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Hi, author! I'm so excited to write a longer exchange story, and I hope you are too. It's important to me that you have fun - especially in the context of an exchange where you have to write quite a long story - so if there's anything in my sign-up other than DNWs that you find obnoxious or whatever please feel free to toss it out the window and go with what you need. Read as much as you need & want to and no more :) I will be very happy with anything in my requested pairings/characters, so if the muse takes you in a different direction from my prompts and letter, please do just go with it. Also, the same is true of the freeform genre tags - I've picked a handful for each fandom, but feel free to treat them as guidelines rather than specific instructions, and if there's a prompt you like that you feel works better in a genre I haven't ticked, go for it.

General Likes
- Hopeful (or outright happy) endings are my jam. I would prefer for all of my requested characters to still be alive at the end of the story. I don't mind if the story goes in a darker or angstier direction before that, though (in fact I quite like it).
- I love many of the classic slash tropes, especially fake dating, wake up married, kidfic, emotional misunderstandings, pining. Wacky dilemma tropes like bodyswap, sudden mind reading, cursed to tell the truth, etc are also really fun for me. Even if I haven't specifically suggested it for a fandom, I'd be thrilled to receive them.
- breakup-makeup/getting back together stories are the greatest of all time. I love the agony of the break-up and then the cautious learning to trust someone who hurt you again.
- I like a range of different tones, many different styles of AU, etc. I like reading stuff close to the tone of whichever canon and I like reading stuff that takes those characters and puts them in stories of different tones - darker, lighter, different contexts, pornier, epistolary ...
- I love canon-divergence AUs where one thing happened differently and then ...
- If the porn muse takes you, go with it with my blessing. My significant squicks are bloodplay and scat. My significant kinks are the gamut of power exchange, d/s, etc kinks. I am never married to any particular character being the top or the bottom (I do have some preferences for original work, but I'll note those in that section).

General Dislikes
- I don't enjoy rape recovery as a plotpoint
- Deathfic, sickfic, and H/C are also things I would prefer not to receive.

NOTE: there are Shadowhunters spoilers under the cut, and probably also vague Critical Role ones.

Critical Role--Percy/Vax/Vex, Percy/Vax, Vax/Gilmore, Kima/Allura

Generally for Critical Role I'd love to receive any of those classic old tropes - huddling for warmth! amnesia! cursed to tell the truth/swap bodies/read minds! sex pollen! - for any of my pairings, plus also anything else that floats your boat - I am likely to love whatever. My DNWs are deathfic/sickfic/rape recovery and stories with violence within the requested pairing (e.g. I don't mind Kima beating up other people, but I don't want her to beat up Allura).

I LOVE THESE KIDS, so much, every single one of them, and whatever you want to write I will love. I love Vax when he's being a loving, lovable flirt, when he's making stupid decisions about where to go, when he tells Percy "Hello, handsome" when Percy gets brought back from the dead, when he kisses Percy's cheek, when he takes long walks with Gilmore, when he's such a bad listener when Vex is in trouble and needs him (I mean, I'm mad at him then, but I love him), when he stealths away like an asshole and nobody can find him. I love Vex when she's refusing to open up, when she confesses love to people's dead bodies but then can't stand to be alone with them afterwards, when she's standing over Percy's body crying and shooting arrows, when she's cuddling with Trinket, when she's letting Vax braid her hair, when she's haggling, when she's winking. I love Percy when he's a sarcastic motherfucker, when he's so excited to have something crazy happen, when he's tinkering, in those rare moments when you get genuine feelings, when he's writing letters because he fully expects to die and he wants to make sure Cassandra is taken care of. I love Gilmore when it becomes evident that his bold façade is concealing pain, pain in relation to his family, pain because Vax has been a bit of a jerk; I love Gilmore when he's being a terrifying badass when people attack him, when he gets Vox Machina drunk in a dive bar in Emon, when he lets Vex cheat him out of goods, when he's quietly killing himself to protect Whitestone but not letting anyone know, when he's secretly dying to get the hell back to his shop and start selling people shit again. I love Kima when she's punching Scanlan for trying to mess with her mind, when she's giving Highbearer Vord the finger and fucking off with Vox Machina, when she finally gets to beat people up, when she's tender towards Allura. I love Allura when she's suffering trying to explain things to VM, when she takes off her hood during battle (!!!), when she's afraid for Kima.

