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1. I hated every scene so far (I am up to episode 6, AKA You're a Winner!) where a character treated a gun as comforting. Guns statistically are very dangerous things to have around, especially considering none of these characters have any training. You can more easily shoot your friends and family with them than anyone threatening you. Also, of course, people threatening you can take the gun away from you in certain circumstances, and then they have a gun. And finally, the big one for me: having a gun in the house is a huge risk factor for suicide">. In a show where there is a character walking round who can *tell you to do anything and you do it*, I believe having a gun around is a really fucking bad idea. It makes so many things he can tell you to do *so* much more permanent.

2. People have said a lot that the show is darker than Daredevil. I think that's interesting because I am actually finding it more pleasant to watch. I think that's because despite the circumstances *around* Jessica being very dark, and Jessica being, basically, an unhappy, traumatised person self-medicating with alcohol, she still seems like a good person who understands very well complicated factors acting on people who do bad things. She cares about making sure guard dogs aren't hurt! The first thing she says when a little girl calls her a bitch is "I'm sorry this is happening to you." She fakes a fall off a building so a mindwiped guy won't be anxious about it. There's one big, bad thing she's doing, but other than that ...

3. Hey look, a character on a TV show wanted an abortion and got one and nobody told her she should keep her baby.
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