Aug. 22nd, 2016 01:42 pm
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I wrote a little meta in response to this post about creator participation & its effect on fandom spaces over at my tumblr but I thought I might replicate it here because it's a couple of paragraphs long so why not.

I feel like fan attention towards canon and canonical authority was always pretty prominent in het spaces - thinking about the last het fandom space I operated in, which was Harry Potter, huge amounts of the fannish focus there was on what would/might/should be canon. But it is new for slash, maybe, which is a sign of social progress I guess, but like @hotgaydumbledore I am not sure I like it.

I do know that I find increasing creator presence in fandom to be … oppressive is the wrong word, but depressive in the sense that it feels to me like it presses down on the fanworks that are created. My issues with the way this affects the Young Wizards fandom space are on record. I’m not a conspiracy theorist about this, I don’t think it’s deliberate, but I do find it to be a flattening presence. It does push people towards canon ships, especially canon het ships; it does push people away from weird/sideways ships; I think it kinda pushes people away from ATG slash.

I know many people might be happy about that last one and there’s an extent to which I agree, but I do think that the one positive characteristic of ATG stories is that they just don’t give a fuck about what the creator intends, are often written in total opposition to what the creator intends. That means that great relationships are tossed aside for, well, two white dudes, but I do kinda like that insouciance. ATG shippers never or rarely expect their ships to become canon, and I do think that’s a better relationship dynamic - or at least, it’s a dynamic I prefer - with showrunners, a you-do-you-and-I’ll-just-kick-around-in-this-sandbox vibe rather than a give-me-what-I-want-now vibe that I find frustrating.

I want more representation, doesn’t everyone, and I don’t think it’s wrong to demand representation, but I am not a big fan of demanding representation in *this* character and *that* character. Demanding representation doesn’t mean you get to put your ships in your show. It’s OK for your ship to not be canon.

I should say I’m thinking specifically of LGB representation here. That was careless, sorry.
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I hate to be all looking-at-fandom-like-it's-a-zoo-exhibit but here are some things I learned tonight:

1. There are people out there writing 450,000-word The Faculty fic - which is a sequel to a 250,000-word fic.

2. People still write 200,000-word Harry Potter fic. Also, Queer as Folk and LOTRPS are both still things. (Seriously?!) (Although I have to say that I saw this youtube clip the other day and I was a solid foil tinhat for a good sixty seconds.)

3. There are just shedloads of fandoms out there that not only do I not know about, I haven't even heard of their source (I think they're all computer games and anime, like Kingdom Hearts and Vampire Knight. OK I've heard of Kingdom Hearts but not really. Stuff I recognise but never knew there was a fandom for: Dragon Age, Final Fantasy (many numbers), JAG (?!!!)).

3.1 Someone needs to clean up AO3 fandoms - there's a Weiss Kreuz and a Weiß Kreuz.

4. As far as I can see there isn't a way to browse the AO3 by wordcount. You can search all stories and view by wc but as far as I can tell that only gets you the most recent 1000 fics, sorted by wc - and it turns out there are a lot of Russian-novel-length fics for fandoms I've never heard of.

5. This is annoying when you're in the mood I am, viz: "I want to read something between 30,000 and 100,000 words and slashy and I don't really care what fandom as long as I vaguely recognise people but also, the writing has to be good." Any recs along these lines gratefully appreciated, and if they happen to be in fandoms with which I'm familiar, bonus! (This is a massively weird mood. I sort of feel like I could go for some Ron/Draco. um? Please send other pairings?)

6. Relatedly, does anyone have any recs for books with gay protagonists? I just really am in the mood to read about people who aren't heterosexual for a change. Warning, I don't usually read commercial romance novels. I could probably go chicklit if it was, you know, lesbian chick lit. Also nothing too depressing please. *bats eyelashes* ty.

7. Speaking of, a few weeks ago I read Mission Child and then China Mountain Zhang by Maureen F McHugh - [ profile] shoelessgirl lent me the former and then I hustled off and bought the latter from Arty Bees. I liked them both ENORMOUSLY and I can't recommend them enough - terrific, terrific science fiction, controlled, character-focused writing and plots, truly compelling characterisation and situations. Highly recommended. I believe there may still be a copy of one or the other at Arty Bees, although I can't recommend her third book, Half the Day is Night, because I got a third of the way in and stalled unhappily. (Not enough sex, probably.)


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