On to pairing-specific prompts!


A few prompt ideas I like: AMNESIA, maybe a canon divergence AU where Percy forgets way more for way longer after the Feywild - like maybe he forgets years, forgets knowing Vox Machina, forgets his family is dead. While I'm at talking about classic tropes, I also find cursed-to-tell-the-truth stories interesting for these guys - what would happen if Vex had to tell the truth all the time? She is really so deeply reserved and expends so much effort to conceal how she's feeling, except in extremis - perfect character for a truthtelling curse! This is equally interesting for Vax or for Percy or for the lot of them. An AU where for some reason Percy, Vax and Vex meet earlier than the rest of VM would be interesting too. I like some modern AUs, especially crime-fighting ones!


Prompts I like: A modern AU, like maybe a university/college AU, or an AU where Allura's a lawyer and Kima's a lay preacher somewhere, or Kima drives trucks and Allura makes coffee (completed with smut in Kima's truck OBVIOUSLY) (a lot of mention of Kima's STRONG HANDS) (to be frank I'd like this in every scenario). Kima and Allura having to solve a problem in the ruins of Emon. Allura has been kidnapped and Kima has to rescue her. Kima has been kidnapped and Allura has to rescue her. Adopting children whose parents have died. I have had a lot of trouble thinking of a good canon divergence plot for these guys but if you can think of one I would love to read that!


GILMOOOOOORE! I love these two flirty dudes just so much. I'd be happy with an AU of any kind (canon divergence, different canon fusion, modern AUs) where Vaxleth never happened, or with a breakup story if it can be managed while being kind to Keyleth, who I adore. (I actually quite like break-ups with happy endings.) I tend to prefer triangle poly to V so I wouldn't be *wild* about a Vax/Gilmore story where Vax was still with Keyleth, but if you've got something you'd really love to write with that configuration, go nuts. Gilmore breaks a curse on Vax (a curse that forces Vax to tell the truth? to lie? to sing his feelings?) Gilmore rebuilds his shop and builds a relationship with Vax. Finding out why Gilmore hasn't visited his parents for so long. Bodyswap!

Young Wizards - Nita/Kit/Ronan, Dairine/Carmela

I love this fandom but I've been in it for too long and now I want to make it Weird and/or adult. Basically, for all of these I would enjoy any kind of getting-together fic, set in canon or in the nearish or even far future where that might be slightly more age appropriate, anything established, comedy, smut - whatever. Anything that inspires you to Make The Fandom Weird or Make The Characters Adults is a-OK by me. I think the fandom needs more Aliens Made Them Do It, considering the number of aliens ...

Look, I love Nita/Kit so much, and then I also love Kit and Ronan's chemistry so much, and please think more about how cool Ronan is, Kit, and then I also think Ronan driving Nita crazy is pretty fabulous, and then I think how great would they be together? I generally prefer triangle poly to V poly, but this is certainly a case where I can see it starting off as triangle poly where, perhaps, Ronan and Kit are spending a lot of time together because Nita's away, &c, &c. I'd prefer no infidelity, though - Kit talks to Nita before anything happens, or has already talked to her, or whatever.

Prompts I like: Nita and Kit realise they're both attracted to Ronan and invite him to join them for sex. Maybe it becomes more, maybe it doesn't. Or Kit has a bisexuality revelation when hanging out with Ronan without Nita, maybe working on a car or taking a road trip. Sex pollen again. Ronan being very sarcastic about Nita and Kit but like, lovingly. RONAN SECRETLY BEING A VIRGIN AND GETTING DEVIRGINISED BY KIT OR BY NITA AND KIT. Please don't take the dearth of prompts here for me not caring about this; I'm really hoping you will be inspired!


Dairine/Carmela is one of my not-so-secret weird OTPs developed by spending way too long in this fandom. They’re huge fun as foils for their respective siblings but I love them for themselves, as well. Dairine is so tough and fiery and snarky and secretly vulnerable and insecure. Carmela is genuinely secure, funny, smart, and so underestimated by the people around her. I truly believe she could conquer the galaxy. Once upon a time I wrote an embarrassing ship manifesto for this pairing. Of course I would be just as thrilled with gen; these guys are just so much fun to read about and I think they have a real spark together.

