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1. Check out these amazing Star Wars shooting pics. Third to last, 106, 99, every single picture with Carrie Fisher in it ...

2. Brandon Bollig giving Andrew Shaw a piggyback ride. And this one's for [personal profile] aworldinside who sent me an email saying "Patrick Kane has a nice smile sometimes": Yeah, he does, although I think actually Corey Crawford's is better.

3. I think it's absolutely amazing the amount of technology and information infrastructure that exists around professional sports in the US. Yesterday I downloaded the NHL's official app and I could listen to radio of any of the playoff games while simultaneously getting updates on all the rest. It told me what times the games were on in local time without even asking me my timezone (I suppose this is more general "wow technology", but). This afternoon I streamed a game less-than-legally and within something like half an hour I could watch video highlights, flick through a gallery of photos from that match, see interviews with the coach and some of the players, read all of this stat information, read game recaps, etc etc etc. It's just so speedy. Terribly, punnily titled recaps are up within - I haven't timed it but it's like five minutes of the game finishing. It's all very impressive (to me). -- I mean compare it to a TV show; if I want to get a recap of Grey's Anatomy I can get a weecap at TWOP within, what, 24 hours? and a full-length recap a week later. Screencaps? No organised way to get screencaps, wait for someone to do it somewhere, scour the internet. What was that song? When does that shit go on hearditontv? Wikipedia update? pfft. IT'S JUST ALL VERY SOMETHING.

4. My toes are cold. That's not real interesting or fannish but I wanted to share.

5. It's Fandom Appreciation Week! I'm running late but here are my three-recs-by-strangers for the week (I took "haven't read to before" to mean "before the last 24–48 hours", natch).

How Much You Mean It, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, Dana/Calvin, by [personal profile] scripted_sra
This is just really fun! One of my favourite media sources last year was Sports Night which I got from ... uh, someone (Dewey, Provider of All that is Good?) ... at g/t. I read a whole lot of fic and noodled over the way older fandoms do really have a distinctive style, so it was interesting from that perspective to read fic written for an older fandom, but from a more modern angle. (This is an Everyone Knows They're Dating fic.)

Five Things Everyone Really Didn't Need To Know about Kaner and Tazer's Sex Live, Thanks, by [ profile] grim_lupine, Hockey RPF, Kaner/Tazer, background Duncs/Seabs (ofc)
What it says on the tin and surprisingly hot considering voyeurism is a turnoff for me. I love this stupid pairing, argh.

Steph/Jason art by [ profile] malla13
Uh ... my fannish pursuits are not very adventurous rn so I just cruised tumblr tags until I found some art I liked, but this is really neat. And pretty hot.

6. I love the new LJ spoiler cuts the way they work in comments, so you can click and have them expand inline. However, I dislike the way now, if you click into someone's entry, the cut doesn't autoexpand and you have to click it and reload the whole page. (If it was click-to-expand inline this would be great because you could expand and hide cuts according to what you'd seen/what you were interested in, but I lost a comment this evening because I clicked on a cut when I was already in a post and it reloaded the page. Boo.)

7. I need some hockey RPF icons. Are there icon posts somewhere or do I need to suck it up and DIY? Also is there a newsletter comm?

8. I was going to do a thoughts-on-anon-memes post but I'm tired so it's not going to happen, but if anyone's interested remind me at a future date.
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1. As I sort of expected post-get/together, I've had a massive slide into Steve/Tony. IDEK. I guess I did want a new comics fandom & dudeslash pairing after all? In the last 72 hours I think I've read about ... uh ... 200,000-300,000 words of fic? Recs will be accepted with grabby hands and fed into the voracious new-fandom maw. (I still haven't read through [personal profile] stickmarionette's Steve/Tony primer, gotta get on that; all these different comic 'verses are bothering me. Ultimates? 616? Gah. New company, new multiverse, I know, I know ...)

2. I definitely had a 2 but it's late and I forget what it was. Are we all enrolled to vote? (I ask this every time, IDEKY I bother. Of course you're all enrolled.) Work's really busy but I think we worked out some growing pains with my new manager so that's a big relief and I'm feeling a lot better about it. Finally developing a life around the edges of work too - I had a nice coffee with [personal profile] aworldinside and [personal profile] china_shop the other day and then on Saturday I finally finally managed to get out to see [personal profile] archiesfrog and twisted her arm into doing Yuletide with me, yeah! Also, I got sunburned all over my nose and it's still an attractive magenta. Not burned yet though.

