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1. Check out these amazing Star Wars shooting pics. Third to last, 106, 99, every single picture with Carrie Fisher in it ...

2. Brandon Bollig giving Andrew Shaw a piggyback ride. And this one's for [personal profile] aworldinside who sent me an email saying "Patrick Kane has a nice smile sometimes": Yeah, he does, although I think actually Corey Crawford's is better.

3. I think it's absolutely amazing the amount of technology and information infrastructure that exists around professional sports in the US. Yesterday I downloaded the NHL's official app and I could listen to radio of any of the playoff games while simultaneously getting updates on all the rest. It told me what times the games were on in local time without even asking me my timezone (I suppose this is more general "wow technology", but). This afternoon I streamed a game less-than-legally and within something like half an hour I could watch video highlights, flick through a gallery of photos from that match, see interviews with the coach and some of the players, read all of this stat information, read game recaps, etc etc etc. It's just so speedy. Terribly, punnily titled recaps are up within - I haven't timed it but it's like five minutes of the game finishing. It's all very impressive (to me). -- I mean compare it to a TV show; if I want to get a recap of Grey's Anatomy I can get a weecap at TWOP within, what, 24 hours? and a full-length recap a week later. Screencaps? No organised way to get screencaps, wait for someone to do it somewhere, scour the internet. What was that song? When does that shit go on hearditontv? Wikipedia update? pfft. IT'S JUST ALL VERY SOMETHING.

4. My toes are cold. That's not real interesting or fannish but I wanted to share.

5. It's Fandom Appreciation Week! I'm running late but here are my three-recs-by-strangers for the week (I took "haven't read to before" to mean "before the last 24–48 hours", natch).

How Much You Mean It, Sports Night, Dan/Casey, Dana/Calvin, by [personal profile] scripted_sra
This is just really fun! One of my favourite media sources last year was Sports Night which I got from ... uh, someone (Dewey, Provider of All that is Good?) ... at g/t. I read a whole lot of fic and noodled over the way older fandoms do really have a distinctive style, so it was interesting from that perspective to read fic written for an older fandom, but from a more modern angle. (This is an Everyone Knows They're Dating fic.)

Five Things Everyone Really Didn't Need To Know about Kaner and Tazer's Sex Live, Thanks, by [ profile] grim_lupine, Hockey RPF, Kaner/Tazer, background Duncs/Seabs (ofc)
What it says on the tin and surprisingly hot considering voyeurism is a turnoff for me. I love this stupid pairing, argh.

Steph/Jason art by [ profile] malla13
Uh ... my fannish pursuits are not very adventurous rn so I just cruised tumblr tags until I found some art I liked, but this is really neat. And pretty hot.

6. I love the new LJ spoiler cuts the way they work in comments, so you can click and have them expand inline. However, I dislike the way now, if you click into someone's entry, the cut doesn't autoexpand and you have to click it and reload the whole page. (If it was click-to-expand inline this would be great because you could expand and hide cuts according to what you'd seen/what you were interested in, but I lost a comment this evening because I clicked on a cut when I was already in a post and it reloaded the page. Boo.)

7. I need some hockey RPF icons. Are there icon posts somewhere or do I need to suck it up and DIY? Also is there a newsletter comm?

8. I was going to do a thoughts-on-anon-memes post but I'm tired so it's not going to happen, but if anyone's interested remind me at a future date.


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