Wednesday nights to which I am trying to take dinner rather than buy it, and I found that slow-cooking a casserole on Tuesday and then taking it to class and leaving it in the fridge overnight was a really good, low-commitment and tasty option. Unfortunately I only have one decent slow-cooked beef stew recipe, and I'm in the market for more.

5. I am massively behind on LJ and DW, so if I've missed something important could you let me know? <3
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I made some gifs for this new Canadian show, a six-ep miniseries that's aired two episodes, called Bomb Girls. If you have some free time and are looking for something femslashy, I HIGHLY recommend it. It follows the lives of four women who work in a munitions factory during the second World War, so it has a lot of great stuff like feminism and women's stories and also, I am very very hopeful, some canon gay. It may yet end in a horrible Brokeback Mountain way, who knows, but for now it seems really sweet. The acting is ... not flawless, I fear, but the costumes are great and it has an awesome period feel. Give it a go - it's only two episodes right now anyway, painless and easy to get into. (I can supply links on request.)
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After a conversation at I did a tumblr photoset (like a graphic, but for lazy and unartistic people) about My Feelings about Donna Noble, based around a quote from Deep Wizardry. Unsurprisingly I've been a little verklempt all day. Donna :(

Fringe commentary below the cut. And by commentary, I really mean, random vowel sounds.

Fringe 5x06, Those We Left Behind )


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