3. Swing dancing is really coming along and it's awesome. I feel pretty grateful to have found something that I feel like, yeah! This is for me! Since I think I've been really flailing around for something for a couple years now and not hitting it. They had a tea dance last night and even though, I mean, Sunday night? I went along and it was legit great. I'm finally starting to be able to follow moves I haven't learned in class, which is a hugely satisfying feeling.

4. Now that it's finally Yuletide season I feel like I can feel the year/season winding down and it's great. Except work is totally mad, but I just booked in for maybe taking a couple days off *before* Christmas and winding down and working on Yuletide stuff and I think it's going to be pretty great. I do like this whole "being able to book in holidays ahead of time" thing, it's sort of brilliant.


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via [personal profile] ilyena_sylph.

Pick nine ships you are currently into and three ships you don't like and then answer questions about them.

1. Dean/Castiel
2. Sam/Castiel
3. Sam/Dean
4. Dairine/Carmela
5. Stefan/Elena/Damon
6. J2
7. Steph/Tim
8. Steph/Cass
9. Rory (GG)/Paris
10. Jo/Ellen
11. Bruce/Tim
12. Dairine/Roshaun
questions )
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1. Just FTR, this week's issue of Batgirl is epically funny, reminiscent to me of YJ and its slashy, sassy, pop culture loving ways. Overall I have been hugely, hugely impressed with this series. Bryan Q Miller really "gets" Steph and I have been charmed by the way he's kept the book light and funny, while simultaneously dealing with what are, to me, very serious issues for Steph: independence, adulthood, her worth as a crimefighter. I have always loved Steph, but he makes her tremendously appealing to people who aren't fans as well; her sincerity, her good cheer, her terrible jokes, her tendency to narrate her own life, her desire to be her own woman and her awareness of her own flaws - I really think this is the best writing Steph's had since before she became Robin. The first seven volumes of this run have just been collected into a trade, Batgirl Rising; give it a go!

2. Last vid meme post!

Day 19 - A movie vid you love
Sorry, did you say a meta vid I love?

Kill A Man by [ profile] zimshan
Supernatural, gen/Wincesty overtones, spoilers through season 5, violence, use of screencaps and stills

read more )

Day 20: A narrative vid you love
Hurricane by [personal profile] laurashapiro
Farscape/BSG, Starbuck/Aeryn Sun, two pilots walk into a bar, sex, little bit of violence

So everyone has seen this vid already, but if my some faint chance you haven't, RUN DON'T WALK.
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This post at Comics Alliance about race in DC at the moment is really good. Someone in the comments made the really cogent thought that this is basically what happened on Batgirl in the last couple of years - Cass Cain, a Batgirl who was clearly part of the grim & grittier, (more) modern school of comics, and a character of colour, left her own book (which was really damn good) and was replaced by Stephanie Brown, who looks a lot more like bright, bubbly, sarky Babs-style Batgirl. Other comments have pointed out that this is sort of happening on Batman right now: Dick, a Romany* character, is going to be re-replaced by Bruce Wayne, Ultimate WASP.

Now, you can sort of try to justify these. Steph becoming Batgirl is a really cool, logical move, displaying both her growth and her close relationships with both the former Batgirls. Meanwhile Dick, unlike Cass or the other characters mentioned, probably isn't going to die or get put on a bus (after having had her character fucked around with in the most insanely infuriating ways... but don't get me started) when Bruce gets back.**

However, I think in both cases it's still a good call. Cass, a terrific character, was put on a bus partly because I suppose they were morons who couldn't figure out a way to use her and all her friends had kind of left the city (Tim was away, Kon was dead... on the other hand, Steph had even fewer friends around). But realistically, as cool a move as I think Steph being Batgirl is, it wasn't entirely necessary. Spoiler was always a pretty cool identity (IMO, YMMV) and they could have given her growth in some other way. (I don't know. But unlike oh, say, everyone who works for DC, it's not actually my job to figure it out.) Meanwhile, when Dick goes back to the Nightwing costume, if he does (come on: no way are they going to kill Dick, but equally no way is he going to keep the cowl - as cool as that would be) it's really only going to be a step backwards for him as a character. Finally becoming Batman was actually a big fucking deal for a character with Dick's history. Returning Bruce is just going to reboot Dick to where he was a year or two ago. Growth is cool, y'all, and sometimes legacy characters should actually stay de-legacied.

