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Dear Yuletide writer,

Hi! Happy Yuletide! Thank you so much for matching with me on whatever fandom we matched on. I am so thrilled to be playing, just as I am every year, and I can't wait to see what you produce! It's really important to me that you have fun with Yuletide, so please treat my requests with exactly the degree of attentiveness that you need for a good Yuletide experience, and no more. If what I say below bugs you or is going to, like, mess with your creative impulses, feel free to ignore it: if I requested it for yuletide, I will pretty much read absolutely anything.

With this in mind, I deliberately kept my sign-up as low-key as I could and if that works for you, please run with that and don't read any further.

But if you're like me, you probably need more information. I like a nice thorough letter, so I write my letter with people like me in mind (i.e. it's ridiculously detailed). It's in two parts: general stuff about my likes and dislikes, and specific stuff about my fandoms. Feel free to read any of it, part of it, or none.

This is my sixth Yuletide; you can see previous letters here (2011 letter), here (2010 yuletide letter), here (2009 yuletide letter), here (2008 letter), and here (2007 letter, holy shit).

Me Generally

Things I like: I really prefer happy endings. Slash (both kinds!), het, and gen. Porn. G-rated friendship or romance. Kidfic. Breakup-makeup! Characters of colour. The appearance of cooking, music or handcrafts in fic. Women being professional and competent, children, careers, futurefic, makeouts, camping, conspicuous consumption of caffeine, adventure stories, gratuitous use of magic, slash cliches, reinvented romance tropes, feminism, women, unusual relationships, siblings being siblingy, emotional misunderstandings and/or RESOLVED emotional neglect, third person narrative, music and people playing musical instruments.

Things I'm not so big on: Major character or requested character deathfic; racism; ableism; sexism; stories featuring rape as a major plot point.

Did that give you an idea? Maybe you don't need to read my more specific notes! You can go away again now if you like!

Still here? OK, on to commentary about my requests.

Young Wizards, Carmela, Dairine
I said:
Dairine and Carmela are such wonderful, vibrant characters that just pop off the page (and into my heart ♥). They’re huge fun as foils for their respective siblings but I love them for themselves, as well. I would love to see anything with these guys, but a generic prompt: first times (any kind: milestones, first spells, Ordeals ... and the sexy kind too, of course: first time, first threesome, first whatever.)

What I want you to know: First off I’m going to be lazy and link you to my Dairine/Carmela ship manifesto. I would be thrilled to see some romance (or, hell, just sex) between these two. Of course I would be just as thrilled with gen; these guys are just so much fun to read about and I think they have a real spark together.

Secondly - I traditionally request “Any characters” for this fandom. On the spur of the moment, I didn’t this year. BUT if you got matched with me on this fandom and you don’t like Dairine/Carmela, Dairine, or Carmela, or if you just can’t get something with the combo going, I really recommend that you take a look at my 2011 letter and see if there’s something there you like from my various prompts last year. I hope you might find those inspirational. I really truly adore this fandom and every character in it, and will be thrilled with whatever you put together.

Emelan 'verse (Circle of Magic 'verse), Daja, Tris

I said:
I’d really like anything focusing on the Daja-Tris relationship, which I think gets the shortest shrift in the books. Slash would be truly delightful, but gen is also tops! I’d particularly love something set during or after the Circle Opens/Will of the Empress, when they’re a little older; maybe something about Tris living in Daja’s house and their mutual feelings about that.

I love Daja's steady honesty and strength of character. I love Tris' unpredictability and deep-down affection for books. I love this fandom's take on magic (SO MUCH) and I love the Circle friendship passionately. But while I understand Sandry and Daja, and Sandry and Briar, and Tris and Briar, and Tris and Sandry - Tris and Daja don't seem to have gotten a lot of time together and I'd just, I'd really like to see some of that. It can be as gen-y or as slashy as you like. Comedy hour at Number 3 Cheeseman St! Epistolary fic set during the Circle Opens! Romance over pastries! Porn in which they haggle a lot! I would be fascinated if you can get Daja and Tris together, but alternatively I ship Briar/Tris and Sandry/Daja (or, uh, Daja/anyone *fans self*). Throw in as many side characters as you like (or don't), there's nobody I hate in this fandom.

Seven Kingdoms 'verse, Cashore - Any

I said:
Bitterblue left me with a craving to know more about this universe and this cast of characters. There are so many empty spaces - what’s the nature of Saph’s relationship with Teddy; Raffin and Bann’s relationship, will Raffin marry a woman in the end, what will it be like if he does; what will happen when the Seven Kingdoms and Bitterblue’s kingdom in particular spend more and more time with Fire’s people. I’d love to read more about the Council’s work, about the nobles and commoners they work with in the other kingdoms; I’d love to read about what happens with Bitterblue’s Ministry of Stories.

Oh god, the dreaded "any" request! This request is a bit more detailed so I have quite a bit less to say. I’d just love anything exploring the Seven Kingdoms. Slash (m/m or f/f), het, gen, plotty, romancy, smutty, slice-of-life - whatever! Random OC Graceling? Go for it! I know I’ll love whatever you write. Feel free to get in contact through the usual channels if you need more detail with this prompt.

Okay. I'm sure by now you're absolutely replete with detail! If we've never met, I can't wait to meet you; if we have met, I still kind of can't wait to meet you on 25 Dec. For stalking purposes, you can find me as labellementeuse on LJ, DW, Ravelry and, of course, the AO3. Take care and happy Yuletide!


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