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hi friend! I'm excited to do this exchange and I hope you are too. I also hope my sign-up didn't seem intimidatingly crammed or overly sparse - I had some trouble figuring out how much information would be needed in hand-matching and just kind of guessed. I want you to have a great exchange experience, so if you feel you need to go in a different direction to my suggestions I am happy for you to do so. Especially if there's anything you think is obnoxious or inimical to your preferred characterisation, just chuck it. I will be happy for anything in my pairings!

general taste stuff
I am fairly relaxed when it comes to general taste so if you're dying to write something really unhappy for a holiday exchange you may :) I prefer no Brandon Bollig, deathfic, sickfic, h/c, dub or noncon within a requested pairing (negotiated noncon roleplay is fine), scat or bloodplay.

Stuff I really like:
- break-up make-up
- pining
- canon-divergence AUs where one thing happened differently and then ...
- competence porn
- classic wacky-dilemma tropes like wake-up-married or sudden-telepathy or soulbonds, and especially negotiating those in a hockey fandom context
- the marriage and fake dating tropes are especially big for me
- I really think there is not enough bodyswap in this fandom, especially among players on different teams where it would be very weird and difficult. hockey players' bodies are, obviously, really important, and I would love to see some of that for any of the people I've requested
- most kinks tbh
- kidfic (not necessarily via mpreg)
- coming out stories

Stuff I would prefer not to receive:
- scat and bloodplay
- Brandon Bollig
- deathfic, sickfic and h/c
- dubcon or noncon within the requested pairing, with the exception of Stromecest

prompts and pairing stuff


I'd like to see stuff that explores stuff about being new to the NHL, the shared sense of pressure on them, competition ... I'm interested in dynamics that run the gamut from hatesex-to-lovers to secret-admirers. I WILL ADMIT A FONDNESS FOR JACK EICHEL BEING SNIDE. I don't think his entire life is about McDavid tho.

I'm in the throes of new love for this pairing so anything you do I will love. I don't mind how you handle the distance. Awkward realisations would be great with this pairing, maybe they accidentally meet on Tinder or Grindr or, heck, OKCupid.


Holy shit, anything. Note that I LOVE the existing stories for this pairing so pointless delicious humiliation incest porn is totally fine/good/great. That same porn with a deep undercurrent of affection is totally amazing.

I realise now that this sign-up assumes you want to and are OK with writing porn for these guys! Let me clarify that you absolutely don't have to if you don't want to (I just made the assumption because, well. Stromecest.) Also, it definitely does not have to be JUST porn, like I am not asking you for a kinkmeme fill here (unless you would like to write one). So, uh, anything here would be great.


Tanner and Tyler call Jeff daddy in bed AND/OR Tanner and Tyler knock Jeff up. (Or the awesome poly getting together story! Or est rel any two of these guys with the third joining them every now and then! Whatever floats your boat.)

So Kings twitter constantly refers to Tyler Toffoli as Jeff Carter's son and because I am a bad human being this DOES THINGS to me. I don't mind if this is an equilateral triangle poly sitch or if any two of these guys are in a primary relationship with the other guy joining them from time to time for fun. I'm not a big fan of poly-V. Other than that, honestly, the daddy prompt is pretty silly, and I would alternatively love to read any getting-together story. Maybe Tanner and Tyler seduce Jeff, maybe Jeff notices Tanner and Tyler are together and wants in, the possibilities are endless, I'd love to read one of them. :)

I find these guys to both be fairly chilled-out seeming, so I'd really be interested in a coming out story - I'd like to know how they'd handle it. Perhaps they're not as chill as they seem, perhaps they really are. Accidental outing or deliberate coming out would both be interesting in their own way.

Like I said, these guys are so chilled out that I'd be interested in a story where something really ups the tension around their relationship. If you do write a coming-out story I would rather it was set in this universe. Of course, there are lots of other ways to ratchet up tension - injuries, obviously pressure from the existing trades - I would like to read something where the distance was a real problem for their relationship.

Jamie Benn/Tyler Seguin:
I'd love to see a bit of angst with these guys (no H/C, please). A stupid misunderstanding story is ripe for a bit of the old angst or pining; gooey idfic also welcomed.

I feel bad because I don't have a lot to add here (this doesn't reflect relative levels of enthusiasm!) I enjoy reading about these two in a two-assholes-together kind of way. I also like how much they seem to like each other. (Although, man, having typed that I'm kind of interested in the story where they secretly hate each other, although obviously they get over it ...)

This is an interesting pairing to me because they're both fairly softly spoken in the media but I reckon have extremely competitive/pushy streaks, potentially. They seem quite reputation-conscious.

I'd love to see something dealing with these guys' role on a team with a glorious past and a really shitty present, a shitty present that seems to be going on and on.

OK! I hope I gave you something to be going on with here. Good luck and have fun writing; I can't wait to see what you come up with.


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