I don't know if I actually have a point! Talk to me about the Batbooks this week, y'all!

Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Batman thingummy spoilers! Lots of rambling )

*As plenty of people pointed out, Dick was white for a really long time - or at least he looked white. Devin Grayson was the one who wrote him as Rom, I guess about ten years ago? On the other hand, as someone else pointed out, there's really no reason not to embrace that. On the other other hand, I'm not sure that, if DC rewrote all its characters to give them ambiguously non-white backgrounds - say, the traditional my-great-grandmother-was-a-%fill in a stereotypical name for Native American group here% - that this would really fix the problem. On a fourth hand, widespread confusion about what the hell Connor Hawke or Lian Harper's ethnicities were doesn't make them not mixed race? Someone give me a sword, please, this knot is becoming a problem.

** Speaking of which, I sort of liked the first issue of Return of Bruce Wayne or whatever it's called? IDEK
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Okay, some actual thoughts, but not meta-organised or anything, about Heroes 1x04: Collision (I just clicked to that. Very, um, unclever.) Some pretty direct and IMO solid meta on Claire in there, though, which I might x-post somewhere. Um, Newsletter peoples, no need to link to this cause I'd hate for people to read this twice.

spoilery. )

In short, someone who knows comics and feminism real well needs to watch Heroes and do some meta-ing. (Actually! I bet someone on the forums is doing that already. and I'm right. Eeeexcellent.)
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MAJOR Runaways spoilers. Yes, THAT spoiler. )
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Okay, so I got to replying to comments in that post I did yesterday about the use and abuse of Maori culture in non-NZ works. I was specifically thinking of issues 16 and 17 of the Gotham Knights comic, written by Devin Grayson and set in the DCU (that's Batman & Robin, Superman, and Wonder Woman, but not Spiderman, the Hulk, or the X-Men.) I really liked GK a lot when I read it, and I like Grayson's writing a whole heap as a rule; but parts of these did kind of grate on me, so I went through and scanned a few bits to explain why.

So, Batman is angsting away in Gotham in normal Batman styles, pausing occasionally to fight a little crime, when he runs into this dude calling himself Matatoa. Matatoa claims not to be Maori but to have spent a lot of time with them, and wants to - surprise! - kill Batman and eat his soul. The Maori culture related stuff in these issues can be split into roughly three sections: the actually pretty good, the wtf, and the out of my country NOW.

some fairly large panels, and one full page, under the cut. )

So, in conclusion: the whole thing is a mishmash of imagery associated with a lot of different indigenous cultures, pretty much like someone wanted something vaguely ethnic and specifically First Peoples - hence blowpipes and totem poles. The sad thing is, some of it was absolutely right... it just didn't make up for the sheer awfulness of shaman. A little research would have fixed so much. It's also possible to fanwank this into something mostly vaguely believable, taking care of, say, the kookaburras and possibly the depiction of the Maori as a primitive culture. You have to make Matatoa an Australian whaler from the 1800s, but you can do it. But some of these sins are unforgiveable, like totem poles, and war dances, and medicine man. These are blatant borrowings from Native American culture (possibly even Native American pop culture misconceptions) and they're ridiculous and offensive and they would have been easy to avoid. Really.

AND! four pages that I really like a lot about these issues, because I really do.

Nightwing runs into Matatoa and starts to give him a beating, including some pretty good banter.

And Bruce has something he finds difficult to say. And this is almost what made me angriest: this whole kerfuffle happened for an absolute landmark moment.
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First things first: character list!

1. Juanita Callahan
2. Cassandra Cain (Batgirl II (?))
3. Dairine Callahan
4. Carmela Rodriguez
5. Trisana Chandler
6. Emily Volnik
7. Christopher Rodriguez
8. Timothy Drake (Robin III)
9. Gertrude Yorkes (Arsenic)
10. Hermione Granger
11. Sker’ret
12. “Miss” Susan Sto Helit
13. Briar Moss
14. Chase Stein (Talkback)
15. Stephanie Brown (Robin IV)

Um. SPOILERS for Infinite Crisis and OYL issues of Robin and Teen Titans, as well as Wizards at War.

your questions answered! )

I also just read the whole Batgirl run, and... wow. *clutches heart* As a consequence, all I'm really thinking right now is CASS CASS BATGIRL CASS! *sob*


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