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Hi, author! I'm very happy to be doing this exchange and I hope you will be too. It's important to me that you have fun, so if there's anything in my sign-up that you find obnoxious or whatever please feel free to toss it out the window and go with what you need. Read as much as you need & want to and no more :) I will be very happy with anything in my requested pairings/characters.

general taste stuff
I said this in my sign-up: I am fairly relaxed when it comes to general taste so if you're dying to write something really unhappy for a holiday exchange you may :) I prefer no Brandon Bollig, deathfic, sickfic, h/c, dub or noncon within a requested pairing (negotiated noncon roleplay is fine), scat or bloodplay.

Stuff I really like:
- break-up make-up
- pining
- canon-divergence AUs where one thing happened differently and then ...
- competence porn
- classic wacky-dilemma tropes like wake-up-married or sudden-telepathy or soulbonds, and especially negotiating those in a hockey fandom context
- the marriage and fake dating tropes are especially big for me
- I really think there is not enough bodyswap in this fandom, especially among players on different teams where it would be very weird and difficult. hockey players' bodies are, obviously, really important, and I would love to see some of that for any of the people I've requested
- most kinks tbh
- kidfic (not necessarily via mpreg)
- coming out stories

Stuff I would prefer not to receive:
- scat and bloodplay
- Brandon Bollig
- deathfic, sickfic and h/c
- dubcon or noncon within the requested pairing, with the exception of McEichel

prompts and pairing stuff

Jack Eichel/Connor McDavid
Like, I think, most people, I'm pretty new to this pairing and so far I enjoy it in some predictably tropey ways. You can sell me on most characterisations of these guys because I'm still only becoming familiar with them - if you've offered them I assume you have some convictions about their personalities and I'd love to see that! I'd like to see stuff that explores stuff about being new to the NHL, the shared sense of pressure on them, competition ... I'm interested in dynamics that run the gamut from hatesex-to-lovers to secret-admirers.
Obviously, these guys would be fun for some of the dilemma-trope stuff!

Nick Leddy/Brandon Saad
I find these guys to both be fairly chilled-out seeming, so I'd really be interested in a coming out story - I'd like to know how they'd handle it. Perhaps they're not as chill as they seem, perhaps they really are. Accidental outing or deliberate coming out would both be interesting in their own way. Alternatively, because I'm still so sad they're separated, this would be a fun pairing to write many AUs for :)
I forgot to mention beardporn so uh, you know, that. I really like these guys, you could write anything and I will be into it :) Feel free to throw in as much Isles or Blue Jackets content as you can.

Jeff Carter/Tanner Pearson/Tyler Toffoli
If you see this pairing and are struck with the epic of them coming together in a poly relationship with months of soul-searching and an eventual settling into a beautiful and stable threeway and eventually Jeff retires and raises the kids/dogs I would so be here for that, but, um, also, here's a prompt: daddy kink, and here's a related prompt: Tanner and Tyler knock Jeff up. Um, I would be super super into that, or either of those things separately! Or the one where any two of these guys are in an established relationship and the other guy occasionally joins them for sex?
I have no idea why I was so struck by this threesome on the list but I absolutely was. Give me all the 70s line stories! Maybe Carts teaches Tyler and Tanner a few things off the ice ... or maybe they teach him some things. OR MAYBE THEY KNOCK HIM UP and like, they're not sure who the father is, but does it rly matter? TANNER AND TOFF MAKE JEFF A DADDY.

Martin Jones/Tyler Toffoli
Obviously post trade there are lots of opportunities for Trade Feelings Resolution Stories for this one, but if you want to set it before Jones got traded that's fine by me, too. Stuff about them making the team, stuff about them, say, breaking up over the trade and then getting back together after a while ... or failing to get back together ... breaking up and ending up with other people. This would be a great candidate for break-up fic in many ways, either break-up-make-up (my favourite plot of all time) or breakup. Is it hard because Toff still has Pears and Joner's by himself with the Sharks and he can't help being a bit jealous? Do they stay together but it's so hard to see each other that they each start developing feelings for new teammates (or, worse, just one of them does)? Are they able to negotiate that and stay together or does it just not work?

Nick Leddy/Andrew Shaw/Brandon Saad
I'd be happy with anything, gen or otherwise, for this gang, and in fact any of the internal pairings are also very good for me, but this is my gen request because I was thinking about a story about Andrew "all my friends got traded" Shaw. When I say gen it doesn't have to be totally gen, like if you want to write a relationship inside or outside this threesome or sex or whatever that would be totally fine, but I'd be interested in something focused on Andrew Shaw and the fact that, uh, all his friends got traded & how he develops/moves on/learns to live with that.
I'll just reiterate that gen or otherwise is totally optional, and any permutation of these pairings - I'm just interested in this dynamic.

I hope this has been a helpful letter! Good luck/have fun writing, and I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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