I would honestly love anything, but some of the anything I would love: AU or futurefic where Carmela is a GALACTIC DICTATOR, futurefic where Carmela runs a chocolate smuggling empire that she uses to fund a life of crime or indulgence or a free language school or a health clinic, Carmela and Dairine flirting at one of those big wizardly parties Carmela always seems to get into somehow, Carmela and Dairine: academic power couple (Carmela would be such a terrible yet awesome academic). Sex pollen! Trying out something Carmela learned about on the interplanetary internet. Maybe Carmela works in publishing in New York and Dairine works for a tech company in California and they meet up once a month to shop at the Crossings and swap stories. Maybe a month after Games Wizard Play Carmela talks to Dairine about being nervous about college and she doesn't even know why she's talking to Dairine when really she's closer to Nita but somehow Dairine gets it. And they somehow keep talking to each other about things they can't talk to anyone else about and after a few years, maybe after Dairine has worked everything out with Roshaun and Carmela has settled in at college and knows where she's going, they realise that they're dating, basically, except without the kissing, and then they fix that.

Shadowhunters - Alec/Jace/Izzy, Magnus/Alec

I am tremendously into these teenagers making bad decisions. I really like in this show how these not-very-old people are all basically treated as professional adults without much need for guidance, so they're all set to quit school and get married and dedicate their lives to their careers while being teenagers, and I like how that leads to them making some pretty accidentally bad choices, but they're all also still trying a lot and are generally really forgiving (very surprising for a teen show) and love each other. Even when they're mad, their anger feels to me like it's being driven by how much they care about each other. Izzy helps Clary when she doesn't know a thing about her, Clary forgives Alec for being possessed and killing Jocelyn, Jace and Alec clearly adore each other even when they're fighting, Alec asks Izzy for sex advice, Alec thinks Izzy is amazing ... etc etc.

Alec and Izzy interacting with children - their brother, random other kids - makes me melt.

Alec/Jace/Izzy - I'm super interested in precanon stuff for this because Magnus, whom I love, breaks up the central tension here around Alec being in love with Jace and Jace not knowing about it. I'd love something where, say, Alec and Izzy screw around to sublimate their mutual unrequited feelings about Jace (there's nothing in canon here really re: Izzy, but it's the vibe I got in some of the early episodes and I've been obsessed with it ever since), or where the three of them are stuck in a bad situation and have to huddle for warmth. Sex pollen would be brilliant for this, or truthtelling curses, or Have To Have Sex To Save The Mission - I can think of lots of ways some of the classic predicament tropes would play in this fandom!

Magnus/Alec - this is a delightful pairing that I love on the show, and another case where I think all of those great predicament tropes would be hilarious. Magnus being bodyswapped into Alec's body and having to fake being the bossy dutiful Shadowhunter would be HILARIOUS (as would Alec maybe having Magnus' magic?!) Have Sex to Save the Mission is good here, too, as would be, like, 5,000 words about Magnus tenderly or sarcastically teaching Alec about sex.

Gilmore Girls - Rory/Paris

Look, I hardly feel like I have to say anything about why this is good, because if you're here for it I'm pretty sure you're here for it for the same reasons that I am, which is that Rory and Paris have always been the only people in each other's lives who fully understood them - understood their good bits and their many terrible flaws, understood and supported their ambition, understood their hobbies and the things that excited them and their priorities ... Rory is at her most likeable when she's with Paris, someone she can't treat badly because Paris won't let her, and exactly the same is true of Paris. Also they have superb chemistry and I want them to get married and maybe have a baby or maybe not have a baby and fight and write and shout and eat terrible food and be activists and go through crises together &c &c &c.

Specific prompts: Rory rocks up to Paris' doorstep after the events of A Year In the Life. Paris takes her in. Rory and Paris messily raising a family together. Canon divergence AU where, when Rory and Paris break up with Doyle and Logan in season 6, they get together with each other, instead - maybe after some ill-advised sex under the influence. Bodyswap - long after Rory and Paris haven't spoken for a while, they wake up in each other's bodies. Great pairing for an epistolary - emails, letters, blog entries ... Also, I have never read any kind of fusion or proper AU for these guys so anything you've got there, if you can think of another world where their neuroses would fit!

I hope there's something that inspires you here - good luck and have fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with.
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