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Yuletide reveal!

But first, a reminder! My story was Cave Canem, by [ profile] icefalcon, and I want to give a special shout-out because I have never, as far as I know, even bumped into her in fandom and she wrote something so carefully catered to my likes and dislikes that it's almost embarassing. It's a truly heroic effort and, you know, props and thanks to her. :)

I wrote two stories this year: my main story, and a treat for [ profile] senri because I think she's aces and liked the prompt in question.

My main fic was To Each His Thunder, Rain or Wind, a 9,500-word Young Wizards Regency AU.
Which is really all that I can say about that. This fic is eight times longer than any other piece of fanfiction I have written. It is shorter than anything else I have written, including papers, except for my research essay from this year. I know that it's not much to many people, but it is absolutely EPIC for me, I am SO proud of it, and I absolutely had a BLAST writing it. I do wish I'd had time to flesh out the ending, but I'm still pretty thrilled with it, and ecstatic I get to show it to everyone now. :D

Also, I have to give a shout-out to the village who helped me raise this in my blinding uncertainty: Ilyena, Lucy, and Sarah for awesome first-pass beta-ing and audiencing; #yulechat's Nextian, Spoke, and Sleepfighter who generously agreed to read a stranger's 10k fic and reassure them that it made sense; and Meg and Senri, who wrote all the best lines and without whom I would never have finished.

My treat was Synnecrosis, an Animorphs story featuring Cassie in one of the various dystopic AUs that the Animorphs visited. This is a pretty weird story about the relationship between Cassie and the Yeerk in her head, who we see working together in this dystopic future. I found it disturbing but kind of fun to write!

I also had a terrific beta for this, Captain Oblivious, whose LJ name I'm not sure of but someone point them out to me!

The stuff I beta'd! I don't like to rec stuff I beta'd before the reveal, but I very much enjoyed all of these, so there you go. In the order in which I beta'd them, approximately:

In Most Directions, Water by [ profile] senri. Young Wizards, N/K flavoured gen.
This is a terrific story about dreams and sexual tension. Erm, it's hard to summarise? But I loved reading it. :)

The Tale of Prince Gawald of Valdemar and Princess Avasolarwe of Rethwellan, by [personal profile] hazel/[ profile] maudlinrose, Valdemar.
This is a really awesome fic in a fandom I have never read in my life. I found it utterly charming and it makes me want to go and read the Valdemar book/s, which no-one has ever achieve for me and Lackey before, so there you go!

Just the Way it Works by Ryuutchi. Gentlemen Bastards, Locke/Jean, sorta, NC-17.
This is young!Jean and Locke hilarity and sexual experimentation, IMO with a really classic slash vibe. I liked it a lot!

Can't Offer You a Wedding by Kastaka. Dragonriders of Pern, OFC/OMC, G.
This is a look into the way Weyrs influence the lives of ordinary people, as well as the movers and shakers of Pern. Really interesting exploration of Pern society.

The Social Contract (Boys and Tigers remix) by [ profile] senri again! Calvin & Hobbes, gen.
This is a super, super sweet treat, one of the few C&H fics set during canon (as opposed to being a Calvin-Grows-Up story) and it has a really terrific snarky Hobbes, as well as some terrific images.

Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow walls, by Ambyr. Tortall, an Alanna/George what if Alanna never became a knight AU.
This is great and tremendously intriguing, and I'm really hoping Ambyr will write more of Alanna and George's future adventures Saving Tortall.

Date: 2010-01-01 08:18 pm (UTC)
aria: ([aria] horizons)
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You wrote the Regency AU! That has such a special place in my heart. :D


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