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Teeny weeny recs set, just because: DCU threesomes. In reverse order of publication.

1. You've got to rock yourself a little harder, by [personal profile] musesfool. Tim/Steph/Tam, hot and adorable and IC. Except for the moment where Tim think's Steph's disguises are out there - I don't know if that's IC so much as it betrays a really startling lack of self-awareness for a Bat.

2. Steph and Tim Do the DCU, a series by multiple authors. I've only read the ones by [personal profile] iesika, which are Steph/Tim, Steph/Tim/Cass, and Steph/Tim/Kon. They're what it says on the tin: Steph and Tim have threesomes with lots of people. I just think this is the world's most perfect idea and they're great.

3. And Sometimes Discerned, by [ profile] weirdnessmagnet and [ profile] thete1. THE classic Bart/Tim/Kon fic of all time, IMO. A touchstone for the way I think about all three of these dudes. From - wow, shit, it's from 2004. So a lot of water under the bridge since then, but it's still relevant to me.
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1. When livejournal changes stuff around, I feel like someone's come into my house and started rearranging the furniture. It really bothers me that the symbol on the tab is a little head now instead of a pencil! Noooo!

2. My sister and I are currently flat-hunting, and we may possibly have found somewhere, but it's a little on the dear side for her/both of us (but less so for me, I could manage it) and also trying to connect power/phone/internet sounds terrifying and we'd have to furnish the place and and and ... I am very excited to move out, but less excited to move in, haha.

3. spoilers for this week's Bat comics )

4. In the car today I had this epically awful conversation with the parentals about the difference between "transvestite" and "transgendered" and included my dad saying the immortally offensive "Well we used to know lots of trannies and they didn't care if you called them transvestites" (SO MUCH WRONG WITH THAT SENTENCE) and my mum saying "What you're calling transvestite is what we used to call crossdressers!" (OH MY GOD, ETYMOLOGY, WHAT IS IT). This depresses me because by most standards my parents are fairly tolerant. I think I eventually managed to hammer in transvestites, transgender, Drag Queens, and "OH MY GOD DAD STOP SAYING TRANNY".

5. I think I had other stuff but the awfulness of that conversation sucked it out of me. Oh OK, you people can help me by telling me (if you're NZers)
- Who your ISP is, whether you like them, how much you pay for how much data
- Do we need a land line
- Ditto power companies? I've never lived with fewer than three other people in a standalone house, so I don't even know what a power bill for two people in a downstairs flat that's part of a larger house looks like.
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I WILL TALK ABOUT THEM IN THE ORDER THEY SHOW UP ON MY GIFTS PAGE. Which, it turns out, is posting order: cool.

Also, I got *four* yuletide fics this year, which is just plain embarrassing! I am going to have to work hard next year to increase my yuletide karma. I've only ever got one before and I kinda didn't know what to do with myself. I feel *so* spoiled.

In Absentia (Nikita: Nikita/Alex, Alex/Jaden)
PORN SNIPPETS: THE BEST THING EVER. This is hot and yet also illuminating of all their characters. Alex and Jaden have a wonderful competitive vibe in this which I love, and Nikita and Alex are so sweet to each other.

Wizards in Winter (Young WizardsxDCU)
GIANT SIZED CROSSOVER. Seriously, this story is SO INDULGENT. Nita and Kit get accidentally sucked into Gotham (back when Tim was still Robin the first time around). They have adventures with Renee Montoya, Tim Drake, Cass Cain and Babs Gordon. In other words, everything is amazing!

Roleplay (Nikita: Jaden character study, Alex/Jaden)
OH MAN, so this is basically five things that never happened to Jaden, and it is GENIUS. Each of the five things are like perfectly formed gems that instantly satisfy you while realllly making me want to know WAY MORE and get FIC SET IN THOSE UNIVERSES. Also: there is hot damn porn in a pairing I ADORE. Jaden has a wonderful couple of relationships with Alex that are really well-thought-out and, like the best AUs, each of these different Jadens are clearly rooted in canonical Jaden. I love it.

On the Burning Deck (Swallows & Amazons: Nancy in the Blitz, John/Nancy)
THIS IS SO GOOD. I don't want to spoil plot details for you, but it's really perfect, the writer has a WONDERFUL grip on Nancy and works her well. It's just a lovely fic.

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This review of the Batman porn parody (seriously) (you're welcome) is pretty friggin' hilarious and refers to Barry Allen and porn parodies as spiritual brothers, which was a golden moment in my day. However, it also contains this sentence: "[The sex is] a little weird, but considering that it's a bunch of people dressed as Batman, the Riddler, Catwoman, Robin and Batgirl having sex with each other, you've probably already figured that out."

Come on, now. Batman, Catwoman, Robin, and Batgirl having sex with each other is pretty much an average day in the canonical DCU, never mind DCU fandom. (Robin/Batgirl and Batman/Catwoman are both classic pairings, of course, but since Dick slept with Babs it's like Batman slept with Batgirl, too. Plus of course Tim (then a Robin) and Steph (would become Batgirl) dated for like... most of the Robin run, although I believe they canonically didn't have sex.)


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