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this week's Fringe, Vampire Diaries )

I made some gifs for this new Canadian show, a six-ep miniseries that's aired two episodes, called Bomb Girls. If you have some free time and are looking for something femslashy, I HIGHLY recommend it. It follows the lives of four women who work in a munitions factory during the second World War, so it has a lot of great stuff like feminism and women's stories and also, I am very very hopeful, some canon gay. It may yet end in a horrible Brokeback Mountain way, who knows, but for now it seems really sweet. The acting is ... not flawless, I fear, but the costumes are great and it has an awesome period feel. Give it a go - it's only two episodes right now anyway, painless and easy to get into. (I can supply links on request.)


Sep. 22nd, 2010 08:20 pm
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Pick nine ships you are currently into and three ships you don't like and then answer questions about them.

1. Dean/Castiel
2. Sam/Castiel
3. Sam/Dean
4. Dairine/Carmela
5. Stefan/Elena/Damon
6. J2
7. Steph/Tim
8. Steph/Cass
9. Rory (GG)/Paris
10. Jo/Ellen
11. Bruce/Tim
12. Dairine/Roshaun
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Vampire Diaries spoilers through 2x02 )

I need icons. Point me at icons. I'm too lazy to make my own.


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