Oct. 7th, 2016

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Hi, author! I can't believe it's that time of the year again! I'm very happy to be doing Yuletide again and I hope you will be too.

It's important to me that you have fun, so if there's anything in my sign-up that you find obnoxious or whatever please feel free to toss it out the window and go with what you need. Read as much as you need & want to and no more :) I will be very happy with anything in my requested pairings/characters, so if the muse takes you in a different direction from my prompts and letter, please do just go with it.

QUICK NOTE: There will be Critical Role spoilers through episode 70 in this letter, and I typically watch the episodes within 24 hours of them airing, so you don't have to worry about spoiling me. Don't worry if you get jossed halfway through your story, though, I'll totally understand. I have moved Critical Role to the last part of the letter just in case you've matched me for something else and are trying to avoid spoilers!

General Likes
- For the purposes of Yuletide, hopeful (or outright happy) endings are my jam. I would prefer for all of my requested characters to still be alive at the end of the story. I don't mind if the story goes in a darker or angstier direction before that, though (in fact I quite like it).
- I love many of the classic slash tropes, especially fake dating, wake up married, kidfic, emotional misunderstandings, pining. Wacky dilemma tropes like bodyswap, sudden mind reading, cursed to tell the truth, etc are also really fun for me.
- breakup-makeup/getting back together stories are the greatest trope of all time. I love the agony of the break-up and then the cautious learning to trust again.
- I like a range of different tones, many different styles of AU, etc. I like reading stuff close to the tone of whichever canon and I like reading stuff that takes those characters and puts them in stories of different tones - darker, lighter, different contexts, pornier
- I love canon-divergence AUs where one thing happened differently and then ...
- Watch this space, I will probably do a Yuleporn comment this year. However, short form, if the porn muse takes you, go with it with my blessing. My significant squicks are bloodplay and scat, and although I love noncon I think probably not for the fandoms I'm requesting this year.

General Dislikes
- I don't enjoy rape recovery as a plotpoint
- Deathfic, sickfic, and H/C are also things I would prefer not to receive.

specific fandom stuff under the cut - big Critical Role spoilers through E70 )

Thanks again, dear author, and I hope you have a great time this Yuletide. You can stalk me as required labellementeuse here/AO3/LJ/twitter and birdhead on my (rarely updated) tumblr.


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