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Way-too-late obligatory Yuletide post.

I had kind of a weird Yuletide this year where I just felt ... out of it the whole time. I read hardly any fic and, although on the whole I was not unhappy with what I wrote, I didn't really *feel* it. This led to me doing dreadful things like not leaving a comment on my gift fic til the day before reveals, about which I feel guilty even now. So, anyway, I don't have any particular recs because I just read hardly anything.

I received: Velveteen Wizards by [ profile] oniongirl, a YW/DCU crossover that's the sequel to Wizards in Winter, my gift last year. These are really darling portal crossover fics and considering the pool of DC + YW fans is really pretty small, are such thoughtful gifts.

I wrote: and remember who I am, a Tris-at-Lightsbridge story for the lovely [personal profile] staranise. I got an excellent beta from [personal profile] morbane and some tremendous handholding from [personal profile] sushiflop, Queen of the Yuletide Cheerleaders, [personal profile] archiesfrog and [ profile] sixth_light.

This was quite fun to write but, warning for those who care about this kind of thing, has a horrendously huge amount of OCs. The excellent prompt, which I used as a summary, was "Can she fit in, and does she really want to?" and asked for insecure!Tris. I didn't quite capture Tris' insecurity in the way I wanted to but I really enjoyed the opportunity to look at Tris in a different light - although Tris' insecurity is quite important it's not an aspect of her character I think about very often, and so that was actually really great.
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